Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – November 2012 – Creep

The Solar Eclipse occurs at 22:07 (UT) on the 13th November 2012 at 21SCO56.

The Saros Cycle
Eclipses belong to Saros Cycles. This cycle in astrological speak is Saros Cycle 15 North. Bernadette Brady says of this cycle “There is a sense of joy through commitment…”. This is a North Node eclipse (as indicated by the word ‘North’ in the Saros name). When an eclipse takes place near the North Node, it indicates that it is concerned with moving us forwards.

Out on a Limb – The Aspects
Interestingly, the eclipse doesn’t have any major planetary aspects to it, so instead we turn to the minor aspects for more information. The closest planetary aspect is a semi-square to the eclipse ruler Pluto. Semi-squares tend to be less fraught with tension than squares but still, Pluto is pushing for changes. This Scorpio eclipse isn’t going to allow us to hide in the shadows or for that matter, from them.

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A semi-sextile to Venus connects to the potential ‘joy’ which Brady mentions in her analysis of the Saros. The thing with semi-sextiles however, is that you have to look really hard to see them. Joanne Wickenburg comments that it is an aspect concerned with survival and acquiring the very basic tools you need to get through life. In reference to the eclipse and the semi-sextile to Venus, it raises issues about not taking things for granted – especially when it comes to love relationships and money. It also hints at recognising your own talents and remembering the inner resources you have. Resources in this context can be your strength of will, your courage, your kind nature, your intelligence – whatever personal skills you have.

A sesquiquadrate to Uranus inclines us towards over-compensating. Like realising that you haven’t been paying your partner much attention so you then buy them a dozen red roses, dinner and show – but when you reach dinner, you’re both struggling to find something to talk about because said partner is pissed you haven’t noticed them for a while and oh now you want to talk?…

There’s a feeling of going out on limb, trying to claw back what you should have seen you had all along. Overcompensating can make people nervous and it’s hard to live up to. It can be about doing what you think you should and scoring brownie points instead of just doing what’s right.

Snake-Oil – Eclipse on Unukalhai
Talking of going out on a limb, the eclipse takes place on snakey star Unukalhai who has a rather nasty reputation. Much as I love snakes, this one doesn’t have much good said about it – everything from arguments to poisoning to innocuous plots.

Unukalhai is in the constellation Serpens which comes from the Latin ‘to creep’. In England we use the word ‘creep’ to describe someone who feigns to like someone else, usually doing everything they can to please their target person in order to get something for themselves whether it be material or emotional. There’s something distasteful about ‘creeps’. In the mundane world there could be news of deception from someone who previously seemed to be beyond reproach. Perhaps someone who has gone all out to convince us that they are trustworthy. It reveals something rather slimy underneath.

Mercury retrograde square Neptune doesn’t help matters. It’s an aspect associated with lies and deceit. It can also manifest as being led astray by flights of fancy. Scorpio as a sign is also connected to secrets so there’s a sense of things hidden coming to light, perhaps in as startling a way as an eclipse is…

The Eclipse Degree – Preying Upon the Weak
I was drawn this time to look up the Charubel degree for the eclipse which is:-

“A man holding a fowl by the neck in the act of strangling it.”

This is described as “A cruel person and a coward; one who will take advantage of the weak and defenceless”.

The Sabian for the eclipse has a similar feel :-

“Hunters Shooting Wild Ducks”.

There’s an element of preying on the defenceless at work.

Ruler of the Eclipse, Pluto is fortified by sextiles to Saturn and Chiron which suggests that there IS an opportunity for healing and taking responsibility. The square to Uranus though does mean that tensions are running high and with Uranus conjunct asteroid Echo, the shouts for change, freedom and rebellion aren’t going to quieten any time soon. Much like the snake, there is a ripple affect with this eclipse that grows in size.

Snake as Power Animal
Snakes however are kill or cure animals. Snake venom is poisonous yet it is also used in medicine. Snake as power animal is a powerful ally to have. With his body close to the ground, snake can sense vibrations from a long way away. The ‘Psssst’ sound we use to get someone’s attention most likely comes from hearing the sound of a snake – a warning. Snake, with his ‘ear’ close to the ground detects things that are otherwise hidden. And of course, the snake lay curled in the Tree of Knowledge whispering in Eve’s ear. Snake is an intuitive, knowing creature, linked to kundalini energy. With that Mercury square to Neptune, we need to be using our intuition as much as our logical mind. The two need to work in tandem, otherwise we are lost.

Wisdom of the Eclipse
So, how does all this slippery stuff relate back to ‘joy through commitment’ that Brady mentioned of this Saros? Maybe it is that in order to be truly committed, we must first expose the lies – whether lies of others or the lies we tell ourselves. Commitment requires transparency from all parties whether political or personal. It’s not about talking the talk. It’s about walking the walk. The eclipse on the snake suggests we have to wise up, tread lightly. Can be courageous enough to keep digging for the truth? Can we look into the dark and see the light?

Predictive Astrology by Bernadette Brady
In Search of a Fulfilling Career by Joanne Wickenburg
Constellation of Words

Image thanks to artists at Deviant Art – evilneilckdailyplanetsikaris_stock

11 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – November 2012 – Creep”

  1. Hi Leah! As always, a deeply intuitive, thought provoking analysis of the heavenly bodies. But I have to ask! “Eclipse, where is thy sting”??
    Enter the Scorpion (symbol of Scorpio) which after reading your post, I realised (with a shiver down my own spine)! both Snake and Scorpion share a striking similarity; i.e. each sheds a part of themselves annually. i.e. Snake, the skin, Scorpion, the carapace, as it continues to grow.
    I cant’ help thinking, this eclipse may hold a ‘double whammy’- it containing the energy of not one, but two! admittedly intriguing, yet sinister creatures within its fold.

  2. Hi Jacintha. I never knew the Scorpion also sheds – that’s a fabulous observation connecting the two, thanks! And yes, there could be a sting in the tail! That analogy is perfect and completely passed me by (lol) but the sense of it having a ripple effect or a double whammy as you say is definitely there. This one is going to be within orb of a conjunction to my natal Neptune in the 4th with the retro Mercury-Sun conjunction later this month right on Neptune. It’s going to be interesting to see how this one turns out.

  3. “completely passed me by”- Hey! your posts never fail to inspire, are always packed with original observations, as this one was. And if it hadn’t been for you so lucidly highlighting the psyche of the snake in the first place, I’d have never made the connection with the scorpion! It’s also just occurred to me, maybe not all (I’m not an expert on scorpions!) but certain ones have a v shaped groove on their backs, very similar to the v pattern snakes have, particularly around the neck/head area. The Adder comes to mind. I’ll never be able to separate snake from scorpion again! Two of a kind. Celestial twins of the dark Eclipse!

    Your 4th house Neptune; shady/camellian like/ slippery/ snake (think we’ve just found yours) in the grass character; illusive /hidden / IC, parent / brother? Hidden in the sense of actually missing – or a hidden side of which the outside world never sees – or believes. Drink/ drugs could figure here. Mercury retrograde HAS to be going back to this time, this individual, Time to lay a few ghosts, dead or alive, loved or despised. Or both.

  4. Thanks for the adder links 🙂 Even though I grew up in the English countryside, I’ve never seen a wild adder. beautiful creatures though. Scorpions too are fascinating creatures although something about the stinger gives me the heebie-jeebies. Oooh ‘celestial twins of the dark eclipse’ – like it!
    Ah yes – alcohol is connected to a parent, certainly a depiction of that Neptune in the 4th. I no longer have any connections there but the old ghosts do still come back to haunt me sometimes. I’m working hard of changing my thoughts, especially those private ones that lay deep and dissolve into fog the minute I look at them *grin*. It will be interesting to see what comes up…

  5. Good day Leah! Everything Scorpionic interests me as of course my Ascendant is Scorpio and my Moon and Jupiter, both in Scorpio in the 12th house. It so happens that the degree of the Eclipse exactly squares my MC at 21° Leo!! and conjuncts both Jupiter and Moon (23° and 17° resp.).For me the most unpleasant thing could be the dentist. I have to visit him on the 13th….. but it is before the exact hour. Hopefully that will help a little.
    The Eclipse also opposes exactly asteroid Hygie in my 6th in Taurus, so I really dont know what to expect there. Now regarding the T-square it makes with MC and IC, I also just have to wait and see. I have not really found out if an eclipse aspecting an angle is as strong as with a planet, especially personal planet. Do you know anything about that? I will keep a close look at what will happen this coming time and if anything should at all happen,report back on it. Thanks for another great article.!

  6. Thank you for an excellent article. I can’t help thinking that this eclipse will bring to light the hidden guilty persons of the child abuse scandals in the UK and Canada. As you say the Charubel degree is “A cruel person and a coward; one who will take advantage of the weak and defenceless”.

  7. Hi Carolina
    Oh *shudder* I don’t like going to the dentist, lol! However, this could be a good thing as it’s getting to the ‘root’ of things which is a theme in keeping with this eclipse. Clearing the way, fortifying and making strong – all good Scorpio themes. The only thing I would say is trust your instincts about what needs to be done. If you have a regular dentist you trust, great. If it’s a new dentist and you are for any reason unsure of their recommendations, maybe get a second opinion. I do think eclipses exactly aspecting an angle have an effect. Angles are VERY sensitive in the chart. That said, because it’s an eclipse it’s always difficult to predict exactly how it may unfold. Yes please do let us know how it turns out and wishing you well for your dentist visit!

  8. Hi Rose – I think the eclipse is already at work in the with the BBC scandel hot news at the moment. We can only hope that these terrible things can be revealed so the people affected can heal.

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