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Pic83The New Moon in Pisces occurs at 19:51 (UT) on the 11th March at 21PIS24

Are you feeling sea-sick, highly emotional, wanting to escape to la-la land or feel the need to stock up on alcohol? Maybe you’re escaping into late night tv, reading fantasy books or researching angels. Perhaps your dreams have become exceptionally vivid or you’ve gone entirely the other way and you are sleeping like the dead.

Maybe the dead have paid a visit in ghostly form or your psychic senses seem on high alert. Perhaps you are suffering from odd colds, bugs and general malaise. It might be that you want to cry at the drop of a hat, that soppy stories tug at your heart strings and you feel deeply for the troubles of others. On another note, maybe you are sick of your own troubles, sick of tears and want it all to just go away so you can retreat into a corner and howl at the moon.

It’s Team Pisces this month as we have 7 planets (including Chiron) swimming alongside the fishes and it’s getting intense. There are some pretty full on aspects building in the skies and whilst it all can work very positively, there may be some necessary cleansing along the way.

The Aspect Picture

The New Moon is conjunct Venus which gives an even softer edge to this already squishy chart! As I look at the chart, I feel there is little to hold on to. It’s as though you can do little else other than let the soothing waves of the ocean carry you to where you need to go. You may find yourself pulled towards deep issues that relate to how you feel about yourself, your levels of self esteem and self-love.

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The Moon conjunct Venus is extremely sensitive to the moods of others. When they’re up, you’re up – when they’re down, you’re down. It can be hard to navigate such emotional tides and find an anchor. It may be important to ensure that your space is organised, calm and peaceful in order to gain some sense of stability.

With Pisces representing that which connects us all, it’s easy to see how our own despondency or beliefs about inadequacy can create ripples which affect others. With squares forming from Neptune, Mercury and Chiron to co-ruler of the lunation, Jupiter, there’s a strong caution against allowing yourself to get lost in feelings of self-pity, guilt, regret and other negative self-talk which can seriously undermine your level of self-worth. A simple trine to the North Node reminds you that there is a purpose in all of this and may help to guide you in the dark seas.

The Asteroid Picture
The New Moon is conjunct Demeter, a Mother Goddess who oversees the harvest. She is most known for the mythical tale of the loss of her daughter, New Moon in Pisces March 2013Persephone. When Persephone unwittingly ended up in the underworld, Demeter was distraught. Full of grief, she withheld the abundance of Earth, halting the seasons until everything began to die.

Eventually, a contract was negotiated with Hades which meant that Persephone would spend half the year in the underworld, and half with her Mother in the upper world. Mother and daughter were re-united each Spring and correspondingly, the Earth flourished during Spring and Summer in celebration of their reunion.

During the time when Demeter searched for her daughter, she was pursued by Poseidon (the Greek version of Neptune). In an attempt to elude him, Demeter changed herself into the form of a horse but Poseidon followed suit and raped her. She bore him two children as a result.

There seems to be two messages coming from the New Moon’s conjunction to Demeter. The first says ‘all is not lost’. Whilst it is normal and necessary to grieve for what has passed, it is important that life continues to move on. Loss must be recognised for what it is but life must continue.

The second message here is more subtle. Demeter in her form of a horse, could not hide her divinity. When working negatively, Pisces can lose its shape and defers its identity to others.

“What would you like to do?”
“Oh I don’t know – I’ll do whatever you want to do”…

This is emphasised with the Moon’s conjunction to Neptune who just would like everyone to be happy, pretty please!

When you try to hide who you are, the result is a draining away of your personal power. Likewise, if you are lost under a pile of ‘ego’, being whatever you think you should be for the sake of others or because you are afraid to be who you really are, this too can spring a leak in your sense of self-worth. Somehow it’s about dissolving boundaries yet maintaining your shape, the essence of who you really are.

If you remain open and ask, your dreams gifted to you by Neptune may reveal what you need to know.

The Sabian Picture
A Prophet Carrying Tablets Of The New Law Is Walking Down The Slopes Of Mount Sinai

This is a fascinating symbol which seems to nail a very important message from this lunation.

Ultimately, Pisces is the most spiritual of all the signs. It is in this sign that all boundaries fall away, where the ego is laid to rest and we greet each other soul to soul. It is the unconditional love that we all yearn for and the spiritual path that we take to rediscover our connection to ourselves, each other and ultimately the divine.

When Moses brought down the 10 commandments from God, these became the basic tenants of the Christian faith. They were God’s word made manifest (set in stone).

This symbol therefore asks you to reflect upon what spiritual wisdom have you received. What do you know to be true for yourself? How have you or can you put this into practice? If ever there was a ‘practice what you preach’ symbol, this is it!

It might be as simple as knowing you should start meditating but you never quite find the time. Or perhaps you’re quite convinced that your thoughts create your reality yet somehow it’s difficult to stop that negative voice deep down. This lunation is the ideal time to commit to daily practice of your own spiritual laws.

Make one small act of kindness under this New Moon to tune into the unconditional love that is available to everyone. Offer a hug, a smile, a few kind words or simply say a prayer for those in need. Open your heart.

Questions and Reflections for the New Moon
What have you lost that weighs heavy upon you?
Where do you hide your light and why?
Do you love who you are?
What spiritual wisdom have you received?
How is your sleep and sleeping patterns?
Are you keeping a dream diary?
Do you have an inner victim?
What do you feel guilty about? How can you release this?
How can you practice what you preach?
Recall every kindness shown to you. Make a list and review it when you feel unhappy.
Say a prayer.

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