Full Moon in Libra – April 2012 – Transparent

The Full Moon occurs at 19:18 (UT) on the 6th April 2012 at 17LIB23.

There’s a sense of displacement with this Moon as she sesquiquadrates both Neptune and Venus, a wide square to Pluto and a semi-square to Mars. The Moon is also conjunct asteroid Isis, the Egyptian Queen who recovered the scattered parts of her husband, Osiris.

Ruler of the Full Moon Venus is ticked off with a square to both Neptune and Mars. This t-square raises issues about lies and subterfuge. Whilst Venus may be in a rather friendly flirtatious mood in Gemini, the aspects to Neptune and Mars show that somewhere along the line what people do and what people think are at odds, leaving her with a sour taste in her mouth.

And it may be that you simply feel at odds with yourself. Inner peace comes from your thoughts and actions being aligned with your values – transparent from the inside out to both yourself and others. Venus in Gemini is a check point which asks – do you have the right information? Are we all working from the same page?

The Moon sits on the Sabian :-

Two Men Placed Under Arrest

What’s your first thought? Are they guilty or are they innocent? That’s the dilemma with this Sabian. On the one hand the image suggests these characters have broken the rules; they’ve done something wrong and now they are under arrest. The verb ‘arrest’ also means ‘to stop’ – a sudden cessation of movement. This Full Moon may stop you in your tracks.

Full Moon in Libra April 2012

The sesquiquadrate to Venus is asking you to check in with your own moral code and your values. Are you doing things that are in line with what you hold true? Are you having to manipulate the situation or compromise yourself to get the best results? Do you feel like you’ve been lead astray? Has someone played you the guilt card? Are you feeling guilty for no other reason than someone else expects too much from you? The square to Pluto is a reminder to take control. Power issues are at play.

The thing is with this Sabian is that the two men under arrest may well be perfectly innocent – caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. They may have a guilty conscience yet have done nothing wrong. The symbol also suggests that there are two sides to every story – that ‘wrong doing’ often comes down to our own moral code and how each of us sees things. Whilst there are general codes that most of us stand by (such as not physically harming others), our own personal codes of conduct may vary.

Have you let your guard down too far? Have you deluded yourself into thinking things are ok when really you know they aren’t? Are you trying to live up to a fantasy? Have you let yourself be talked into something that doesn’t feel right? Persuaded into doing something you’d rather not do? Have you been plainly lied to but don’t want to believe it?

The Full Moon’s conjunction to Isis shows that it’s time to figure out if all the pieces you have belong together. You can’t hammer a square peg into a round hole. If the shoe doesn’t fit, find another that does instead of hobbling yourself. If you are forcing yourself to accept the unacceptable you may find your own inner authority beating at your door.

Venus sextile Uranus offers a solution. It’s time to wake up and dare to do something a little different. Break the mould, go your own way and do what’s right for you. Uranus in Aries says you need to come back to yourself as the centre point to regain clarity. Don’t be afraid to see the truth because from there you can start afresh. The Full Moon in Libra redresses the balance.

The Tarot card I have drawn for this Full Moon is the Prince of Swords from the Celestial Tarot deck. In a traditional deck this would be the more familiar Knight of Swords. It brought a smile to my face – Mutable Air equals Gemini so the cards are trumpeting Venus as a key player. Suddenly I had the thought “you can’t please all of the people all of the time” – something that Venus in Gemini has a tendency to do. She rushes from person to person at a party, smiling, laughing, talking, skimming the surface of conversations, passing on titbits of interesting gossip, complimenting everyone on everything. Working positively she’s good at networking and bringing ideas and people together but she’s in danger of spreading herself too thin. The Knight of Swords on the other hand is a go-getter, storming ahead to get what he wants. He doesn’t really care if any one gets in his way or the consequences. He’s just going for it.

There’s a fine line between doing what you need for yourself and doing what you need for others. The chart shows you may need to cut through the bull***t to clear the way ahead. By staying true to what’s right for you, you can dance that fine line with grace.

Photo by LungCookie on Flickr

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