Weekly Cosmic Tides – Astrology for the 23rd – 29th April 2012

Monday 23rd April
Mars square asteroid Diana, Sun quincunx asteroid Diana. Diana was the Roman Goddess who protected the young and innocent. Depicted as a huntress, she looked after the creatures of the forest and was sacred to pregnant woman. Be aware of your connection to nature. The aspects today promote actions that favour the natural order of things. Join a campaign to save a local wild space, visit a local park, do your recycling. You may feel that the world is out of step with what is needed to care for Mother Earth and that what you do doesn’t count. It does. Everything you do makes a difference.

Tuesday 24th April
Sun trine Mars – Your energy levels get a timely boost and you may be surprised by what can be achieved today. Get active, get your body moving, feel your blood pumping. Take the initiative. Your enthusiasm wins support. Creative solutions come from an organised approach.

Wednesday 25th April
Mercury in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn – It may seem difficult to see how you’re going to get from point A to point B. Long term plans may seem just too far away. It may be a case of surrendering to the unknown and allowing yourself to keep moving despite being unsure of the destination. You can’t know how every stage will turn out. Don’t let fear of what might happen stop you from taking the first step.

Thursday 26th April
Sun conjunct Ceres

“When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.”
David Orr

Friday 27th April
Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto, square Mercury, sextile Jupiter. Small irritations may get the better of you initially. Keep hold of your keys and other important items as there is a tendency for things to get mislaid under this influence. Sometimes the opposite occurs and issues arise that you thought were long forgotten. A sextile to Jupiter later helps to relieve the tension. Angels or a helping hand may appear just when you need them most!

Saturday 28th April
Sun sextile Chiron – An opportunity for healing occurs. You may have recently felt like you have finally shaken off an old fear which now puts you in the position to lead by example. A mission calls you. Trust that you are ready for the experience.

Sunday 29th April
Sun trine Pluto – Following up on yesterday’s mission, you find that you are an emissary for change. It is amazing what can happen when you have the confidence to step into your own power. The waxing quarter Moon sits on the Sabian Symbol “Early Morning Dew Sparkles As Sunlight Floods The Field”. After the darkness comes light. It’s a new day!

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  1. I really like your writing style and how you combine the planetary influences. Glad to have found your site. I have been into astrology practically all my life so I think I can see the difference between how you write/interprete and how others do it. Looking forward to the next weekly!!

  2. Leah Whitehorse

    Hi Carolina – thank you for your lovely message. Glad you liked it and nice to meet you in cyber space 🙂

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