Time Out

In true Mercury retrograde style, I need to stop and retrace my steps.

Currently, Saturn is about to make it’s last opposition to my natal Mercury in the 9th house. At the first hit, I had massive problems with my web host which meant I had to quickly move my other site to a different server. I spent many hours agonising over what was causing the problem. Eventually things stabilized. At the second hit, I was completely bogged down with writing and extremely stressed. Now at this third hit, I’ve found that Google’s algorithm change on the 21st June has had some serious consequences for this site resulting in a large drop in traffic. This has really knocked me (backwards) but also caused me to reflect on the purpose of this site and what I really want to do.

I love to write – or should I say, I LOVE to write. I’ve been trying to write an astrology book whilst keeping up with this site and rescuing my Lisbon site (which is like my baby)! I want to submit articles for publication but I have little time left over after writing for Lua. Somewhere along the line the scales have dipped and blogging has become a hungry monster that is starving me of time and energy. And amidst all that I have a day job which for most of the year is part time but during the summer time gets very busy and eats more hours of the day.

In all, I’m burned out and tired of trying to tear myself into several different directions at once. I’ve made a very hard decision to stop blogging at Lua for a few weeks. I’m taking the Mercury retrograde time to reflect, work on my book and generally rest. Mercury will be retrograde through my 1st and 12th house so needing time out and a bit of self-reflection is one way to use that energy.

It’s not been an easy decision and I’ve shed a lot of tears in the past 24 hours but I think it’s the best decision for the time being. Lua will still be here and I will be posting from time to time until I figure out the next chapter in the life of Lua Astrology.

21 thoughts on “Time Out”

  1. Oh Leah, so sorry to hear that things have become overwhelming. It’s not surprising with all that you’re doing that you need a break from at least one strand of your work. If you’re losing traffic it’s almost certainly Google’s fault as your work has been of your usual high standard and I for one am always glad to see it, though realise that’s not going to put chocolate in the fridge… you take your time dear and we’ll still be here when you feel restored. Don’t be sad 🙂

  2. Thanks Lin, that means a lot. It’s one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make but I do think that I need to spend some time on the back end of the site, trying to resolve why Google has slammed it so badly. There are things I can implement but they will take some time to do. And whilst I do that, I can think about what comes next…

  3. Dear Leah, take the time out with our blessings and love. We appreciate your work and will all be here when you get back like the phoenix. Rest and restore. ~*~

  4. Always follow your heart, it knows where it’s going! Thank you for sharing what you have with me! Robin 😉

  5. You will be missed, Leah, but we will be here and happy to see you when you come back. Have a good and productive rest, tend your garden, breathe, reflect, breathe. I send you love and much gratitude for your work. You are a shining light!

  6. I’m sure a break will charge your batteries. And you need the charging, Leah, because you give so much to so many of us. Thank you and with you always,

  7. Leah, you do what you have to do. We will all be here and ready for you when you are. The time apart may be the best thing for you and probably will be – you’ll come back sharper, renewed, whatever needs to be for you. Don’t see it as a bummer, see it as something the universe is unveiling to you that will take you to your highest good. I am excited for you! Release/ relinquish over to a higher source and know that you will be taken care of. Have that faith! I have done this recently – totally relinquished all control, etc. over to something higher than me and knows the best way for me. I have seen this work in action already and it is also so freeing and stress has left me about most things. Just roll with the shifts. This might be a good time to grow a plant or two on your patio.
    Lovingly and good vibes your way, babe!

  8. Hi Kibby – thank you! I am feeling much better today just for having some s-p-a-c-e 🙂 I think you are absolutely right. It’s scary relinquishing control, scary to surrender but oh so necessary sometimes. A big lesson for me.
    I’ve been reading all about your cleansing on your blog – very inspirational!
    Thank you for the good vibes 🙂

  9. Susana Vitorino

    Dear Leah,

    I love to read your blog, and I’m sure I’m going to love to read your book(s) about astrology. We have to do what we have to do, but I sure learn a lot from you!

    Missing you already, but wishing you all the best during this reflection period. I’m here sending you positive energy*

    Light ‘n’Love

    Susana Vitorino

  10. I read this from you and in many ways i’m going though the same thing and it’s a mess going in all directions for sure . Please remember that your work here is like not throwing the baby out in the bath water just asking the heavens for help I’m sure you will recieve many blessed answers I did and the path I’m now on can’t be any better . I’m trying my hand at writng too and just thinking the next steps on how to do all of this . Peace be with you and I will as Iam sure everyone else will be right here when you return . Hollywoodrags

  11. Mercury in retrograde right now is actually putting more distance between it and The Sun, which in some ways is actually heightening the effects of either planet individually. Changes seem to be coming thick and fast right now.

  12. Hi Beth – I think I am already blessed to have received such lovely supportive comments and emails from everyone. I do feel that stepping back like Mercury is giving my mind room to contemplate. I’m glad to hear you found your path. It’s there for all of us I believe 🙂

  13. Thank you soo much for all you do. Time Out is a vital part of life. Take good care, Makia

  14. Hi Leah!, I can fully understand your decision, really the best thing you can do right now. Dont worry, we will not go away because you are less frequent here. Whatever comes will be received with great joy, I can assure you that. (I saved all your writings and can go over them again!). In the meantime, we, ourselves, also can choose to do the really necessary things only, for a while. Fill up those batteries again, dont worry about anything and take your time!! Taking a vacation for whatever reason, is always good for our body, mind and spirit.

  15. Leah,
    Thank you for being honest and honoring yourself. Do what you need to do and during this time, may the universe be there to answer your questions and guide you along.

  16. Leah, sweetheart, we are all behind you. Mercury retrograde does mean ‘time out’. When I was in therapy, one day the therapist dismissed me!!!! I was horrified! She said to me, the times when you can manage with the help you’ve learned are more important than the actual sessions. Road test so to speak. You ‘re doing the ‘right thing for you’……………..it’s very important for our mental health …………….we’ll be here when you re-incarnate hahaha………………what funny movies have you watched??? Remember the guy who ordered all the comedy films when diagnosed with Cancer????? NO Cancer!! Laugh, Laugh a whole lot, lots to laugh at in London, right???? Dont’ take it all so seriously ALL the time, laugh in their faces.
    Prayers, love peace, joy.

  17. Leah,
    I love all your writing, and you have nurtured so much for me – when I read you needed to take a break I only wished for you to have that wonderful space you needed….upon just checking in – am thrilled to see some new posts from you. I just discovered this / your website in January. Your poetic, enchanting and incredibly nurturing expression of astrology is deeply meaningful for me. Blessings, much love and light to you….- lissa

  18. What a lovely kind message Lissa, thank you so much. The break really did me good. I fell ill with a horrible cold and cough just two days after writing the ‘time out’ post so my body really was saying stop even before I knew why! Your support, as well as that of the number of others who also left very kind messages, has been very inspirational. Thank you x

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