Transiting Moon in Gemini

Transiting Moon in GeminiThe Moon is in flighty Gemini. Ruled by the go-between divine messenger whose winged sandals carry him back and forth between the Gods and humankind, the accompanying energy is quick and changeable. You may find life speeds up. You have people to see and places to go. Moon in Gemini aids correspondence of all kinds – from catching up with your emails, to catching up with the latest gossip.

The Gemini Moon helps you take life a little less seriously. You may be in no mood for deep conversation but exciting high energy discussions of a variety of topics is likely to please. If you need to write a speech or make a presentation, the eloquent cosmic energy helps you along your way. Similarly if you need to talk yourself out of trouble!

Gemini is flexible and adaptable so this is an excellent time to think over plans that require some problem solving. The nature of the energy means that you may find yourself being more flexible about your options therefore giving yourself more space to manoeuvre.

This is a sociable time. People may be more flirtatious. It may be wise to take some things with a pinch of salt. Some people may feel restless and irritable. If this is you, do whatever it takes to work of the excess nervous energy. Be careful of what you say and listen carefully to others to make sure you understand their meaning.

Practical Things To Do Under a Gemini Moon
Visit the Library, study, leaf through a magazine, lunch with friends, go for a run, service your car, chat with your neighbours, network on the net, go to a comedy club, call your brother or sister.