Full Moon in Aries – September 2012 – The Winds of Change

The Full Moon occurs at 3:18 (UT) on the 30th September 2012 at 7ARI22. There’s an unsettled feeling to this Full Moon as she joins up with Uranus tripping off the Uranus-Pluto square. With Aries being the sign of the moment, the energy feels fractious, heady, rebellious and maybe downright volatile. Every time I look at the chart I feel like I’m dodging missiles.

The Moon conjunct Uranus can be quite inspirational – after all, Uranus tunes into those odd vibes that flit around the atmosphere and sometimes feeds them back in the form of flashes of genius and understanding. These two together can wake you up with a start in the middle of the night with the dream still playing in front of your eyes. But the Moon and Uranus generally aren’t good bed-fellows. The Moon likes comfort and habits and emotional sharing but Uranus likes excitement, freedom and release from routines. Essentially, this Moon is talking about taking us out of our comfort zone.

With cool-headed Pallas nearby, hopefully she will inject a little logic into the
mix but she can sometimes feel a little cold. There’s a curious dance of maintaining some decorum whilst allowing yourself to feel what you feel. I look at her and it feels like she’s asking me, “have you got your head screwed on straight because you’re going to need it!”.

With squares to Pluto and Ceres, there’s a temptation to upset the apple cart, especially if you feel hemmed in or tied down. I get an image of a horse straining at the bit. Somehow, like the chariot in the tarot, it’s about controlling that primal urge to have your head and run with it. The trouble is, with Mercury opposite Eris, being reasonable might be the last thing on people’s minds. This little combo could manifest as harsh words and there’s a strong caution to seriously think before you speak if someone pushes your buttons. If you find someone else has been bad-mouthing you, you might need to call on Pallas to work out a strategy for dealing with it before leaping into the fray.

The Full Moon Sabian is :-

A Large Woman’s Hat With Streamers Blown By An East Wind

This seems innocuous enough until you remember the rhyme: –

“When the wind is in the east, ’tis neither good for man nor beast.”.

That one floated back to me in my Grandmother’s voice as I pondered the meaning of this symbol! The East-West divide may get a little bigger during this Moon.

Yet the East is also associated with a more spiritual way of life, one where faith pervades every aspect of daily life. Whether you want to call it karma or not, there’s a sense that we all have a purpose and a path and it takes courage to follow it. The Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries could represent how a fragile shoot bursts through the ground not knowing what it is growing towards but it must grow upwards.

And what’s more, if our little shoot is a daisy, it can’t be a buttercup no matter how hard it tries. Its purpose is to become a daisy chain bracelet strung around a child’s wrist or the subject of a painting or just to live out its little life staring joyously at the sun.

Somehow bound up in all this disruptive energy is a whisper that says do you have the courage to continue when an ill wind blows? Can you follow where the winds of change are pointing? You may be challenged to reflect upon what is really you and what isn’t. What projections of others have you taken on and now act out as your own? “If the wind changes, you’ll stay like that’ said my Grandmother when I pulled a face.

I’m anticipating some heat from this Moon. Ruler Mars sits with the North Node on the Sabian :-

“American Indians Making Camp After Moving Into A New Territory”

It may be the case that this Moon forces you to shift your position but if you are at home with yourself, you’re at home anywhere. Brace yourself, be brave, be you.

To check the time of the Full Moon in your part of the world go to the World Clock Time Zone Converter 

Weather Vane picture adapted from a photo by Robbie W T on Flickr

8 thoughts on “Full Moon in Aries – September 2012 – The Winds of Change”

  1. You’re not just a good astologer, Leah, you’re a true wise woman. Yer Granny ‘ud be proud of yer! x

  2. Leah, I agree with Jacintha! You are a wise woman! I love the way you write/ tell a story/ break it all down for us to understand and be aware. Thanks so much! I’m an Aries (April 12th) so it will be interesting. I am comfortable with myself but I’ll see just HOW. 🙂 I am always open to change and growth. Didn’t use to be. Now I am. I always look forward to your posts. XO
    P.S. I am going to share this in my Thoughtful Thursday post this coming week. 🙂 Wish that all is well for you.

  3. Most beautiful things DO begin with love. Problem is, they don’t always end that way. Didn’t mean to pry. You don’t need to publish this! Take care, little lass. xx

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