New Moon in Aries March 2012 – Looking After Number One

The New Moon occurs at 14:37 (UT time) on the 22nd March at 2Ari22.

The New Moon is conjunct Mercury and Uranus, square Pluto, semi-square Venus and semi-sextile Neptune. Mars, ruling planet of the New Moon perfects an opposition to Chiron less than an hour after the New Moon is exact.

It’s been a difficult week. As Uranus and Mercury joined together over my natal Chiron in the 8th house on Sunday, shocking and painful news came my way. First came something that stirred or perhaps better put, erupted old wounds leaving me feeling vulnerable and hurt. Then early Monday morning I found out a friend of mine had had a heart attack on Sunday night and was in intensive care. The three of swords had been very present on my tarot cards recently.

My friend is two years older than me. Our friendship has drifted over time but seeing him looking frail and frightened in intensive care shocked me to the core. I found myself devoid of words. Meanwhile, all the other feelings of my own hurt bubbled away inside of me. I couldn’t sleep or eat, was barely functioning in the day job. I have cried more in the past three days than I have in a long time. My stomach is upset, my head aches and looking in the mirror is a painful experience! With a natal quincunx between Mercury and Uranus, my nerves have been fried. I’ve cycled between anger, despair, worry, grief, hurt, sobbed over various shoulders and felt incredibly guilty for not just being ‘better’ – whatever that is.

The New Moon triggers the current Mercury-Uranus conjunction and fixes the Mars-Chiron opposition. With the New Moon square Pluto, these are intense times. Mercury and Uranus are wired bringing bolts from the blue.

Square to Pluto, information that comes to light at this time may be life changing and transformative. Uranus is acting as a wake up call, shouting loud and clear from the top of his voice in Aries. Mars still retrograde in Virgo feels rather like a cornered cat that will claw at even the kindest hand. Mars opposite Chiron makes it easy to hit out when hurt.

Sometimes our wounds can make us feel feral. Pain, whether emotional or physical puts us in touch with the primal part of ourselves. Pain can simply reveal where we are hurt and remind us that we need to heal. Mars retrograde in Virgo opposite Chiron may reveal your wounds but he also brings the motivation and will to take care of yourself better, to look after number one.

Looking after number one is Aries prime aim but it doesn’t have to be seen as selfish. Sometimes you need to look after yourself better so that you can cope with the difficult times, so that you can support others without falling apart. Sometimes people will hurt you, even unintentionally and you can’t control anything other than yourself and your own life. If you fight Pluto (power, control, change) he will simply remove whatever you are fighting to keep. The semi-sextile to Neptune subtly reminds us that despite not being able to control anyone else, we are all connected. Looking after yourself helps heal us a race.

With a semi-square to Venus, the Moon shows us that we can’t always have what we want, that we have to take other’s feelings into account. It isn’t always easy but by looking after ourselves it can be a whole lot easier to consider what other people need.

I spoke to my friend today and he is stronger and sounds much more himself. They plan on sending him home tomorrow so I’m delighted he has progressed so quickly. Slowly I feel like I am beginning to fill the void I found within me this week. The hurt remains but has skittered to the background. Both my friend and I, for different reasons need to start taking care of ourselves a little better.

This New Moon seems to be shouting at us to wake up. Listen to what you are being told. The universe speaks in a myriad of ways – sometimes through those that hurt or challenge you. It’s not always easy to hear but the cosmos isn’t vindictive – life isn’t out to get you. Ultimately we all have a unique voice and a reason for being here. Tend to yourself like you would tend a sprouting shoot. The green leaves are easily bruised. Sometimes we are fragile but with loving care you can become strong.

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7 thoughts on “New Moon in Aries March 2012 – Looking After Number One”

  1. Thanks so much Leah, I have been having a similar experience. As my natal Pluto rising faces the Aries cluster of planets, its been a hellish week. As you say its the wake up call.

  2. Leah Whitehorse

    Hi Kim – Gosh yes, I can imagine that Pluto connection is quite challenging! Wishing you a much better week ahead 🙂

  3. Salve! It has been a rough week. I, too, have cried quite a bit this week. I was ousted from my part-time gig after 10 years in November 2011.

    Pluto in Leo (3rd) is square to my Moon in Scorpio (5th) natally, and on a T-square with Mercury in Taurus (11th). The New Moon in Aries is on my 10th House, along with Uranus, and Mercury transiting.

    I, too, received some disturbing news last Friday, which I didn’t believe it could or would happen, and was probably a mistake. Well, I received confirmation on Wednesday, March 21st that the mishap was, indeed, true! It has to do with 8th house money matters.

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring article. May the Universe bless all of us with the abundance of love, creativity, patience, guidance, gratitude, and monetary resources.


  4. Leah Whitehorse

    Hi VJ – oh I’m sorry to hear about your job and the money matters! Yes, bit of a tough Moon this one but the cosmos is helping us all to learn. Blessings to you too 🙂

  5. My natal Chiron is 4°. This new moon is usually so positive and enthusiastic for me. I kinda knew it might not be that way with both Merc & my ruling planet (13° aries rising) Mars retro. But I totally forget the knockout punch of Chiron.

    doing some research through my puffy swollen eyes, it was curious to learn that Chiron was discovered at the same degree as my natal sun. Also with Chiron so close to my ascendant, and opposing my stellium of Jupiter, Uranus & Pluto in the sixth…

    i thought Uranus transiting my NN earlier this year was my wake up call.

    Thank you for sharing! It helps. Can some pass me the kleenex please?

  6. Leah Whitehorse

    You’re welcome Mynde. Yes for me too the Aries New Moon is usually lots of energy. I LOVE the Spring and have an Aries stellium. I’m hoping that when Mercury passes back over the same degree, there will be a sense of resolution – and understanding! You have some very healing energy going on there in your chart. I hope this Moon/Mercury retrograde brings some positive to balance out the rest!
    I nearly didn’t write this post to be honest but then I thought sometimes it’s worth sharing the difficult times as well as the good. I’m glad it helped 🙂 And yes, here’s a kleenex!

  7. On my BD in Feb. a nasty public announcement against me, whole neighborhood looking at the ‘American’. Stunning humiliation based on cultural clashes abt. my dog. Moved!
    on 3-23 to a palace for same price, close by. No more dog problems. Mexicans!!!! Weird.

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