Transits – Saturn Square the Moon

There seems to be an involuntary shudder when we see Saturn approaching the Moon with a tough aspect. With a square there is normally a sense of being forced into change. Things aren’t working the way they are so something has to give. But with the square, both planets need to be recognised and incorporated. The square causes tension that must be released as action and can quite often feel like being backed into a corner where you have no choice but to do something different.

Saturn is about responsibility and structure. He is also your burdens, fears and weaknesses as well as your mastery and the ability to succeed despite all obstacles. When Saturn connects to the Moon by transit, he makes you feel uncomfortable because he’s testing how things are working for you on an emotional level.

Often the beginning of this transit can be marked by a feeling of isolation. This may be due to an actual separation from a relationship or family or a general feeling that you aren’t as well connected as you used to be. It may be that you have cut yourself off emotionally or simply got into the habit of not bothering so much with friends or family. Maybe your work load has been heavy so you haven’t had the time to spend with loved ones.

Saturn symbolises the ‘mature’ or ‘adult’ self. The Moon symbolises the ‘child’ self. You can perhaps already see where this is going! When Saturn moves in by transit, he brings with him a sobering energy that compels you to look at the reality of your situation. Fairy stories aren’t going to get you anywhere and metaphorical Mum or Dad can’t be at your beck and call all the time. Consequently, chided by Saturn, the Moon may feel cut-off, unloved and painfully lonely. Emotional insecurity can be a manifestation of this transit along with heavier emotions such as depression or emotional numbness.

Whether it is your love relationship, friends or family, you may feel like you have no one to rely on for support. This may not be the truth but the experience is likely to push you to look within and teach you to learn to stand on your own two feet. Saturn often forces you to confront your fears so that they can no longer bind and restrict you – freeing you to pursue the life you want to live without inhibition. Don’t forget that Saturn is the old ruler of Aquarius!

Some manifestations of this transit may include: –

Having to take on extra responsibilities at home.
Dealing with aging parents.
Feeling like you are carrying the emotional burdens of others as well as your own.
Feeling that your home is cramped in some way.
Not feeling at home whilst you are at home.
Feeling that you don’t spend enough time at home.
Finding it hard to meet both work and home demands.
Difficulties with women.
Problems with fertility or menstrual cycle.
Childhood fears rearing their heads.
Weakening emotional ties which leave you feeling lonely.
Not knowing where you belong.
Feeling uninvited.
Problems with food or digestion.

Essentially, Saturn square the Moon can teach you a great deal about how to look after yourself. By the end of this transit you will find that you can be your own loving parent, you can organise your life so that you can enjoy emotional relationships as well as work hard, you can prioritise. There can be a tendency to fall into self-pity, defeatism and feelings of failure but the problem is that Saturn will just keep pushing you until you learn to pick yourself up off the floor! It’s not easy by any means but by learning some emotional self-discipline you’ll find your life runs more smoothly thereby giving you the chance to achieve more as well as feel better supported from within.

If you are feeling the negative side of this transit, you need to make a concerted effort to take care of yourself starting at the basics. Organise your home and work, eat well and go to bed early. Tiredness and susceptibility to colds/flu are common. Learn to meditate or start a constructive new daily habit. Learn to differentiate between feeling isolated and refusing the love others do have to offer because it’s too hard to let your guard down. Accept what people can give rather than resenting what they can’t. Be kind to yourself but don’t let yourself off the hook. Reflect upon your life with honesty and take positive action if you really feel you let yourself down somehow. Make time to be kind to others. Above all, learn to take comfort in the little things.

Look to the house in which Saturn is transiting and the natal house of the Moon to give you an indication of where in your life this transit may manifest. To get an idea of how things may conclude – check the houses which the Moon and Saturn rule in your chart.

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  1. let us know how it goes, I too have it come up in about a year and a half…
    in the 3rd now solidly have had contacts with sibs that havn’t had in yrs. good too….Also have a sis diagnosed with cancer…..thought I might begin writing again but havn’t so far…how was this for you

  2. Hi Amelia
    I’m at the very beginning of the journey with this one. So far I am trying to stay one step ahead of Saturn by starting to get the house fixed up but it’s s-l-o-w going! I’m also feeling very much like hiding away and getting on with my work. Some dark thought about old stuff rising up as Saturn is currently squaring my Moon too! I will be able to reflect better on it when the transit has finished but I will keep you posted.
    I’m sorry to hear about your sister’s diagnosis. Saturn brings a tough journey sometimes. Healing thoughts to both you sister and you.
    Saturn in the third for me was very much about changing my ways of thinking. I don’t have family/siblings etc. so it was a very internal journey for me. Mentally I felt very pre-occupied much of the time but it was very good for me to have my thinking patterns challenged, especially negative patterns! I also wrote – a lot!
    I’m sure your words will flow when the time is right πŸ™‚

  3. Saturn will square my moon starting this November. The descriptions of this transit seem to be what my life has been like over the past 6 or 7 years since I got married and started a business with my husband. Saturn is transiting my Scorpio 3rd house and will square my 12th house Leo moon, which is not well situated with oppositions and a square to Neptune. It seems like dark days are ahead. Can you shed a positive light on this?

  4. Hi Laura – Saturn has a 7 year cycle so it could be useful to look back to when Saturn was transiting conjunct your Moon. What I have personally found is that things are almost repeating exactly like they did when Saturn last opposed my Moon. It feels as though the things I didn’t do then, I have to do now – in more difficult circumstances but at the same time, I’m being given a second chance at it!

    So if there have been things that have lain unresolved during these last seven years, Saturn will push for a resolution. The bright side of Saturn transits is that once we do what Saturn asks, then we see the light at the end of the tunnel (and feel a lot stronger for it too!).

  5. This is a very insightful. I’m experiencing transit Saturn square my Aquarius Moon, from my natal 10th Scorpio Uranus…AND Uranus is soon to square Pluto transiting my Capricorn Asc square Libra Pluto. Stressful is an understatement. I keep thinking this can’t be life, but it is…all I can do is suck it up and just do what I need to do.

  6. Hi Erin, thanks for your comment. I’m just about to experience the last hit of Saturn square Moon in a few days. Boy, it’s been a journey! Wow yes, with Pluto transiting your Asc as well, there’s some deep and profound shifts happening. It sounds like you have the best approach just to go with the flow. Sometimes it’s all you can do.

  7. Omygoodness what a crazy transit this has been – it is coming exact over the next week and then finally coming to an end in 2 weeks. Maybe I will let some people back into my world again. It has indeed been a sobering time.

  8. Hi Leah, just thinking about this impending transit is making me shudder a bit. I greatly fear losing control but I suspect I might just have another storm to face with my mum. I have this transit approaching soon and as it is, I just had a very tensed episode with her on the phone. I shall be seeing her again end of this month and I really don’t know how much I can continue to withhold my animosity towards her anymore. My self esteem has been pretty much non-existent, thanks to her insensitive and critical ways throughout my life. At the same time, I dread thinking about how my nine year old son will interpret this if he witnesses his grandma and mum’s explosive moment. I have this irrational fear that my son will treat me the same way as how I treat my mum. I can only hope I won’t sink into depression.

  9. Hi Jan – I’m sorry to hear you have such a difficult relationship with your Mum. Sadly low self-esteem can certainly be the result of difficult relationships with our parents. The good thing is that now you recognise the roots of the problem. It can help to have some support (for example counselling) whilst you work through those feelings. I would also recommend a book called ‘Toxic Parents’ by Susan Forward. It’s a powerful book and offers incredible insight into these kinds of problems as well as offering ways of dealing with them. I found it enormously helpful.

  10. I now have saturn approaching 4 degrees of natal moon and it’s uncanny how this rings so true. I feel more isolated at work and sensitive to rejection from friends. I feel like my emotional network is lacking. It’s been quite painful. How long will this transit last? Awful so far

  11. Hi Deb – Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear that. What you are experiencing seems quite classic of this transit. Most Saturn transits last about a year but depending on where your Moon is the transit can hit one, two or three times. Mostly it is the peak of the transits which feel most acute and then they tail off as the influence moves away. If you would like to know more about how and when this transit is active in your chart, I do offer 6 or 12 month forecasts

  12. Kathleen McGarry

    Hi Leah,

    I’m not sure but I have a Leo Moon and Saturn squares it in my natal chart. I relate to having a kinda cold mother who “got the job done” but wasn’t very warm or affectionate. I continue to pick partners who flip flop from being loving to distant and cold, which just makes me want to run and be totally independent.

    If it is in my natal chart, does this aspect ever “let up”? Or am I working with it for this lifetime?



  13. Hi Kathleen, technically it’s a lifetime’s work BUT over time, your chart changes (the progressed chart) so what happens is that although you continue to work with the same issues, you begin to have a better understanding of them. It may be useful to see whether there is any correlation between the times when relationships started and/or ended to see if your Moon/Saturn was being triggered in the chart at the time.

  14. You All Are Blessed, Why Do I Say Such, Because I Have To Live With It For Life.
    I Was Born With The Moon Opposing My Saturn. Very Much A Curse, My Mother Was Always Not Warm And Encouraging, Betrayed Me Twice, Once At 15 and Again Around 43. My Father Was A Pimp and Was Not Really In My Life as A Child and Worked For The City At Age 50, But Was Never A Father To Me, My Cousins I Grew Up Rejecting Me For The Most Part and With the Sun Conjuct Neptune I Never Attracted Any Good Men Just Liars Losers and Promiscous Types. No Matter How Competent I Was I Always Attracted Dysfunctional People. At Age 52 I Have Severed Ties With My Family, Because I Was So Tired Of The Dysfunctional Merry Go Round or Emotional Rejection. The One Blessing I Got Is A Beautiful Daughter Who Loves Me So Much, and Good Business Sense as Well as Creativity. Good Luck With Your Transits as It Will Only Be Temporary and Not For A Lifetime.

  15. Hi Alisa
    Thanks for sharing your experience of this as a natal aspect. I’m sorry it’s been so tough on you but glad to hear you have a wonderful relationship with your daughter πŸ™‚

  16. people with saturn moon aspect may have problem standing up for their emotions
    tihs may create supressed anger as anger is common due to their insecurity
    psychopats are said to have and deep inferior complex and in moon saturn is conjuct onj a lot of serial killer chart
    these things tend to improve with hard work and age maybe?
    supressed anger makes one hostile resentful and unable to have compassion
    i am having this transit and insecure

  17. Hi CMC – Yes I agree that those who have Saturn-Moon challenging aspects in a natal chart can improve with age. Also, even without the natal aspect, in transit, we get a chance to mature with each movement of Saturn to the natal Moon.

  18. Thank you Leah, I’m about to get hit by this but think I’m already feeling it because I’ve been absolutely exhausted and feeling like I need to break things off with my partner. Can you tell me how long the tranist lasts? For how many degrees is it considered square?

    Thank you,

  19. Hi Trista
    Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear things are difficult for you. On average Saturn transits last around a year – they rise and fall in intensity as the aspect becomes exact. Saturn may hit the exact square three times depending on your chart in the course of the year. The square is active around 8 degrees before being exact but I don’t tend to find it really starts hitting home until about 2 degrees before or after. If you would like to know more about how this effecting your chart and when the peak dates are, I offer readings on this page
    I hope things improve for you soon.

  20. Hi Leah. I have this now along with other transits of course, some more peaceful though :). According to astrodienst this transit started at the beginning of december last year and going to finish october 2014. It looks like 5th house saturn is transitting my 4th house and square natal moon in 1st house. Does this make sense? Hope it does am still gaining ground on astrology =P. I relate to the loneliness and everything which is something am not unfamiliar with but with the short report on astrodienst it said something about greater self sufficiency and emotional maturity. I do feel the restless “nowhere-to-hide” feeling you’re talking about but also the sense that I’m doing things all on my own and wish I could have one person to fall back on who would help me through, even family members or something. Not going to go into too too personal details about my life atm but your article makes sense and I sincerely hope things change for the better because I have too many restrictions. Even the way my natal chart is with the lines is very exact and straight. This transit sucks but if it’s going to make changes then not going to complain! πŸ™‚ Although am crying on inside..

  21. Hi Flo – I’m sorry you have having a tough time of it. It can certainly be a harsh transit but having been through it and found myself on the other side, I do believe that Saturn really does help in the end (even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time!). Stay strong x

  22. Dear Leah,

    From April I’m feeling that Saturn effect (which is in saggitarius and 11th house) squaring my Moon in aquarius – 2nd house. it is rollercoaster up&down, it depends how I percieve and feel its energy regarding my emotions…yes i feel exausted, but actually, i’m finding it easier to motivate and get on with my self, only it is dual, sometimes it is so good even when it is tough, but when its bad it is really bad. I can work phsically a lot, but at some point I need to let my emotions out by just calming down. It is quite hard too relate to others, but I’m putting an effort to make and do things for general good. Yes, there is family issues, and friends issues, and so much past experiences that are becoming clear now, I can see how everything is kind of starting to be clear now, i dont want to forget it I want to use it.
    I have to give credit for jupiter interventions also, he made it quite stronger for me to handle it. Because there has been and still is so many selfworth questions inside me, doubts, programming, planning. I’m feeling that decision making process so much, and the most exciting thing of it all is that since the begining of this transit I’m having that intuitive optimistic sense that this is a good thing that I’m undergoing. I have that sense of purpose.
    So here is something that I want to ask you, how is that character strong saturn so destructive to my emotions, it makes me wanna explode sometimes, give up etc, I feel so pushed by it…

  23. Hi Simona – It can be a challenging transit, that’s for sure. It probably feels destructive as Saturn is breaking down your habitual emotional patterns and these can make us feel exposed and vulnerable at times and very emotional. It’s a process of clearing the way so you have firmer emotional foundations in the future. It may also depend on the rest of your natal chart – how the Moon interrelates with other planets. If you would like to explore this further, I offer readings here

  24. Dear Leah, i’ve only just discovered your website during last 4 months. Feel as if many times its my one piece of sanity. I have had Saturn square my natal Pluto and then move on to my Moon twice already this year, just left my Pluto and on its way to my Moon for final pass. Yee Gods! My closest friend was diagnosed with cancer, and several women who i had thought were friends, have just faded away. Saturn is transiting my third house Scorpio and both my Pluto and Moon ( MOMMY) are in Leo only 5 degrees apart. My sense of feeling betrayed, isolated, abandoned..its all up and depression, and very little sleep. Wow.. I really never have experienced such consistent pressure , in my life. I have done alot of personal work through the years..but this is an ” inner intensive” almost like no other. My relationship with my Mom was all encompassing , and the depth of that is mind boggling still. I am just beginning to trust the process of it, but cannot wait till it is finished, so exhausted. I wonder who will be left standing? I thank-you deeply for providing such wisdom and compassion. And Hang In There Everyone..

  25. Hi Mimi – Thank you for your comment and sharing your experience of this transit. I am really sorry to hear your friend was diagnosed with cancer. This certainly can be a tough transit sometimes. Not long to go now before that pressure releases. Wishing you restful sleep and relief soon!

  26. moon at 22 leo in the 5th house is exactly square to saturn scorpio at 22 in my 7th house. wow this article is exactly right. i’m at odds with all the friends i once had. i just want to nap everyday. i don’t feel emotionally good with anyone and i do feel like im the one absorbing family members feelings and making sense of them all on my own. Very difficult but this article helps to remember that it wont be permanent. i am looking to move but i don’t think its really going to help these bonds ive put myself into. it really does feel like saturn is getting me to notice everything difficult by having me be present in uncomfortable and hateful situations when i’d really just like to escape and join the circus. and now off i go to nap to hide!

  27. Hi mooninleo – I’m sorry to hear you are having a tough time with this transit. Yes, sometimes it helps to remember ‘this too shall pass’! I hope things calm down for you soon.

  28. Hi Leah,
    we have more than one aspect in common – my moon is at 27 Aqua … and i wonder, if the orb can be felt already with the 22 degree of transit Saturn to 27 moon – but it feels like ….. why does my Soul feel sooo baaad !? …as mimi said … your lectures are one of the true (but few) pieces of sanity and your words sounds like celestial brain Food (my natal Mercury is at 12 gemini (and so in exact conj. with progressions of your venus/mercury )- i l o v e your style of writing!!! thanks again – for remembering me on the fruitful goals of this lonely moonsaturnsquare …my heart opens again with your gifts of universal wisdom …

  29. Hi Petra – Yes sometimes the action of Saturn can be felt as it moves towards the Moon, even at wider orbs. It can be a heavy energy at first but over time, you (and your soul), learn to carry it. It’s like weight training! Be kind to yourself in the meantime. Thanks for your kind words πŸ™‚

  30. Hi Leah,

    I have been studying astrology for many years now.. I was really scared when I saw Saturn coming to square my natal moon / mars (as both these planets are in opposition). I made a huge research on what to expect. I was amazed that most of the things I read came true…

    1. I was haunted by past regrets
    2. My eyes needed constant care and check as I developed a somewhat serious problem
    3. Most important at the second hit of the transit my mom was admitted to the hospital an I had to care for her until she felt better
    4. One childhood female friend was admitted to the mental hospital during the transit
    5. My relationship with my sister was turbulent.

    I can say astrology is a good tool when it is used with temperance. I was watching Saturn coming close and that amplified my fears. The question that arises is how to use astrology like a weather forecast and not as a source of fear when the heavy transiting planets are aspecting. Now that the transit is releasing all the matters described above are slowly resolving..

  31. Hi Stargazer – Many thanks for sharing your experience. Your question is an important one and I may make a video about this. I think generally speaking, we can’t avoid difficult periods of life as (especially with Saturn), these are also periods of growth. I think if we see them as a weather forecast then it’s about getting our metaphorical umbrellas at the ready so to be as prepared as we can be, come what may. Normally I find that it’s not just one transit that brings about significant periods but often a converging of movements in the chart that all point to a similar theme or sensitise a particular part of the chart. I guess for me personally, I find that when I can clearly see things like this in my own chart, I trust that these experiences are occurring for a reason and to help my soul’s and personal growth. That said, I am also only human and I have been known to want to thump Saturn on the nose πŸ˜€

  32. Hey Leah,

    Thanks so much for your answer. I agree with you on the metaphorical umbrellas! such good example :). Thank you for your kindness and for running such interesting website. Really helped me reading other people’s experiences. Blessings

  33. Dear Leah,
    I have just stumbled accross your website, and I am stunned shocked and amazed by the accuracy of your interpretation! I have just entered in to this delicious transit, and I am already feeling lonely, depressed and completely cut off from everyone and everything…..I have an extremely difficult relationship with my father and there has been fireworks galore this christmas with him basically manipulating my children against me. My biggest fear is that my mum is going to become ill, she is 70 and has been a smoker all her life, she is the only person I can rely on, so if I lose her I am on my own 100% and this terrifies me. The transit is occuring in my 4th house so I have a feeling something horrid is going to happen. I can particularly relate to Jan and Alisa, maybe we should start a support group! I wish love and happiness to everyone and happy new year!! xxxx

  34. My boyfriend and I are moving in together! We’ve both done a ton of emotional work as we are both in recovery but I’m wondering if you could shed insight on this transit he has coming up. He is a Taurus with a transit coming up of saturn (in Libra third house) square moon (in Pisces eighth house). At the same time, his Pluto (in Libra fourth house) is trine venus (in Taurus tenth house). Any insight on how these transits could effect him and our relationship or is it nothing to anticipate?

  35. Hi. I have transiting Saturn conjunct natal moon 4th house dec 2016… Wondering what it will bring?!! Already a lot of Saturn transits last yr so I am thinking, I’ve already done so many hard yards! No more!!! I said to my mum ‘are we gonna have to have it out?’ she laughed said I’m Capricorn so I know Saturn… I’m hoping it reflects about to give birth as I’m trying to get pg πŸ™‚ Could I be noticing/feeling the transit this early? Interesting I gave birth almost 7 yrs ago. But the square might have come after… I remember a very bad time when my daughter turned 1. So that might have been it….thanks πŸ™‚

  36. Hi Ali – Often we start to sense Saturn moving in when it gets to about 3 degrees before being exact. Maybe you are feeling it build up. If it’s conjunct your Moon and you’re trying for a baby, be patient. Sometimes Saturn slow things down but I always remember a very good quote I read once which is ‘Saturn delays, he doesn’t deny’ πŸ™‚ Saturn conjunct the Moon is lovely for taking on the responsibility and commitment of Motherhood.

  37. Thank u that’s a lovely quote!! I also have Saturn opposite moon and Venus in my natal chart so been living Saturn moon all my life! ?

  38. I mentioned on the Neptune transit post that my boyfriend is going through that transit, as well as this one! You’ve definitely hit the nail on the head – he feels overwhelmed with domestic duties, workload and his mother. Which inadvertently has led him to not feel available or ready enough for our relationship so has subsequently ended it. These posts are really helping me understand his emotions at a deeper level, so thank you:)

  39. Hi Hayley
    Thanks for your comments on this and the Neptune post. I’m glad to hear the transit explanations have helped give you some insight into what is happening.

  40. Hello Leah

    I am a scorpio sun with virgo moon and libra rising. I have had a very tough five years. I an thought scorpios were going to get a break for awhile…lol Any way like your site!

    Is transiting Saturn a strong square with Natal Moon ..been going on since June 6 until Oct. 16th. I keep getting beat up by Saturn. Can you offer any advice during this transit? I seem to be getting more health issues one right after the other. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  41. Good insight. I have Moon square Scorpio-Saturn in my chart. I recently went through a turbulent Saturn Return, which also triggered the square to the natal Moon. However, due to the Moon’s wide orb of influence, although transiting Saturn is no longer conjunct natal Saturn, it’s still square natal Moon – in fact, the aspect is applying. Transiting Mars is also tightly conjunct natal Saturn, and transiting Sun is square natal Scorpio-Sun, applying. Fun times.

  42. I’m getting ready for Saturn return and the opposition to the moon. Pluto went over that aspect some years ago and it was sheer torture. Pluto was sloooow, too. At least Saturn will be quicker. Comparing Pluto to Saturn–quite the comfort.
    Right after Saturn transited retrograde and formed the opposition to the transiting Sun, recently,that I started to feel it., but I felt Saturn’s transit opposing my Sun when it was 16 degrees in orb.

  43. Dear Lea,

    I am so astonished with your writings and predictions. Thanks a lot! It is such a therapy to read it. I am pretty ill, without exact diagnose, taking strong medicines but since the illness is misteroius and autoimmune I cope with it so hard. I have no family support, neither doctors support. I am having Saturn Moon square transit right now and I feel much worse. Moon is ruler of my 11. house and Saturn of my 5. Moon is natally at the very end of 7# with one leg in 8#. Saturn is natally in 2#, now transiting 4#. I have big grand cross( Neptune square Mars, Moon, Jupiter and is in opposition with Sun/Mercury) and big water trigon – Moon, Uranus, Jupiter. Please tell me for God sake how to overcome this transit? I have NO ONE to say how I feel, neither in family, friends and doctors. I think that it is very much the bad afflicted Neptune at the end of fourth house, I will be isolated and alone for the rest of my life, considered as lunatic, I have no other explanation…Sorry for my long comment, I just had to open my soul…

  44. This is one of the more positive write ups I’ve read on Saturn squaring the Moon so thank you:) I started this transit in January according to and moved back in with my folks and cut off three old friendships since then. It’s been a lonely time but also a wonderful grounding time. I’m beginning to feel more emotionally self sufficient now that I’m 6 months in and a new sense of self confidence and inner security. Very bare bones…I feel like I was forced to throw out my security blanket to embrace deeper growth which for a libra sun who is quite attached to her friends (5 planets in libra) has been a challenge….

  45. I’m new to transits, I was wondering if I could get help with the last part you mentioned. Looking to where in your life this transit is effecting you and how it will conclude. Saturn is in Aquarius9th house and my moon is in libra 5th house natal. And the transits Saturn is 1st house in sag and moon is in 11th in scorp
    How do I go about reading this

  46. It will depend on your chart. For most people there will be three hits in which case the transit lasts for around 8 – 9 months in total. For some people it it just one hit so perhaps will only be in effect for 2 month. I use an orb of around 3 degrees either side of the transit for it to be most in effect.

  47. I have this transit approaching, which is moving in at the 5 degree point. This will become exact in 2020 and hit 3 times, first being around the big Saturn and Pluto conjunct, which has me a bit nervous now. I’m wondering though (with a 27 degree Libra moon), it’s as if shortly after Saturn went into Capricorn, I felt a calling to step up and be responsible for my life. My entire chart is basically Sag and Pisces so I felt it HAD to be Saturn in Cap energy with the serious all work, no play vibe. After my Sag Saturn return, I thought I’d really “grown up”, but something really shifted afterwards where I had to let go of a lot, rely on myself completely, which I’ve always been afraid to do. I always depended on people to fall back on. But this year, I didn’t look for outside help and I struggled through, even though the easier route would have been to just ask for help. I wanted to cut all dependencies. I’m a empath, so I’m wondering if I’m just sensitive to energy approaching? Have you seen that in your experience, where some people can feel the energy way further ahead than others? My moon is in a late degree, but I’ve walked away from old long friendships, isolated myself from my maternal side of the family, and focused more on career, work, and building myself up (Saturn 1st, Pluto 1st now). My mom was controlling my life and Uranus opposing my moon woke me up to that. The crazy thing is that it wasn’t as if there was something prompting me from the outside to do it. So I felt crazy making these decisions and everyone else felt I was crazy too. I just followed my gut, because I felt that’s what I was being “told” to do. I can’t imagine what the exact aspect would be if I’ve already “been there, done that”. Geesh!

  48. I have the saturn square moon right now its exact and im just waiting for it to end alredy its worst then moon square pluto which i just came out of (moon in libra 20Β°43 in the 4th house ) i moved far away from my hometown , withowt my mother , my brother and i miss them so much , only me and my father and me and my father dont get along so well ,( he is an alcoholic ) and the feeling of lonliness are so so strong i think lonley is an underastimeting of the situation my work is actually a light in this whole darkness beacause i socialise with people and lots of people , (i work in a supermarket ) so i much ratherbeat work then at home , but beacause i work a lot i dont even have time to go to my family beacause its too late and there are no busses anymore , its so frasturating and the lonliness is just soo hard

  49. I have Saturn conjunct Moon natal, and right now Saturn is squaring my moon in Taurus (2nd house), I feel like these two may be connected because I feel a lot of past emotional experiences are coming up with my mother, also I’ve always had a lot of resentment and problems with my mother but feel like it’s intensified the past year or so. I am so overwhelmed with my mom, and a lot of anxiety when we argue, or when I tell her how I feel. I’ve done therapy a few months ago and might go back. I try to stay clear of my mom even though we live together but its not always easy.

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