Sun Square Neptune – Natal Aspects

Sun square NeptuneYou are a sensitive soul and maybe you have some confusion about who you are and why you are here. Often it may seem that others don’t quite understand you. You may feel undermined or inferior to others and display a naturally shy temperament. You may project a vague manner and have tendency towards forgetfulness.

Sometimes this aspect manifests more as a feeling that something from the self has been lost – perhaps a long time ago. You may feel like you’re searching for something illusive and intangible. You are an incurable romantic, not only about love but also about life. Sometimes it is difficult for Sun square Neptune to live in ordinary reality. For you, life is about experiencing something extraordinary. There may be a belief that life for all of us could simply be better. Sun square Neptune has an endlessly forgiving heart and a powerful compassionate streak. You may be drawn to work with those who are ‘outside’ of society in some way. Idealism may carry you far or carry you away. Others may take advantage of your kind nature.

Your Father or father figure may have been absent, ineffectual or distant
(emotionally or physically). Alternatively your father may seem have seemed like a magical figure, idealised, artistic and also a dreamer. You may gloss over the more difficult aspects of your relationship with your Father preferring a glamorised image, whether true or not.

Because reality can be a challenge, escapist behaviour may manifest such as alcoholism, drug-taking, too much television or a tendency to day-dream your life away. Sometimes, Neptunian habits may be used as a form of self-sabotage born from some indefinable fear of not be strong enough to deal with what life requires. Alternatively these coping mechanisms may be employed to dull the ache that somehow you can’t live up to the fantasy – yours or that of another. There can be a fear of being swallowed whole by the system or disappearing into nothingness. Being extremely sensitive, you may find it hard to deal with over-powering people and crowds. Your body may be more sensitive to toxins.

At its most extreme, this aspect can lend its subjects towards deceit and a tendency to lie to get out of the hot seat. More frequently, this aspect can manifest as self-delusion and a propensity to being misled by others.

Whilst there can be many challenges with this aspect, there are many beautiful benefits. One of the mostly helpful things you can do is to learn to ground yourself and practice self-reflective techniques such as meditation or creative journaling to tune in to the real you. Forgive your weaknesses – we all have them. Actively seek out ways to build your confidence. Your intuition can be a powerful tool, as can your creativity. You are likely to have a highly refined artistic sense and an extraordinary imagination. A spiritual path of some kind may help to keep your feet on the ground whilst exploring other realms of existence and ways of being. Your natural kindness can endear you to many and you may have a rather magical air about you which charms others.

Carl Jung made his name exploring the mysteries of dreams and coined the term the collective unconscious. His father was a pastor (a Neptunian profession). Throughout his life Jung experienced profound visions and vivid dreams. He was naturally drawn to mysticism. This aspect it cleverly manifested through the title of his autobiography “Memories, Dreams and Reflections”.

Barry Manilow – He wrote his first musical at age 19 called ‘The Drunkard’. One of his signature songs is ‘Could it be Magic! Famously secretive about his personal life, it’s difficult to get past the glitter of fame to the man himself.

Barack Obama inspired the masses by becoming the USA’s first black president. Noted for his charisma, many hopes and dreams have been pinned upon him. His identity was questioned and his detractors deeply suspicious of him which eventually forced the release of his birth certificate to prove he was born on US soil and therefore eligible to become president.

Sai Baba – With the birth date itself called into question, this is perhaps the most enigmatic manifestations of Sun square Neptune! A mystical guru known for performing miracles, he was either seen as a holy man or a charlatan. Ex-devotees have alleged sexual abuse and fraud.

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  1. Thank you so much for this – it’s an aspect I seldom pay attention to in my own chart but everything you listed (I mean *everything*) rang distinctly true for me. You nailed it!

  2. I have Sun – Neptune opposition and almost everything applies to me exactly. I don’t do drugs/alcohol and the worst case scenario applies in the father figure issue. I am not sure which is “worse” opposition or square in this case?

  3. This is the tightest aspect in my birthchart – one second from exact. This is such a clear interpretation that all I can say is, “thank you”. With Neptune on my DSC makes it all the more interesting. Needless to say, I am trying to learn not to put my partner on a pedestal or being dashed when their flaws come out. We are only human, but we dream big,

  4. Hi Jennifer – thanks you 🙂 Ah yes, Neptune is rather sensitive to those human flaws, lol. However as he’s on the Desc, he can bring some magical people into your life.

  5. Hi Maritta
    Sometimes the aspects can manifest very similarly with the planetary symbolism. I don’t think one is worse than the other, both the square and the opposition have their challenges. The square however tends to be experienced more as an inner struggle whereas the opposition is more often triggered by our relationships with others. Sometimes the opposition can be harder to see by the subject because the negative associations are projected onto another person (often partners). It’s a fine balance with the challenging aspects.

  6. That fits me to a T… I recovered from alcoholism over a number of years and that journey led me towards my spiritual side.. for me its a balance of being in the world while holding a deep connection with the otherworld.. nature is healing.. I have been obsessed by Carl Jung for years and identified so much because he felt like a twin soul…life is an interesting journey as an empathic person with not only Sun but Mecury, Venus and Jupiter also square Neptune… there are deep healing waters we can dive into…..once we learn as Neptunians we will always be just a bit out of step with the mainstream.. and learn to love ourselves from the depths rather than accept others opinions of us…

  7. Hi leah,

    Lately I’ve been exploring more about the antiscia and I found out that my antiscia neptune is square my natal sun,I have always remarked a strong neptune in my life but I could never explain it,I also have antiscia neptune conjunct natal moon,I really identify with moon/neptune,strong empathy and imagination,my emotions last longer than most of people,I have trouble with them

  8. Dear all,

    Thank you for sharing things. It is nice to read about other life experiences. Very happy for you, Deborah! 🙂

    For me, this gave insight to as why I have always felt that other people get under my skin. And why I have been (and still is!!) so worried about other people’s opions about everything and in so much need to impress and to be liked by others. It also explains that long-term traumatic relationship to a narscissistic (Scorpio) boyfriend, which carried throughout my teenage years to young adulthood and taken years since to recover from. My father disappeared from my life when I was four.

    Anyhow, without boring everyone to tears, I wanted to say how happy I am now having discovered a more spiritual way of life. It gives comfort, enlightenment and a much more balanced feeling.

    Love to all,

  9. Hi Sanna – thank you for your kind comment 🙂 This certainly can be a challenging aspect but you have shown how it can manifest it a wonderfully positive way too.

  10. Leah, I’m so glad I found your blog and this entry! Thank you! I’ve experienced everything listed explaining Sun Square Neptune natal aspects. The only struggle I have is escapism into television and movies. I’ve cut back on media due to a busy schedule with school and work after being employed for three years. Speaking of work, over the past five years, I’ve had to learn some painful lessons about conflict resolution, and finally learned some valuable lessons as I feel I have another chance to start fresh elsewhere.

    Developing my spiritual side more so over the past few years have helped with healing tremendously. After enduring a painful and heartbreaking divorce that brought up trauma from my childhood divorce, I participated in counseling to recovery. Over the past two years, I’m finally starting to feel whole again.

    Good news is that I have Moon Sextile Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto, and would love to read more about those positive aspects. I’ve been in counseling to deal with becoming more practical and realistic in my life and decisions. Being more self-aware of things and people around me while trying to rebuild my confidence and self-esteem through personal counseling after a few years of personal, physical, financial, and academic setbacks has helped me avoid escapist tendencies.

    Thank you for allowing me to post this as this is truly the first time I’ve been able to articulate my feelings throught A HA! moment upon reading your blog!

    Warmest regards Leah

  11. Hi Ro – Thanks so much for your comment and sharing your experience. I’m really glad to hear that working with your chart is helping to facilitate the discovery process!

    I like sextiles – I like them even more than trines. Sextiles offer you the chance to change. They are opportunities.
    Moon sextile Neptune – the opportunity to use your intuition, to develop compassion (both towards yourself and others’), the art of forgiveness.

    Moon sextile Jupiter – The opportunity to turn tears to laughter, gratitude, faith in the goodness of life

    Moon sextile Pluto – the opportunity to embrace your own personal power, the drive to change, emotional intensity that helps you to focus

  12. stay away from neptunian relationships, there is nothing good about them, they are fake, illusions that are not real, there is no upside, just a big downside. disspointment, betrayal, lies, ultimately the end of you at the cost of seeing something that was nothing.

  13. Hi. I tend to overlook this aspect since I thought it’s Neptune in Capricorn (not Sagittarius) that square my 2nd house Pisces Sun, so it might be not important. But after reading your article, I find it describes my experience so well!

    In the past few years, I have gone through some therapies and learnt hypnosis that changed a lot of my thinking patterns. In this year if given the chance, I would love to learn energy healing. I also regain the interest to explore extraterrestrial life that I was very curious about during childhood and early teen. I even met a few people who have contact experience!

    One of the factors that lead me to begin the journey could be Aqua Moon square Saturn. It made me finally reach out for help. However, the escapist character is still strongly influencing me. My other Neptune aspects = sextile Pluto, trine Mars. I wonder if Jupiter rising square Mars & Pluto can affect one’s action? Don’t know why, I always feel like wanna have a life long career. I don’t even have a job for years but I guess it’s because I don’t start anything or I don’t continue doing it.

  14. Hi Rie – Thanks for sharing your experience of this aspect in your chart. Hypnosis and energy healing are very expressive of this kind of energy. Your Aquarius Moon square Saturn could have given your the urge to pursue what is ‘out there’ in the cosmos – pushing beyond the limits. Jupiter square Mars can have a tendency to overdo things, maybe starting with great enthusiasm only for motivation to peter out – sometimes because it’s just so overwhelming. The trick is to do one thing at a time with Jupiter square Mars 🙂

  15. Thank you Lea for the most marvelous interpretation of sun sq Neptune.
    It dispersed some of my self doubt and woeful unbelief in myself.
    One kind person once told me that there was’ something magical ‘about me !
    So for you to have mentioned that, left me feeling ‘ there must be something in astrology after all !

  16. Hi. Thank you for giving me more insight about the Sun-Neptune aspect. I have natal Sun trine Neptune but I’ve been dealing with a lot of selfdeception my whole life.. (friends and lovers)
    It never really feels as a ‘trine’ but more like a heavier aspect. (maybe because of neptune falling in my 12th house?) And having natal Moon square Pluto (pluto in scorpio) may also play a big part in my overwelming emotions. I’m dealing a lot with co-dependency. Could this be because of the combination of the moon-pluto aspect and the idealization/self-deption because of my natal sun-neptune aspect?
    Because I always tend to get emotionally dependent on people and idealizing them ahd when the fog falls I feel emotionally drained and utterly disappointed.
    It’s pretty hard dealing with both of them.. and sometimes the inner turmoil overwhelmes me.

  17. No way! How did you know?? Last friday. It was exactly what happened to me. This guy that I just met. Could truly get me. Though were friends and I gave him a notebook then he handed me the notebook back telling me that the reason why I wrote them, is because I am often forgetful. I agree. Then he also added if what is actually my plan in my life. I was placed on the hot seat. I was just looking at my own drink. And answering none of his questions. And lastly, I ended up surprised of what he said. Glad I didn’t choose to lie but to keep quiet.

  18. This is the only squere in my chart!. I am a leo with leo ascendant. Merc on the asc. Venus, mars and jupiter in 12 in cancer, moon an saturn in pisches. All trines and sextiles. My father is from sicily and i remember he did not speak a lot of dutch when i was a child, and he was very homesick. Now he is 86 . I dont drink or do drugs. Netune is also conjunt my sn in scorpio.

  19. Omg…. this is the answer to my most difficult question to myself…. I have to practise looking at the larger picture….and keep Hope alive… I am terribly shy but so many dreams to fulfill…any advice from anyone

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