Transits – Jupiter Conjunct the Sun

Jupiter conjunct SunJupiter conjunct the Sun is one of those all singing, all dancing transits that can perk you up even is Saturn is trying to cramp your style elsewhere.

Jupiter is larger than life, enthusiastic, bombastic and ready to party. When he hits upon your Sun, it’s like your best friend squealing in excitement, throwing their arms around you and giving you a big ol’ hug.

Your Sun is your identity in the world. When Jupiter comes along, you may seem larger than life, shine more brightly and just feel generally more optimistic. Even when life is challenging, Jupiter will see to it that you maintain a positive frame of mind. Often it can seem like helping hands come out of nowhere and you find yourself counting your blessings every day under his influence. Because the Sun is also your vitality, health too gets a boost.

This is a good time to go travelling or on holiday. Aim to broaden your horizons. It’s also a prime time to embark upon a course of study, write a book or publish one. New interests thrive under this influence and you’ll enjoy stretching your mind to embrace new cultures or new ways of thinking. Self-improvement courses or books can be very gratifying. It’s all about self-growth under this transit; looking at where you have succeeded and embarking on new projects for the future.

Under this colourful transit, you may find that you feel more confident about showing off your abilities, more able to congratulate the successes of others and have a warm smile for everyone around you. Jupiter helps you to break through inhibitions leaving you free to be who you are.

It is rare that Jupiter will cause problems with this transit but it would be prudent to caution against over-optimism. Because Jupiter is all happy and seeing the good in everything, sometimes he can get a little carried away, leaving you with more than you anticipated to deal with once he’s partied on down the road. Over-spending and over-indulgence are two things that can occur. Take the best of his influence but stay grounded within all the possibilities. This transit marks the beginning of a 12 year cycle of growth so what you begin now has consequences in the future.

If your Sun receives difficult aspects in your natal chart, it may be harder to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way – but not impossible. The key is to remain open and positive about your future as Jupiter is encouraging you to do. He’s leaping up and down saying “you made it this far, look at much further you could go!”.

Jupiter encourages expansion in the house that he transits. Look also to the house that the Sun rules in your chart to see the other area of life where growth may occur as a result of this transit.

4 thoughts on “Transits – Jupiter Conjunct the Sun”

  1. Great post, Leah! Excellent information to know as I am embarking on writing a book. Never thought I would – but I am stepping outside of the box and it FEELS RIGHT! Love your weekly insights!

  2. Just wanted to point out, the term “count your blessings” does not mean you are enjoying many blessings. It means you are making an effort to be grateful for what you do have, however little it may seem to be sometimes. When we forget the good things in our life someone may tell us to “count your blessings” — don’t overlook these good things but be mindful of them.

    So many valuable expressions of wisdom are misunderstood for some reason nowadays and misused – it is a loss to all of us so I always like to clarify the ones I am aware of.

    Thanks for all the info on the aspect!

  3. Hi Lucy – absolutely and that is one of the lovely offerings of Jupiter in that he can trigger a more positive mind-set which enables us to see the blessings that we do have 🙂

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