New Moon in Taurus – April 2012 – Electric

The New Moon occured at 7:18 (UT) on the 21st April 2012 at 1TAU35.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is :-

“An Electrical Storm”

The New Moon is sextile Neptune, trine Mars and Pluto and opposite Saturn. The closest aspect of these is the sextile to Neptune.

This lunation feels charged with energy. Yesterday was my birthday and as a treat I attended a Flamenco Mass held at Manchester Cathedral, featuring the guitar virtuoso Paco Peña. I purchased the tickets on a whim without really knowing what to expect, buying one for myself and one for a fellow Taurean as a birthday present for him.

New Moon in Taurus 2012The event absolutely took my breath away. Imagine a full choral choir singing mass mixed with Flamenco guitar, furious tribal percussion and a passionate, sharp Flamenco dancer beating a pulsing rhythm with his feet. Throughout the concert I had a curious feeling of being washed clean by the pure notes sung by the choir and my energy levels raised and charged by the complex rhythms clapped, danced and sung. The acoustics of the cathedral only served to heighten the experience and overall it was electrifying. The giant arched ceiling and stone pillars felt incredibly safe and strong. Incense wafted from some hidden place at the back of the vast building. My senses were caressed and stimulated from all directions. Despite my own beliefs leaning far more to our older Pagan heritage, I still had a powerful sense of being safe in the beauty of this place.

The closest aspect of the New Moon is a sextile to Neptune, showing that you have an opportunity to tune into your spirituality. Taurus is about the senses, the body, food, sensual delights. Neptune reminds us that these things are sacred. Our bodies are sacred. Sometimes through pleasure we are lifted up to another place where both the physical and spiritual intertwine into the whole. Just as the New Moon became exact this morning, I discovered our flamenco dancer last night is called Angel – what a beautiful expression of this Moon!

In trine to both Mars and Pluto, this lunation is amped up to the max as part of a Grand Earth trine. This shows the New Moon has the energy to be transformative. Tapping into the power here could get things moving but as Pluto is currently retrograde, you may need to submit to heavier outside forces in order to make full use of the power of Mars. Slow and steady, slow and steady – like the insistent beat of a drum.

The Moon’s opposition to Saturn is a curious stone in the mix. It challenges force you to take responsibility for your life, to master it, to manifest your desires. It’s time to take charge of your senses, to experience without being indulgent. Both Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith are currently in Taurus showing there’s a tendency to go overboard. Lilith in particular here can be deep down and dirty. She’s up for a roll in the hay yet somehow she also knows that these physical pleasures can be channelled deep into the Earth. She is connected to the pulse of life itself. It’s about controlling passion in the way a Flamenco dancer both contains and expresses the power of music. As I write that, I am reminded of the way a good rider controls a prancing Arab stallion with the lightest touch of their hands; the way the lightest caress of the skin by your lover can unleash an electrical charge…

Mercury and Uranus are conjunct in Aries, adding to the lightening effect. I feel there is a message here about knowing when to contain and knowing when to strike. In a quincunx to Mars in Virgo the body is vulnerable to highly charged energy. You may experience unusual anxiety or simply the jitters. Heed flashes of intuition that will guide you to your next action. If anxiety takes over, you may be trying to over-control the situation. Let up on the reins a little.

In the Celestial Tarot, the card I chose was the Princess of Wands (the Page of Wands in traditional decks). This card relates to passion. The young Princess, stands barefoot within a field of pink roses, one shoulder bare as her sleeve has fallen down. Whilst too young for sexual experience, the Princess is Lolita like, triggering your senses and delights – reminding you that passion comes in many forms. She is the thrill of a new interest, the enthusiasm of a new day, the seed of an idea that excites you. This is the New Moon in Taurus at work, planting seeds in the sweet, warm Earth, revelling in thundery April showers.

Each seed that you plant has the power to change your life’s landscape. You don’t know yet what it might become. Take responsibility for what it is now and dare to dream a little wilder. You have a creative spark within you. Take off your shoes and dance to your own heartbeat. Feel the heat.

Photo by mcohen.chromiste on Flickr 

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