Transiting Moon in Virgo

Moon in VirgoWith the Moon in Virgo, it’s time to get organised. Virgo is the worker of the zodiac; the one who focuses on details to make everything just right. Virgo’s motivation is service for the greater good. This is a time for modesty and offering a helping hand from behind the scenes.

The Virgo Moon requests that we recognise where our skills need to improve and what we are good at doing. By recognises our talents, we can put them to good use for others. In the workplace it can be useful to go over everyone’s roles, fine tuning where necessary to make the best use of everyone’s skills. Likewise at home, it can be important to look at routines and how the household functions as a whole. It is the perfect time to tidy up or tackle chores and get in touch with the domestic Goddess within!

At times, this Moon can lean towards moodiness when things don’t go as planned. Pedantic irritation can bubble over if things aren’t organised properly. Resist the urge to nitpick and focus on productivity. Virgo is a mutable sign which means it shifts according to the environment. Sometimes you may need to bend a little in order to accommodate everyone. Similarly, this Moon can stimulate those already prone to be overly self-critical. Remember to be kind to yourself as well as others.

With the Moon ruling food and comfort and Virgo ruling health, it is beneficial to plan a healthy eating menu or begin a diet. You may crave fresh foods that cleanse the system. Get in touch with your body. If there are aches and pains and irritations, what are these trying to tell you? Get a health check if necessary.

Whilst the Moon is in Virgo, emotional satisfaction comes from helping others.

“Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting”. ~ Elizabeth Bibesco

Practical Things To Do Under a Virgo Moon
Clear out the closet, cook a healthy meal, start a diet, go for a run, organise your home, tidy your desk, drink water, start a positive habit, lend a hand, improve your skills, go for a health check, edit your book.