Solar Eclipse in Gemini – May 2012 – Message from the Deep

The Solar Eclipse occurs at 23:47 (UT) on the 20th May 2012 at 00GEM21.

The Solar Eclipse is widely conjunct Mercury and Jupiter and square Neptune. The square to Neptune is the closest planetary aspect. However the eclipse is also conjunct to the degree with Alcyone, the main star in the constellation of the Pleiades. This constellation is also known as the Weeping Sisters due to their association with floods, grief and mourning. According to Constellation of Words – “Pleiades” is also related to the Greek verb plein “to sail”.”

When the Moon and Neptune come into a square together, emotions are confusing, overwhelming, challenging, smothering. Neptune has the capacity to raise you to a state of grace through perfect unconditional love. Neptune also has the capacity to raise a tidal wave of emotions which drown you, taking you to the very depths of yourself. The Moon and Neptune in aspect can be a very beautiful dream or a disorientating nightmare. The challenge is to somehow see the truth through the illusion.

It is easy under this influence to choose to believe the dream rather than the
reality. Your emotions can deceive you. Old habits and childhood fears can come back to haunt you for no apparent reason. The trick with the square to Neptune is to tune into your intuition. This aspect strongly highlights psychic ability, clairvoyance and visions. The difficulty with the square is knowing the difference between real intuitive insight and simple wishful thinking. The Gemini eclipse suggests that it is important to clear your mind in order to see the facts.

As the Moon is square Neptune, so too is the Sun, highlighting feeling lost or unsure of yourself. Neptune is also opposing Mars which can indicate a loss of motivation. When Mars and Neptune are connected, you can work hard for the underdog, fight for victims of injustice or propel yourself into rescuing someone. Or you can give up, swamped by a feeling that it’s all pointless anyway.

The powerful square from Neptune to the eclipse talks of collective sorrows that speak (Gemini) to us all. It challenges us to connect despite our differences, despite our separate and collective pain. Perhaps it’s time to push past tragedy. Funny, as I write that sentence, I’m listening to Moby sing ‘Look at us we’re beautiful’ over and over again 🙂

Mercury, ruler of the eclipse, is conjunct Jupiter. There’s an urge towards taking an expansive and inclusive viewpoint, to stretch the mind to go beyond what you think is possible. Jupiter encourages you to make the best of the moment, to see the meaning and contemplate the big picture. He also reminds you to embrace a positive frame of mind because this is how the future stays open. Perhaps too, this eclipse will let unspoken words ripple out across the ether. It is time to be conscious of what you are really thinking because Neptune has a way of delivering the message, regardless of whether you remember hitting ‘send’.

The Mercury – Jupiter aspect also reminds me that Bernadette Brady notes in Predictive Astrology that this Saros cycle ‘will tend to bring success‘ so whilst there are tense aspects at play, there’s a feeling of hope – much like the rainbow after the flood. Don’t forget, Jupiter is also co-ruler of Pisces so the water symbolism is reiterated.

The Sabian symbol for the eclipse is: –

A Glass-Bottomed Boat Reveals Undersea Wonders

“… The feeling is one of wonder. “I did not know this could exist! How beautiful” or “How exciting!” A NEW DIMENSION OF REALITY is perceived by the earnest inquirer”. Dane Rudhyar

There is so much watery imagery in the eclipse chart! The eclipse however is in the sign of Gemini so there seems to be a story about communication between the conscious and unconscious mind. It’s as if the collective pool of the unconscious has been opened up for all to look into. Here the Sabian shows the pure delight which can be experienced when you allow your gaze to turn inwards, when you see the beauty and wonder of all that you are to the depths of your being.

Questions and reflections for this eclipse
What fantasies are you harbouring?
Where do you want to believe the dream rather than the reality?
Do you feel like you’ve missed the boat?
Are you drifting?
Are you afraid of your deepest thoughts?
Do you feel like giving up?

Write down your dreams. Meditate. Draw. Look over old photographs. Set sail – metaphorically or physically. Fight for a better place. Live compassionately. Love unconditionally. Grieve openly. Let your mind speak and accept what you find there. Challenge illusions. Visit the sea or a body of water. Contemplate. Pray. Live in hope.

7 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse in Gemini – May 2012 – Message from the Deep”

  1. This full moon/eclipse falls right on my Uranes 0° Saturn 5° 13’………………..That Feb. event on my B.D. exposed me to public humiliation, degradation,……………all in the name of ‘we’re clean’ pretension/superiority. I immediately was shown a place where a friend, Max, had lived/remodeled. Max died of a stroke. I’m living in his apt., which is a palace compared to the ‘We’re Clean’, dump. I feel sort of like I attended the wedding feast at Canna with Jesus, where he said take the lowest seat, and allow the host to place you. This was GOD’s move, not mine at all. I was dead-set against moving again. Now, with this full moon eclipse conj. Uranes/Saturn…………….. I’m scared. I do trust the Divine, and, tho I do trust, I’m still scared. The conj. is square my sun, trine Mercury Aquarius, Neptune Libra, those trigger all of my chart. Comments?

  2. Leah Whitehorse

    Hi Mary,
    I think sometimes when we are dead set against things, the universe/God uses those as test points. The trines to your Mercury and Neptune are helpful supportive influences. Mercury can act as a channel for messages from above so it may help to watch for clues for the universe itself which in turn help the trust (Neptune) override the fear.

  3. Glad to hear that it is not just because I am such a stupid person that i am struggling so much at present. My manager is trying to make a public scapegoat of me. It is so wearying, even though she has now put me on ‘gardening leave’. She wants me out of the picture because I have so much rapport from the rest of the team. It is such a shame because, ironically, has the potential to be a REALLY GOOD MANAGER, if only she could take on board a dollop of integrity and the courage to take responsibility for her mistakes.

    The old Chinese saying “The burden will find its bearer” has been ringing through my mind. It is so tough at times though, being the bearer of someone else’s burden.

  4. Yes, Leah, that is my usual approach to life in general. Wait, watch, listen to that small voice inside. Yes, not sure what the Div. has in mind.

    The Mx. thieves from the old place are still trying to steal more from me…………….abt. $300USD worth, MORE,. I realize since I’ve been out of there that they were vampires, and were sucking my life’s blood for the last 4 yrs. The ‘we’re clean’ pretension………………..was exactly what they’re NOT!!! They are devious, ‘good catholics’ and THAT pretension justifies (in their mind) any, all, of what they did to me. ‘She is the Evil One so anything we do to her is justified because she brought astrology, tarot, numerology,…………….the works of the Devil into our home’ I also said, ‘Pedophile Pope’ to the dominant male, and The Church LIES: I noticed the change in his attitude toward me the moment I had said these things. Remember, the Pëdophile Pope just visited Guanajuato.

  5. Hi Jane
    Gosh that does sound hard work Jane, I am sorry to hear that! I’ve never understood bad management especially when good management just makes the job go well for everyone concerned, including the manager! I do hope that this resolves positively for you soon. It may be worth checking the position of your natal Chiron and any transits to it as he can also be seen as a ‘scapegoat’.

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