Full Moon in Virgo – February 2013 – Taking Steps

Pic80The Full Moon in Virgo occurs at 20:26 (UT) on the 25th February 2013 at 7VIR24.

The Full Moon in Virgo highlights a time of practical resolutions, focused attention and diligent application. Virgo, the second of the earth signs in the zodiac is connected to the idea of apprenticeship, learning on the job and a common sense attitude. Sometimes maligned for being highly critical, Virgo simply wants to get things right so that mind, body and spirit can function in unison.

Virgo is also connected to the physical body and it shows, through being ruled by Mercury, that the body clearly communicates dis-ease’. Any health and wellness issues brought to light during this lunation need to be addressed.

The Aspect Picture
This Full Moon is rather fraught with tension as it opposes a Pisces pile up with the Sun, Venus, Neptune and Chiron all playing a part here. Virgo doesn’t like this; to be confused and wishy-washy, she likes to know exactly what goes where and when. If you can’t tell her when it’s going to get done, she’s likely to get snippy. With the square to Jupiter, there’s a tendency for things to get blown out of proportion.

Full Moon in Virgo Feb 2013Poor Virgo, with too much on her plate, may dole out some anger with retrograde Mercury conjunct Mars. But rather than her tongue being sharp, it might just come out as passive aggressive so it’s only after you get home and put your feet up that you realise that what was said has seriously got under your skin.

But onwards and upwards – there’s some help at hand with a sextile to Saturn and trine to Pluto. These two planets are worth their weight in gold here as they have the ability to absorb some of the Piscean overspill and put it to work. The Moon might not feel in a particularly romantic mood, so don’t feel too put out if your attentions are re-buffed. The focus is on figuring out what works, sorting out pile ups of emails/letters/bills and re-grouping your efforts. If you’re the one doing the rebuffing, try to be gentle as the Mercury-Mars conjunction in Pisces could mean that hurtful words are deeply felt. Everyone seems a little more sensitive that usual.

A quincunx to Uranus makes things a little more tense. It’s one of those months when others must come first and if you can step aside a little, you may find that you enjoy the simplicity of helping someone else. There may be a need to put off play time just to get the chores done but you will feel better for it. If you have a tendency to hoard, now might be the time to start releasing some of your collection. Virgo is a discerning sign that picks the right tools for the job.

With the square to Jupiter there’s a big message that less is more…The less is more approach can also be applied to health. You may need to look at the variety of foods you eat – or indeed whether there is any variation. Perhaps you need to cut back on certain items, increase others. During this lunation it can be helpful to lay your hands upon your belly when you are hungry and ask it what it really wants. You may be surprised by the answer. With Jupiter in the mix, it may be easy to go overboard on things that don’t agree with your body.

Jupiter is also associated with learning and with Virgo’s connection to apprenticeship, there may be a focus on where you are getting your information from. Whose steps are you following? Whose advise are you taking? A teacher or mentor may not live up to your expectations. Alternatively, you my feel that you can never reach their level of knowledge, never measure up. Negating your own abilities may be a form of self-sabotage. Choose your mentors carefully. Those that teach best are those who encourage your potential.

The Asteroid Picture
Just a few minutes before the Full Moon becomes exact, so too does a square between ruler of the lunation (Mercury) with asteroid Chariklo. Chariklo was the wife of Chiron and from the myths it seems she was a dedicated wife and mother. But with the square from Mercury who as Full Moon in Virgo Feb 2013 Illustrationmentioned above is conjunct Mars, she seems more fishwife than devoted wife. To those who don’t know of the rather English term ‘fish-wife’ think ‘swears like a trooper’, rough and ready, tough as old boots. She’s more about hen-pecking than helping.

There may be a feeling that your usual support system is absent or working against you. You may feel like a fish out of water unable to understand what’s going on at all. It’s okay – just breath and keep calm. The pressure suggests that you need to act but it’s important to keep things in order else Virgo will get her knickers in a twist. Focus on the small stuff if you can’t deal with the bigger things that are going on. It’ll all come out in the wash as they say.

The Sabian Picture

A Five-Year-Old Child Takes A First Dancing Lesson

This Sabian really captures one of the ways to deal with this Full Moon and plays up to the Jupiter square. Be kind to yourself. If a child makes a mistake, gentle correction is the way to deal with it. Make learning fun, engage with the process. Harsh criticism can hurt just as much as trying to force your steps. Take pleasure in the little achievements, giggle if you fall. Move to the rhythm of the moment, engage with the current song. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get it right first time around. You can use the experience to make it better next time.

As I think of the fish-wife and giggling children learning to dance, I get an image of old English classic comedy Carry On films which leads me back to the square to Jupiter. If things seem a little tense during this Moon, relax and laugh! Laugh at the absurdity of life, laugh at your mistakes. Jupiter by nature is jovial. Enjoy the learning process you are currently undergoing. Yes there maybe some mistakes along the way but it doesn’t mean everything is falling apart. Sometimes things are confusing. Sometimes people are confusing! Keep going. It’ll all come right in the end.


Questions and Reflections for the Full Moon
What do you need to perfect?
What further training do you need?
Who or what is your best teacher?
How do you learn best?
Where have you gone overboard?
What foods are you craving?
What foods are you sensitive to?
What is your body telling you?
What makes you laugh?

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