Asteroid Angel

Asteroid Angel was discovered by C.S. Shoemaker and D.H.Levy (yes the ones after which the Levy-Shoemaker comet was named which famously crashed into Jupiter in 1994). The date of discovery of Angel was June 4th 1992 at Palomar Observatory in San Diego, California. Angel has an orbital period of approximately 5.7 years.

The asteroid’s number 11911 is an interesting number numerologically speaking. The numbers add up to 13 (1+1+9+1+1) which reduces to 4 (1 + 3). Thirteen is the number of death and rebirth. Four is the number of manifestation. Generally, the numbers one and nine represent the beginning and end in numerology. Add 1 + 9 you get the number 10 which immediately reduces to the number 1. Number 1 is the beginning of all things and a number of purity.

Doreen Virtue, famous for her angelic work, suggests that one of the ways angels can communicate with us is through numbers. In her article ‘Number Sequences from the Angels” she says :-

“1’s and 9’s, such as 119 or 991 – A new door has opened for you as a product of your thoughts. You have the opportunity to stare your thoughts in the face and come eye-to-eye with your own creations. Let the old fall away, as it is replaced with the new in accordance with your desires.”

The Light Connection
Angel was named after Roger Angel, a professor of astronomy. According to the information on the University of Arizona’s website, Professor Angel has been instrumental in the development of telescope lenses, vastly increasing their capacity to gather light and hence seeing further into the cosmos.

In a telescope, the mirror serves the purpose of gathering light and focusing it on a single point.

“Telescopes actually work by collecting more light than the human eye can capture on its own. The larger a telescope’s mirror, the more light it can collect, and the better its vision.Hubble Site

Angels are often connected to ‘light work’. Doreen Virtue used the term her book “The Lightworker’s Way”. In spiritual circles, we often talk of ‘seeing the light’ or experiencing ‘enlightenment’. In ancient history you find Solar deities – Ra in Egypt, Helios in Greece, Sol Invictus in Rome and Lugh for the Irish Celts amongst many others. In Christianity ‘Jesus is the light’. Light and God/The Creator have been interchangeable quite probably since time began – as we see in the first lines of the Bible “Let there be light”.

An angel can illuminate the thought and mind of man by strengthening the power of vision.
St Thomas Aquinas

Whilst many consider Angels to belong to specific religions such as Christianity, their history is ancient. Encountering an angel one senses something old. The book of Enoch speaks of Angels being here before mankind. Whatever their origins, they are considered messengers of God and an expression of pure love. That said, whilst much modern day associations focus on the love and protection provided by angels, there is also a sense of enormous strength in these beings. Note that Mars is powerful in his own sign of Aries in the discovery chart.

The Discovery Chart

Angel Discovery Chart
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In the discovery chart itself, Angel sits on the Uranus-Pluto midpoint as well as the Neptune-Pluto midpoint. It seems somehow fitting that this asteroid should be connected to the outer transpersonal planets. Angel shows that awakening to profound unconditional love leads to powerful transformation.

Even more expressive symbolically is the Finger of God aspect pattern in the discovery chart – otherwise known as the Yod. The Neptune-Uranus conjunction sextile to Pluto form the base. Mercury forms the apex which is in keeping with Angels as divine messengers. Mercury is conjunct the Sun; in touch with God/The Creative force. With Angel opposite Mercury, this forms a boomerang yod, the energy of Mercury bouncing back to be manifested through Angel. Much like the Finger of God suggests, Angel has something to do with showing us the way – pinpointing a path.

Mercury sits on the Charubel degree:-
“A traveler struggling onward in the midst of a terrible snow-storm. He pushes forward in hope of finding a refuge, but the storm thickens, it grows darker and darker. The brave man is lost in the darkness. “

Often Angels seem to appear when all else has failed, at our darkest times of need.

Without a time of discovery noted, I decided at random to choose 10pm at night, thinking of when the skies begin to grow darkest. Whilst fully aware that this time could be wrong, I was struck by the relevant symbolism in the chart – perhaps synchronicity was at work here!

Uranus conjunct the Ascendant caught my eye immediately. Uranus is the higher vibration of Mercury. Uranus also rules technological advancement, innovation and invention which can all be attributed to the man whom this asteroid is named after. It’s interesting too that Angel appears in the 12th house – the house typically associated with spirituality and divine connection. Angel was in Sagittarius on the date of discovery. The natural house of Sagittarius is the 9th house or The House of God. Angel in this sign suggests that it is concerned with the concept of faith.

Angel in Your Chart
Whatever your spiritual path, asteroid Angel’s placement in your natal chart shows where you have an opportunity to receive divine guidance and where you may feel watched over and protected. By aspect it may also show where you encounter living angels, those people that appear in your life just when you need them most.

In my own chart, Angel doesn’t aspect any of my natal planets but it sits in my 3rd house. I often have a sense of something whispering in my ear, especially when I am doing readings for people. I have also often felt that words are given to me when doing creative writing or song writing. I don’t tend to think up the words, I write what I hear – as if they have already been written. Perhaps this is because Angel sits exactly on the midpoint between my natal Jupiter and Neptune. I never feel quite alone in my mind. There is always the quiet voice of something else.

Keywords and Phrases for Asteroid Angel
Divine guidance, surrendering to a higher power, messages from God/Creator, divine intervention, guardian angel, an angel in disguise, angelic assistance, a helping hand, being shown the way, spiritual healing. Seeing the light, a mirror for the soul, having your eyes opened to all that is, change of consciousness, enlightenment, cosmic connection.

How to find asteroid Angel in your chart.

Go to
Create your natal chart
Click on Free Horoscopes > Extended Chart Selection
Enter 11911 in the ‘additional asteroids box at the bottom of the page.

Orb – No more than 1.5 degrees.

Tip – How to connect with Angel in your chart
One way to connect with Angel in your natal chart is to either do a ritual or meditation on the day when the Sun makes a conjunction to Angel by transit. Write down your dreams during this time for added guidance.

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  1. Hello Leah, Well, my Angel is conj. my Uranus/Gemini @ 0 degrees, square my sun/Pisces, . WOW! Why would I be surprised? Really interesting! I’m going to re-read your article………..and think abt. it a whole lot.

    Unrelated: 100 Banksters in Colorado Castle for June 21st ……………Satanic ritual sacrifice of a new born baby!!!!! What a horror!!!! Wish I had a mini-nuke…………………going to spend that day praying that these MONSTERS can not take the soul of this poor baby.

  2. My Angel is in my 7th house, I feel like that’s a great place to have her/him. Sextile Moon, Sextile MC. Beautiful!

  3. Thank you for your lovely article! Just one correction, Doreen Virtue didn’t coin the words “Light Worker”, it was around before she used it. Thought you’d want to , and thanks again.

  4. Hi Mary
    Wow – conjunct Uranus – angels speak through intuitive flashes. Square the Sun, they may not always say what you want to hear but are encouraging you to allow change to happen.
    Gosh, no I hadn’t heard that news. So many terrible things happen. Whilst I like to know what’s going on in the world, I tend not to read stuff that’s too horrific. I like to stay focused on positive news (but without pretending that everything is wonderful).

  5. I also, usually filter out the bad, bad, bad, stuff…………but I like David Icke who exposes the pedophiles/Satanists. I am also a witch, but my focus is always the Div. ALL, certainly NOT the dark stuff.

    Yes, flashes of insight, like being notified that DivineAll is moving me from a place that was at least OK, to a much better place. The Uranes/Angel is also in my 9th house…………….also a very good place for it, since as you said, it is the house of Div.All, with Saturn at 5° Gemini.

    I really like your work……………you are amazing, and very gifted. I liked the site to construct a horoscope, too.. Mine is

  6. Thanks Mary – that’s very kind of you to say 🙂
    I like David Icke’s work too. There’s much more I need to read of his work. He has so much on his website. I remember when he first was interviewed on television here in the UK after changing from a sports presenter to someone on a spiritual path. Everyone was laughing at him but I kept wondering why because I felt like he was telling the truth and I could relate to it. That was back in the early 90’s!

  7. I just discovered David Icke recently. I’m impressed with his work mainly because he tells the truth to POWER. During all of my 69yrs., I have noticed stuff happening that seem to fit a pattern………………………I was here in Mx. when they pulled the 911 BS………………..I had workmen in the house who told me to turn on the TV ………..that American had been attacked. As i watched, I thought ‘This is too packaged, and neat to have been a surprise………………..this has to be pre-palnned …………….Mossad of course.

  8. I watched a programme about the 9/11 conspiracy. It raised a lot of questions in my mind. I guess it will be a very long time before we ever know the truth – if ever.

  9. I am a libra with the ascendent of leo. Angel is in my house just about at the line of 13 which is my favorite number because I see it a a lot.. but what does it mean?

  10. Hi KC – Number 13 is a fascinating number. It relates to the number of the Death card in the Tarot however rather than it being about physical death, it is a number of transformation. It’s also a magical number associated with witchcraft and intuitive ability. The angelic message may be that the universe only strips away what is inessential, leaving you with what you truly need for your soul development. The number 13 may be repeated to ask you to trust to a higher plan, surrender to the universe and to let go of what you don’t need.

  11. Hello Leah! Again such a nice article, I really loved it. My asteroid Angel lies in Pisces in my 4th house at 4°.. and exactly trines my Chiron in my 12th house in Scorpio at 4°.. and sextiles my Mercury in Taurus in my 6th house.
    Angels ruler Neptune lies in my 11th house and exactly on the midpoint between Ascendant and MC. Mercury rules my 8th house and 11th. I do palliative care work and am a Chakra healer (Martin Brofman (USA) the Body-Mirror System). So I think that my Angel in exact aspect with Chiron has helped me finding my path in life. Looking forward to your next article!

  12. Hi Carolina – Isn’t it amazing how the cosmos manifests! Wow, yes I can see how Angel connects to your healing and hospital work. Really interesting to that Neptune is on the Asc/MC midpoint as ruler of Angel – straight away I thought of ‘being seen as an angel by others’. Neptune = Asc/MC is associated with spirituality and peace too.

  13. I thought of ‘being seen as an angel by others’.

    Funny you should think that, but yes, often I have been told this. Once, at 5 AM when leaving the hospital after a nightwatch, a nurse looked at me and commented: You are a lightperson. At that time I had not even heard of Doreen Virtue yet. So much later, after reading her book: “The Lightworkers Way”, this remark came back to me. Nice talking to you Leah! Love & light to you!

  14. I love synchronicity like that Carolina 🙂 I really must read The Lightworkers Way. I’ve have read one of her other books but still not got that one yet. Blessings to you too x

  15. I just discovered the asteroid Angel today, and now I am aware of its meaning… I looked up the placement in my chart, and it is conjunct to my Ascendant, in the 12th house, by 1 degree.
    It is at 22’58 Libra
    and ascendant is 23’58 Libra
    It squares my Sun, Saturn, North Node, and Chiron
    Quintiles my Moon & Jupiter, biQuintiles my Mars
    I am trying to find the connection here, it must be important for me with it’s placement, especially since I also noticed that the asteroid Spirit is exact conjunct with my natal Sun in Capricorn/3rd House, and opposing Chiron in Cancer/9th house.
    I can see how this might manifest as my father died when I was two (he was a Libra) but what else it might entail, I am not sure

  16. If the Asteroid Angel is a celestial symbol for goodness and light, what does it mean the it’s in the 8th House?
    Mine’s in Sagittarius, 8th House trine Chiron, square Jupiter & also trines Venus. What is it supposed to mean when the Asteroid Angel is placed in as dark a House as the 8th?

  17. Hi Kimberly – I’d think of it like a light in the dark. When you think you are at your darkest hour, something reminds you to see the joy (Jupiter) in your life. Also this house is connected to magical work and healing so it may be that you can channel angels for healing or being a lightworker.

  18. I saw an article in a LinkedIn group to which I belong about Angel. What got me was the 9 protected by 11s and so I hit astro,com . In my chart (8/5/77 14:27 EDT Riverhead, NY) it is in my 8th @ 28Gem, forming a stellum with my Jupiter (27Gem) and Venus (3Can) and sextile to my Moon at 1Tau…as my Moon is in m/r w/ my Venus, it’s more significant.

    I am a C2C AM listener so I’ve been hearing about angels for years, and I’ve been called an angel but I didn’t really lend much credence to the phenomenon until I did a guided meditation by Tara Sutphen when I trying to learn how to read the Akashic Records. I’m really hard to put under and she and her husband’s recordings are the most effective for me. Anyway, the meditation was the Angels of Light and the first time I did it I started crying as the thought “I miss you guys” kept running through my head. I’ve started doing more research into angels, but taking it all with a grain of salt (natural skeptic as well as a natural mystic! 🙂 ). Thanks for this article – it added another piece to my puzzle.

  19. I commented before I read the comments above. Interesting about the number 13 – it’s all over my chart and my favorite number. While people dread Friday the 13th, I eagerly anticipate it!

  20. Hi Tabitha
    Thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience. I shall check out the meditation you mention. Funnily enough, I always had a lot of scepticism about angels. However after having a couple of angelic experiences that were like nothing else and completely unexpected, I started to take a lot more notice of them!
    Ah yes, number 13 is a great number!

  21. My angel asteroid is in the 7th house, in Leo. And in the chart, there appears a red line connecting Angel to the 10th house of scorpio, with Pluto or Lilith, I don’t know for sure. What does it mean?

  22. Hi Kleo – thanks for your question. If asteroid Angel is square Pluto/Lilith in your 10th house, it could be that you can have a tendency to see the good in others more than you see the good in yourself. Relationships in particular can lead you to transformational experiences but it may be hard for you to relinquish control. Both Pluto and Lilith in the 10th suggest a wild almost untameable feeling, possibly because the ‘paradise’ of love just doesn’t seem possible. But with Angel in your 7th house, maybe it is.

  23. Wouldn’t you know it, I clicked on the recent comment on Angel and discovered that sometime later today, the Sun will be exactly conjunct my natal Angel in the 5th (square natal Venus/NN in the 2nd, SN in the 8th and quintile natal Jupiter in the 3rd). I like this asteroid.:) Nice synch, too. As always, thanks Leah.

  24. Adding, my natal Angel is conjunct my ‘lost’ sister’s Sun. I’m very emotionally connected to her and have been throughout my life, even before I knew for a fact that she existed. Unfortunately, our values and ideas about what love is (and isn’t) are very different.

  25. Hi LB – Sounds like you’re very in tune with Angel LB 🙂 Family astrology can be very revealing. Interesting with the quintile to your natal Jupiter in the 3rd and you connection to Angel with your sister. With your North Node and Venus in the 2nd, it sounds as though there is a strong pull to the path of love, even if others can’t always follow your lead.

  26. my asteroid angel and DNA is opposite my asteroid atlantis.what could that be?been searching for answers for this…

  27. Hi Edea – You know, as soon as I read your question, I felt that you are already halfway there…You said you’ve been “searching for answers”. Asteroid Angel is connected to divine guidance. Atlantis is a mythological city which was said to have been both spiritually and technologically advanced. It stands for our eternal question towards advancement and also connects to the souls journey life after life. It has been “searched for” across the ages.
    My feeling is that Angel opposite Atlantis is saying to you – stop searching outside of yourself, search within for the answers that you already have. You have many life-times of experience to draw on.
    I hope that helps and thanks for bring Atlantis back to my attention. I have been meaning to do some more research on it 🙂

  28. My Angel is tightly on my IC in late Aqua, on a fixed star associated with glittering wings. LOL! Evidently, I’m a glittery Angel at heart. I also have friends with spectacular Angel placements, like Angel MC and Angel/Venus/Chiron on Algol.

    A funny anecdote on how Angel can work very literally… A couple of days ago I went to the library, thinking about my current Angel IC- Angel MC opposition and how it might manifest in practice. I sat down opposite to a pretty girl, took out my laptop, started typing and when I looked up, I noticed the girl’s T-shirt, previously covered by her hands. On the shirt, there was the picture of an Angel and the text “You’re an Angel”. So, from now on, when you’re having an Angel opposition, look out for Angels literally opposite to you. Of course, being a very literal place, a library would be just the place for transits to manifest literally. Now, start calculating the probability of me thinking about my Angel opposition and sitting down opposite an Angel.

  29. Hahaha – That’s fantastic Jannevellamo. What a wonderful story, thank you so much! It’s true, sometimes transits can manifest in the most literal of ways. The cosmos (and the angels) certainly have a sense of humour sometimes! 😀

  30. My angel is conjunct natal Venus in the 10th house.
    No, it does not manifest in my love life, lol! (Or maybe it does but I just don’t see it!). Sometimes I think I should just fully devote myself to astrology and write much more about it (Venus/Angel in Virgo).

  31. My angel asteroid is exactly conjunct my saturn in the 2nd house @ 28 degrees aquarius. saturn is the ruler of my ascendant in capricorn. How could the Angel therefore manifest itself for me ?

  32. Hi Apple – Positively, Angel may work to protect your finances, to help you value yourself and master your skills (with Saturn). It may feel as though whenever things get really difficult, someone or something is protecting you. Negatively, Angel conjunct Saturn in the 2nd may manifest as a feeling that money is somehow not ‘spiritual’ or to be poor is ‘divine’. How do you think it has manifested in your life?

  33. Hello Leah, Thanks for teaching me how to access the Angel asteroid. I found it in 16 degrees of Libra conjunct my sun in 19 degrees of Libra. You mentioned it needs to be a 1.5 degree orb. How do you think this will play out in my life? Thankyou and regards, Carmel

  34. Oops, can I add Leah that this is in the 4th house..I have Neptune there too, at 29 degrees. Thanks again. 🙂

  35. I have been awakening to my past selves and a friend of mine who can tell told me that I was a Celestial before. I have been wondering if I may be an incarnated Celestial, so I took a look at my natal chart for the placement of Angel. It’s in my 8th @ 28 Gem, forming a stellum w my Jup (27 Gem) and Ven (3 Can). It’s also semisq my Sun (13 Leo), sextile my Moon (1 Tau), and quintile my Merc (5 Vir). Considering the contacts, I can tell Angel is quite important in my chart, but I’m not sure how it plays out on an esoteric level. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

  36. dear leah,

    early August this year i discovered your side – and
    – now,having a bit more time – step more and more into the various Topics you offer – they are a real source of new Inspiration – had some experiences with asteroids and usually when a new one Comes into my mind, the transitvisit/conj. of a quicker planet Shows this in the Chart – today it was “Angel” never heard before about this Asteroid – and, no wonder – Transit Mercury in conj. to natal Angel, to degrees before my natal AC, exact on natal Lilith (I´m blessed with your Information – again thanks,…); guess, what the Lilith conj. Shows there – mayby you would have an idea …

    second discovery: arachne! – a very famous person, Born in Austria, 25 years old, this year is changing the whole established views in good old Europe about homosexuality (she won the European song contest in may 14) she act as a a very asthetic drag queen with beard in her/his venus face … – everybody is shocked and at the same way has to admit the attraction, this Lady spreads out (her Outlook, her voice, her gestics, totally feminine – she/he has a venusmoon conj. in libra, fith house – sunpluto conj. in skorpio, in Progression venus/Pluto – themes – and today, when i discovered arachne – she suddenly came into my mind and i thought, must have a very strong arachne-disposition – Bingo, arachne is exactly on MC, aquar. (the designer – Yve St. Laurent let her act in his last paris Fashion Show as “black bride”, Vampire style … ; I think, her talents are tremendous – what I don´t like is this extreme eagerness of Publicity (we´ll see here in old Europe, how the show will go on with

  37. Hi Carm – Unfortunately I don’t use any of those asteroids but as a quick reflection, Geometry and DNA both seem to be linked through patterns. Nature’s geometry. Apostel was named after a philospher who looked to bridge the gap (according to wiki) between exact science and humanities. So perhaps there’s something there about nature and nurture, respecting the natural order of things, considering all sides. If you would like to investigate your chart further, I offer readings here

  38. Hi Petra – Ah yes, I didn’t see the Eurovision song contest but I heard a lot about the winner. How fitting to have Arachne there on the MC! I can see why she caused such a stir.

  39. not only this, lucifer, the Asteroid the existence of which i learned yesterday is in exact konjunction with arachne! … maybe this theme fascinates me so much – cause of my angel, lilith, urania – AC Cluster … (and progressive lucifer was passing them in my fourties …
    (the birth time of CW is not official – i´ve just heard the father saying in an interview, that the birth was around 6 p.m., …)

  40. angel´s dust …
    yesterday we went for a longer walk, out in the green latesummer landscape, the sun was very intensive – and suddenly we realized a tiny little red worm on the ground, on the point, where the green meets asphalt – the grass on the other side of the Asphalt path seemed him to be more wet than the dry hay on the left. But the sun rays were cruel and the Asphalt hot – and the little worm, just having started with his dangerous adventure, had already lost some water – and it was obvious, that half way cross the path he might have found the final end, too exhausted and might end up on the heartless Asphalt ground, sunbaked. Watching that Scene i immediately asked my friend to help him. And help was given – with a stick my friend lifted him quickly to the saver side, out in the green, wet meadow.
    at home – couriously, as i am – the Asteroid “Angel” came in my mind and i checked the Combine (the Combine between this Happening and the native Chart of my friend):
    Combine-AC in scorpio with Pluto on AC / transit-Angel in conc. with Combine-Pluto on AC (10 min.-orb)
    I found so less stories of “Asteroid angel” so far in the web – so this little one ist maybe wellplaced here …)

  41. Good Morning, Leah – hope the sun is smiling on the place where you are living …:-

    1,5 days ago, i was a bit disappointed cause the exact transit of sun to my natal Angel-place happened – and no whispering or dust of an angel at all – okay, my friend and i were surprised by a candle light swimming in the near alpine wellness bath (was great – at 8 pm just about five people were in this huge area – very romantic – maybe cause progressive Venus lives also at that chartlocation this year …)but in summon i expected a bit more of some wise gifts by such a celestial visit …
    Well, this morning, tears were running over my face – at 6:45 a.m. i woke up – accompanied by several repeats of X. Naidoos songtitle “Don´t stop dreaming of a better world …”; my dream stuation was the following. I was in a music competition Show and had to sing this song – but during the hours before the official presenting, i realized, that my Talent for singing was not good enough and younger competitors were much better ; nevertheless I remembered, how often i startet singing always with this first words of the song, hopening, that the quality of my singing improves …. and with them , i woke up … (6:45 – AC on my birth placed Angel)

    During the morning hours, this song circles now within my head. Must say, that I never was interested in this song before and I haven´t favoured the Songwriter so far. I usually have no dreams like that – this crazy dream came up all of a sudden – from nowhere-land ..) As I see it as a real Angel´s message, I feel the need to copy this song, to let you and all Angel friends participate on the content:

    “Don’t stop dreaming” (Xavier Naidoo, german singer – Bitte hör nicht auf zu träumen …)

    Please, don’t stop dreaming
    of a better world
    Let’s start clearing it up
    build it up, the way you want it.
    Please, don’t stop dreaming
    of a better world
    Let’s start clearing it up
    build it up, the way you want it.

    You are the future
    You are your own luck
    you’re dreaming us up to the highest hights
    and safly back to the ground
    And I am here for you
    and you for me
    I believe into you, since your very first hour

    Please, don’t stop dreaming
    of a better world
    Let’s start clearing it up
    build it up, the way you want it.
    Please, don’t stop dreaming
    of a better world
    Let’s start clearing it up
    build it up, the way you want it.

    You are the beginning
    you are the light
    The truth beams into your face
    You are a helper
    you are a friend
    I’ve been dreaming of you so often
    You are the ocassion
    you are the reason
    You’re healing the sick
    You just have to smile
    saying your word
    Cause children
    tell the truth.

    After the wakening at 6:45 Uhr I felt again in a deep sleep and woke up again at 7:45 Uhr – after a Horror trip, a man hold his Pistole in front of me and i knew, there was no Chance to survive – but luckily i woke up 🙂 – was just a bad dream

    very strange that all ??! (Transit angel is in concunct to primar Progression of lucifer ..; and Transit lucifer is exactly on my MC)

    Hot stuff for a cool aquarius moon …
    (Don´t hesitate to shorten my article if space is limited …)

  42. Hi Petra – WOW! The lyrics of that song are like they are sung straight from an angel. I find astrological energy is often channelled through dreams. Some of the synchronity is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. I have posted all of it as I am sure others would love to read too.

  43. I recently discovered this asteroid is conjunct my 4th house pisces moon at 22 degrees. the sabian symbol for this degree is A ‘MATERIALIZING MEDIUM’ GIVING A SÉANCE. I really wanted to be a medium as a child and convinced my mom to let me buy a couple of books on the subject. I have too many dreams; the most vivid dreams. I can smell, taste, feel touch and even get ‘buzzes’ in my sleep, like if i am dreaming of a party where i was drinking, etc. If I am consuming something in my dream I will feel that particular feeling in my dream. It is almost like my dreams are just as real as waking life. The dreams are fascinating but leave me feeling exhausted as i know i spend way too much time in REM sleep and not enough deep sleep. So i was wondering if Angel had a connection to the astral realm. Sometimes i feel more like I am more alive while dreaming. weird.

  44. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for your comment. Your dream life sounds very like mine! When I was little, I thought of my dreams as my ‘other’ life and didn’t really believe people when they said they weren’t real 🙂 I think with the reference to Angel, that this asteroid perhaps has a natural affinity to the astral realms although I would need to do further research into this. You high dream life may also connect to other aspects of your chart too.

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