Full Moon in Leo – January 2013 – Action!

Pic77The Full Moon occurs at 04:38 (UT) on the 27th January 2013 at 07Le24.

The Leo Full Moon is a time to shine. At the heart of the lion burns the Sun, the bright light symbolising the divine spark of creation. Life is a creative act – celebrate the fact that you are here!

It’s true that sometimes Leo can be a bit of an attention-seeking drama queen/king. Whilst this can be a little over-bearing, Leo’s heart is in the right place. Leo knows he is special but he also knows everyone else is special too. What is your party piece in this life? What do you do best that catches the eye of others? This lunation is a time to discover the spark within. Look at your life – what have you created? Are you happy with it? Are you growing flowers or weeds? Like a child, Leo asks many questions.

The Aspect Picture
The Full Moon is quincunx Chiron, sextile Jupiter, trine Uranus, square Saturn and opposite Mercury.

With the quincunx to Chiron being the closest aspect, this Moon may test how you feel when you are in the spotlight. You may need to admit where your weaknesses are in order to display your strengths. If you have been avoiding the heat through fear of being hurt, it might feel as though the universe is pushing you in a direction you don’t want to go. But Life doesn’t want you living in the shadows. The sextile to Jupiter suggests you may just need to listen to the encouragement of others – trust their judgement even if you can’t quite trust your own.

Full Moon in Leo January 2013The trine to Uranus adds some sparkle. It makes me think of someone cowering in the wings then being pushed by a friend onto the stage from where they can’t retreat until they have sung their song or danced their dance. There are sudden opportunities happening that may make you quake in your boots but are likely to be well worth the experience. This is also a playful aspect. Leo is the natural ruler of children and children are masters of spontaneity and surprise. Get in touch with your own inner child and play. Approach intimidating situations with a playful attitude. It’ll help beat the nerves and release energy to use constructively.

The square to Saturn and opposition to Mercury are the other story to this lunation although these aspects have less pull than the big boys above. Saturn and Mercury tell a tale of feeling restricted, unable to express the true you. Come on, spit it out. What do you want? It’s a ‘once bitten, twice shy’ sub-plot. Maybe you don’t want to get stung again but you may have to just break through that fear in order to get to the next twist in the tale. There’s a bigger story happening here. Perhaps you already have an idea of what that is but as yet, you don’t have the full picture. Uranus however offers you flashes – pieces of the puzzle that give you a glimpse of the cosmic canvas. In battles of the head and heart, with this lunation, the heart must win out.

The Asteroid Picture
The Full Moon is sextile Vesta who is also currently conjunct Jupiter in Gemini. Vesta, Goddess of Devotion is offering you a candle to light your way. She reminds you that everything can be experienced in a spiritual context. In Gemini she has potential to still the mind. Both Vesta and Jupiter are trine to the Sun and Mercury. Your mind can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. Like the old saying goes, whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.

The Sabian Picture
The Full Moon falls on the Sabian symbol :-

A Communist Activist Spreading His Revolutionary Ideals.

The Sabian symbol echoes the Uranus trine to the Moon. It’s certain that we need some revolutionary ideas to kick off change within the wider world. Perhaps you will find your voice in a cause that touches your heart. On a personal level however, it’s about trusting your vision then finding those who will walk the path with you. Change can be scary but also incredibly rewarding.

The keyword here is ‘activist’. Leo is full of vitality, a fire sign. The stage is set and ready for the actors to take their place. It’s time to take the lead. Reveal yourself!

The political persuasion of the Sabian isn’t as important as the meaning behind it. Communism in theory is about equality for everyone. However, in a Capitalist society, any move towards a communist ideal is bound to cause some chaos. Chaos is caused in the throws of change. Likewise, sometimes when you step forward into the limelight, when you embrace your true purpose, it can seem chaotic at first. Perhaps not everyone will want to listen. Some might want to boo you off the stage (like grumpy ‘ol Saturn). Trust that what you have to offer is of benefit to others and those who are part of your path will hear the call. Find your voice, speak up, give it a shot. Go on, I dare you.

Questions and Reflections
What would it take to step forward?
Where do you need to shine more (tip – look to where the Sun and Leo are in your chart)
What’s your purpose?
What are you creating?
When did you last play?
What do you want?
In what ways are you different to others you know?
Where are you afraid to be seen?
What are your special gifts?
What encourages you?

Illustration thanks to stock images by artists at Deviantart.com
Spotlight Moon by E-dina
Lion by tristin-stock and Livinus
Sunflower by Evelivesey