Transiting Moon in Cancer

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer so when she passes through this sign her energy is strong. The emphasis is on home and family, returning to our roots and what makes us feel safe. It is the perfect time to withdraw from socialising and spend some time at home either alone or with your family. If you are far away from home, the Cancerian moon can stimulate homesickness. If you are unable to take a trip back, comfort comes from getting in touch with those you miss.

The Moon in Cancer triggers sentimental feelings. You may find yourself listening to old songs, craving food you loved in childhood, and longing to reconnect with those you have lost touch with. Make some time to check in with yourself and reconnect with your intuition. Gut instincts are heightened, as is empathy.

You may feel more sensitive than usual, more easily moved to tears. New settings may bring up anxiety and a sense of vulnerability. Monitor your emotional reactions and be aware that others may also be more emotional than they usually are. Whilst this strong Moon is known to open the psychic floodgates, it can also leave you feeling muddled and confused. If this is your reaction, just wait for the influence to pass before making any decisions or reacting if possible.

There is an urge to nurture and be nurtured, to eat for comfort, to snuggle on the sofa and protect those you love. A stray kitten or puppy at this time may find it’s way into your heart for good! You may find people demand more attention. Under the Cancerian moon we all seek a sense of belonging, to feel secure and cared for. Connect with your emotional support network and share the love you have inside.

Practical Things To Do Under A Cancerian Moon
Take a duvet day, cook a meal for people you love, babysit, spend quality time with your children, ring your Mother, watch a sentimental movie, trace your family tree, visit an old haunt, take a walk by the sea or river, start a dream journal, check your home security, write in your diary, make a collage of old memories, take a long bath.

The Moon changes signs around every two and a half days. With each change comes a subtle shift in emotional energy flow and a change of tone in the public at large. Tuning in to the natural rhythms of the cosmos brings a sense of connection and an awareness of ones own reactions and responses.

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