Full Moon in Capricorn – July 2012 – Enemy Fire

The Full Moon occurs at 18:51 (UT time) on the 3rd July 2012 at 12CAP13

This Full Moon triggers the current Uranus-Pluto square as it is conjunct Pluto.

Full Moon July 2012
Full Moon July 2012 – click to enlarge

The Uranus-Square Pluto Story So Far…
I’ve been monitoring the news headlines and have already noticed some interesting correlations. In the UK around 8 million people were affected by a banking computer melt-down when a system upgrade failed. Accounts were frozen, money seemed to disappear. People were unable to draw salaries and generally all hell broke loose.

Next up Barclays bank made headlines after being fined a record £290 million after being found fixing/manipulating interest rates. Consequently there are calls for tighter laws within banking to stop the levels of corruption. Both situations echo the symbolic stress between Uranus and Pluto.

The world of science is currently waiting with bated breath to hear the newest findings of the Large Hadron Collider. Has the God Particle finally been found? If so, it provides the last piece of evidence in the most accepted explanation of how the universe works. My sense is that whatever the announcement, Uranus might be leading them on a merry dance – raising as many questions as providing answers. That said, discoveries of this magnitude change our collective understanding of the world.

Meanwhile, as I mentioned in my main post on the Uranus-Pluto square, freak weather patterns which seem connected to this aspect pattern have hit both the UK and the US. As America suffers in triple digit heat, violent storms and forest fires, the UK has been flooded by torrential rains, hail the size of golfballs and even tornados! Personally speaking, whilst I’m used to rubbish English Summers (!) – I have never in my life seen rain like we saw last week. The freak super cells storms that passed over us generated a record 110,000 lightening strikes, cut of England from Scotland after landslides on rail lines (interesting symbolism in itself as Scotland are seeking independence which comes under the Uranus umbrella), and rained sand from the Sahara dessert across parts of the North West where I live.

In one news item covering the storms in the US, the reporter noted that Washington hasn’t seen these extreme temperatures since 1934 – when Uranus and Pluto last made a square aspect.

The Full Moon Sabian Symbol
The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon is: –

A Fire Worshipper Meditates On The Ultimate Realities Of Existence

This symbol speaks of transcendence. Fire is a leveller. In extreme temperatures we can do little aside from sit, rest and let the mind wander. Heat makes us stop. Fire is transformative. The terrible wildfires that have destroyed areas of Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana brings unrelenting change to those affected.

Fire is a symbol of passion, creativity and sexuality. This symbol within dutiful, hard working Capricorn may seem at odds at first but this sign is symbolised by the wiley old goat who is full of sexual vigour! However safe and solid we think the world is, however much we strive for stability, it is in our nature to continue evolving and changing. Capricorn will continue to sow seeds for the future. Nothing stays the same forever. Deep within the Capricorn heart there is the knowledge that what has been created, will be destroyed or overthrown. What was once young and vital, will grow old and die making way for the new generation.

The Full Moon Charubel Symbol – The Turkish Connection
Out of curiosity, I decided to check the Charubel symbol as well as the Sabian symbol. The Charubel symbol is :-

An Eastern town (Constantinople)

The notes for this symbol state “Denotes one whose proclivities are eastward, and whose sympathies will be with Turkey and the Turkish dominion, and who may, eventually, have much to do with those climes.”

This is quite fascinating given the current circumstances. Recently the heat has been raised between Turkey and next door neighbour Syria after Syria shot down a Turkish plane which Syria says was in their airspace.

Full Moon July 2012 - transits to Turkey
Full Moon transits to Turkey July 2012

Looking at the Full Moon chart compared to the national chart of Turkey we see that the Uranus-Pluto square sits right on the angles of the Turkish chart – tension indeed! Note that transiting Pluto is also square to natal Mars, transiting Uranus is opposite natal Mars and Turkey is about to undergo a Mars return. Whilst Turkey hopes to resolve the issue through politics, the Full Moon chart suggests that tensions may well increase further with open hostilities escalating.

Full Moon on Fixed Star Nunki
The Moon however sits on fixed star Nunki. Robson says Moon on Nunki “…defeats enemies, [and has] many friends…”. Turkey have a lot of political support.

Nunki is in the constellation Sagittarius, so there is something to be said here about learning from others. This Full Moon seems to press us to strive to learn more about the world, to start to understand each other. We simply cannot keep shooting each other down. Uranus conjunct Pallas-Athene echoes that we need to start using our brains instead of our brawn in order to change things.

Personal Challenges – Closed Doors and Open Enemies

“Enemies are people whose story you haven’t heard, or whose face you haven’t seen.” – Irene Butter

Bringing this all down to a personal level, we need to start understanding who are our friends and who are our enemies – and why. Most often the enemy is within, a complex misunderstood, misjudged part of the self; a part that we strip off and throw away from us because we don’t like what we see. Woe betide the person who throws it back in our face. We say we hate them, but in fact they just remind us of a small part of ourselves that we haven’t yet come to terms with.

This Full Moon could escalate hostilities in our personal lives as well as in the mundane world. We might burn with anger and rage against what others are doing. But that fire within can be transformed into something more constructive, something transformative – if we let it. We really must use our heads, strive to understand even when emotions threaten to overpower us. It’s the art of maintaining control when everything feels out of control.

“A man falling off a cliff to certain death will stretch out a hand even to his worst enemy.” – Robert Jordan from “Lord of Chaos”

The Full Moon Yod Pattern
Another strong feature of this chart is that Pluto is at the apex of a Yod with Mercury and Venus at its base. The Yod aspect is also known as ‘The Finger of God’ and indicates a special mission or sense of fated purpose. Mercury is also sextile Jupiter and trine Uranus showing that we have an opportunity to reach a new understanding. Mercury and Venus indicates, learning through love, communicating with love and the art of diplomacy. Jupiter is currently wallowing in the depths with Orpheus conjunct the South Node. It’s time to release old beliefs and draw on our deep inner faith.

With the Moon conjunct Pluto, the chart highlights the need to transform our emotional selves. Obsessions, jealously, possessiveness and issues of control all identify areas of the psyche that need healing. There is a sense here that the more we try to control things (whether personally or collectively) the more we find it slipping through our fingers. Whilst we may have found the so called ‘God particle’, the creator still moves in mysterious ways! If you find yourself struggling to hold on with all your might, it might be time to stop battling with the universe, let go and see what happens.

The Full Moon chart urges us to enter some very dark territory. We may feel burned by life, burned out or charged up and ready to fight. But the cosmos is asking us somehow to sit with these complex feelings, experience the heat. Faced with our enemies, it is usually fight or flight but this time all we can do is to stand our respective ground and look deep into each other’s eyes. Perhaps there we will simply find a reflection of each other and the flame of God glittering in the dark.

Questions and Reflections for this Full Moon
Who are your enemies?
Where do you fight yourself?
What is your mission in life?
What feels ‘fated’?
What old beliefs are holding you back?
Are you holding on to rage or hate? What would it mean to let these go? What wouldit take to let these go?
What do you need to change?
Where do you feel burned out?
What ignites your passion? What fuels it? Can you follow the road your passions will you towards?

Fire dance photo by jeffk on Flickr


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