New Moon in Leo – August 2012 – Joy

The New Moon in Leo occurs at 15:54 (UT) on the 17th August at 25LEO08.

Come on ladies and gentleman, a round of applause for the New Moon in Leo! There now, take a bow, bathe in the spotlight just for a minute. Remember when you were a child and you went running to Mum or Dad to show them the picture you drew all by yourself? It didn’t matter that no one knew what it was – they loved it! Remember the first time someone you admired noticed you – the resulting warm glow of appreciation?

Do you remember when you last laughed until your cheeks hurt? When did you last roll down a grassy hill? Leo is the child in all of us. Ruled by the Sun this sign loves to shine. Leo is at home on the stage, the life and soul of a party. But Leo can also be an artist absorbed in their work, creation upon creation. Leo loves vibrant colours, stimulated senses – the pure romance of just being alive.

The New Moon sits on the Sabian: –

After The Heavy Storm, A Rainbow

Times have been heavy for many of us, myself included. Sometimes it seems like the rain will never end, tears will never stop falling. But then the Sun breaks through, people light up and the rainbow reminds you that hope is still alive and well. The ‘gold’ is in recognising that you weathered the storm, that you lived to tell the tale.

The Moon sits opposite Neptune. The danger is that sometimes we can get caught up in our own dramas, making them larger than life so that someone sees us because the child within is lonely, needy, in pain or just plain lost. Sometimes it’s easy just to play a part, making do with the illusion because the reality is too hard, too boring, too heavy.

But the New Moon is also sextile to the Saturn-Mars conjunction. We have an opportunity to accept the responsibilities we have and to get things moving again. Saturn and Mars together are an interesting combination. Slow progress is better than no progress at all. Mars may not be entirely happy in this position but Saturn is exalted in Libra. You can draw upon this Saturnian element to give you staying power.

Dreams can sometimes seem impossible, a delusion of a creative mind refusing to live in the ‘real’ world. Often we too can feel like we are chasing endless rainbows, always running, never feeling fulfilled – endless dreaming away our lives on what could have been. This New Moon puts you on alert that you ARE in control.

You’re the one in the driving seat with your foot on the brake. It’s pretty much up to you whether you continue to live the dream or whether you start to LIVE the dream. This New Moon you have a choice. You can draw upon the ephemeral beauty of Neptune and strive to create something beautiful in your life.

Mercury in Leo sits at the apex of a Finger of God aspect pattern with Chiron and Pluto at its base. The sextile between Chiron and Pluto is a chance to experience transformative healing. These two pour their energy into Mercury. It isn’t easy, the mind is tricky sometimes. It tells us things that aren’t true, like a child telling fibs. The mind doesn’t always know when to stop. Tales become embellished. This yod is pointing to MIND as a way through. What you think is what you are creating. Is your drama becoming larger than life? With the New Moon opposite Neptune, are your sorrows and woes threatening to engulf you?

Kittens, puppies and children wake up each morning delighted at the dawn of a new day. Children of all species simply embrace the wonder of being alive. They live their joy from moment to moment. They want, they have, they fall over, they cry and then five minutes later it’s onto the next game. Sometimes as adults we forget what that’s like. We forget what it is to live in simple joy. The mind tells us that there are other things to worry about; the next episode of our endless soap opera and that we simply don’t have time to play.

But we do.

There is always time for joy for inside we are joy. You are a dancing rainbow of light. You are the Sun just waiting to burst out from behind the clouds. You are the pot of gold. Grab hold of your dreams. Don’t let your mind tell you that you can’t.

You can.

I see a spark of life shining
I hear a young minstrel sing
Beautiful roaring scream
Of joy and sorrow,
So extreme
There is a love in me raging
A joyous,
Magical feeling

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  1. Darling Leah, thank you for this! Am at your feet for your ability to catch the moment – very emotional, much love Lin

  2. It is always so good to receive your enlightening wise texts, Leah dear.
    Você sabe que está no meu coração ?
    Hugs and kisses.

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