Transiting Moon in Leo

Moon in LeoThe Moon is in fun-loving Leo today bringing with it a playful, creative energy that reminds you that sometimes you just need to relax the reins a little.

Leo energy helps you get in touch with your inner child. Think back to when you were young. What was your favourite toy or game? When did you last laugh, helpless with giggles, clutching your sides?

Being around children can be therapeutic whilst the Moon is in this sign. Interacting with a child reminds us of how to look at the world with sparkling eyes and an open heart.

The energy of a Leo Moon can be used to put yourself forward and take the spotlight. The world is your stage! However be cautious against over-inflated pride, pushiness or self-centred behaviour.

It can be a good time if you need to take a risk (but always be prepared for the consequences). Like the lion in The Wizard of Oz who found his courage, the Leo Moon amps up your bravery; useful for the flirtatious nature of this sign if you are looking for a date. Amorous Leo also enjoys dressing up for the occasion, so don’t be afraid to dazzle.

Practical Things To Do Under a Leo Moon
Play! Paint or Draw, Go to the theatre, take the kids out for the day – to a carnival if possible, take a [calculated!] risk, arrange a party, experiment with face paints, dress up in fancy dress, be spontaneous, be courageous, dance, smile.