Transits – Pluto Conjunct the Sun

Pluto conjunct the SunThe action of Pluto in transit can be summed up in one word – transformation. When this little power house is aspecting your chart, he will make his presence known in no uncertain terms. Essentially Pluto is concerned with empowerment. It is through his action that we let go of what is unnecessary, eliminating everything that holds us back from emanating our true inner power and growing into our true potential.

The difficulty is that often we resist the changes that Pluto insists upon and that is when it may seem like everything comes crashing down at our feet – because Pluto doesn’t like it when we say no to him. The more you struggle, the tighter he grips.

Sometimes, this transit can herald a time of significant loss. There may be a health crisis or loss of relationship, status or job. There may be a personal crisis or ‘dark night of the soul’ experience. Whatever is lost now however, is making room for new growth. Often these are situations that have been unhealthy for quite some time. If you are open to the changes that Pluto initiates, you can come out of this period much stronger and more fulfilled than you were before. Out of the ashes arises a new you.

This transit can be marked by a period of intense self-questioning and introspection. You know profound changes must be made. Fuelled by a sense of life purpose, you are likely to finding yourself able to ward off distractions and get serious about your path. Pluto brings with him the tenacity to grab hold of what you really want and hang on for grim death! Often there’s a feeling of unwavering resolve and a determination to get to the truth.

Whilst you may have a furious desire to succeed, Pluto will admonish any selfish tendencies that get out of hand. You lose far more than you gain if you try to control everyone else. You can only control you. Any compulsive tendencies must be addressed. Brutal self-honesty is required.

When Pluto conjuncts your Sun he is acting upon your very identity so this transit can feel personal – and it is! Pluto is really trying to help YOU. He wants you to shine more brightly, to be the person you really are. Because Pluto moves so slowly, not everyone will get this Sun conjunction in their lifetime so in fact, that makes you a little bit special in Pluto’s eyes 🙂

If you feel you are doing everything you can yet it seems like an all out war just to win one tiny step forward, you need to look within and make some changes. Often we are taught to hide our light, to be someone we are not or we are crippled by past issues. You may find yourself asking “Who am I?”.

If demons seem to be at your door, it’s because in order to see the light, you must encounter the shadows. Pluto is offering you a life changing experience but to truly take hold of that, it is necessary to overcome your darkest aspects and deepest fears. Old fears, phobias and psychological kinks can rear their heads at this time – as can carefully hidden secrets and your deepest desires. Facing your own inner demons is all part of this transit. It’s a cathartic and profoundly healing process. Cleansing, regeneration and renewal are your watchwords during the eighteen months or so that this transit is in effect. Out of chaos, creation is born.

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  1. As I was 13 going on 14 at the time (and Uranus was just crossing my Asc) I wonder if you would reconsider your ‘advice’ if you knew it was being read by young people. Just curious.

  2. Hi Luna – I don’t read for anyone under 18 however, if reading in retrospect then it could indicate issues to do with the Father figure (the Sun) such as power struggles, divorce, death. It could also indicate a time of profound sexual awakening (Pluto rules sex). It could generally be considered a time that had an intense impact upon ones identity that had far-reaching consequences. ‘Consequences’ isn’t necessarily good or bad – just very profound.

  3. Another great one, Leah! Sharing out tomorrow on Thoughtful Thursday. I would love to schedule a reading with you – I’ve been thinking about it for some time now and you were on my mind yesterday – SOON!! Thanks, dear! 🙂

  4. Thanks Kibby! And many thanks for the share too – you know I love your Thoughtful Thursday posts. I’d be delighted to read for you 🙂 Check out my readings page and if you have any questions beforehand, please feel free to email me at

  5. I am experiencing Pluto conjunct my sun now (I have sun trine natal Pluto and Uranus). Does this add to the transit? Thanks…. 😉

  6. Hi Angel – If you have the Sun trine Pluto in your natal chart then you are already familiar with and generally work well with the energy of Pluto. Pluto then transiting your Sun may not feel quite as ‘heavy’ as someone who doesn’t have an aspect between the two. Trines however are aspects that we don’t always notice simply because they are easy so the conjunction now from Pluto may help you to really use this natal energy.

  7. My brother died in a car crash when transiting Pluto was exactly conjunct his Sun. There are no other indicators in his chart or Solar Return that i can see, & he didn’t have an emphasized natal Pluto or 8th house.
    His charts to me have all the signs of a major relationship break-up – 3 days before he died he told my parents he was committed to moving out of the house he shared with his partner in the very near future [it was a toxic relationship at it’s bitter end]
    I’m mystified as to why he ended up dead – his death was also a mystery – no obvious cause of the accident & no one else involved….

    I do respect the power of Pluto for carnage though – when it transited my A.C a few years ago it set off a Pluto square and i lost everything – my lover was killed, i lost my business / career / millions in assets / and had my reputation trashed in the media after endless law suits. I came up against corruption in big business & the police, and i came very close to physically dying
    However i have a tight natal square from Pluto in 10th house to Ascendant, and my A.C is exactly conjunct Facies

  8. Hi Vanessa. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am so sorry to hear Pluto transits have been so very literal in your life. That must have been a very tough road for you to travel. Death, both literal and metaphorical can be very hard to understand and sometimes it can certainly seem horrendously unfair. I hope you have come to a more peaceful place in your life now.

  9. Thanks for thoughts Leah – I’m fine now. I firmly believe we’re here to learn as much as possible & there’s no point being too attached to the form in which the lessons come.
    My point in sharing my personal experience was to illustrate that Pluto can be very literal & trigger intense transformation….

  10. My Sun is Libra 15 degrees. Pluto has been squaring it for two month and one more to go. I am regretting much of everything in my life and the pain from all of these “mistakes” is consuming.

  11. Hi Valerie – I’m sorry to hear you are feeling a lot of regret. It’s a painful emotion. We all make mistakes, some big mistakes, some little mistakes but the past cannot be changed. We do what we do with the knowledge we have at the time. Sometimes they weren’t mistakes at all. Try not to judge yourself too harshly. Your power is in the now.

  12. What a wonderful article! Thank you Leah! I am currently experiencing this conjunction and your reflection of it could not be more accurate reflection of what I am going through. I believe I also am going through:
    Pluto Conjunction Sun 0°21′
    Pluto Opposite AS 1°49′
    Pluto Opposite Moon 1°58′
    Is there some additional information you could give me concerning Pluto’s opposition to my natal Moon and AS at the same time as it is conjunct with natal sun?

  13. I really enjoyed your article. I am facing some difficult Pluto transits currently. My Venus 12°, Moon 14° and Sun 16° are all conjunct in Capricorn 10th house squaring 7th house Uranus in Libra. My natal Pluto is seconds away from the descendant in Virgo from the 6th house. I have been able to find some good articles about these transits individually but was curious about how they may manifest together. Any insights you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

  14. A very helpful web site. Thank you very much. I now have transiting Pluto conjunct my natal Sun, 2nd house. My natal Pluto is conjunct my natal Jupiter, 10th house, and I have Leo on my midheaven with Scorpio on the cusp of my 12th house. Is the effect of transiting Pluto conjunct my natal Sun a double wammy in my 10th house?

  15. My natal Sun is at 17 Degrees Capricorn and transit Pluto is now at 16 Degrees Capricorn. I feel something is going on but I can’t identify exactly what it is. I’m only getting bits and pieces of feelings of – intensity? I’m also 81 and my time is my own – retired. I’m happy, feel good, healthy. I write screenplays – maybe I’ll sell one now. What do you think?

  16. Hi, Richard Lacey! My natal Sun is also at 17CP. I had an EXACT conjunction with Pluto yesterday. Also writing. I’m 53. Funny. .. good luck!

  17. My ascendant, Sun, Moon and Mercury all conjuncted in Capricorn about 23 degree. I guess I am in for quite a ride…

  18. Here it is december 2016 and even though my pluto conjunct sun transit won’t perfect until 2020, i feel it intensely already!! I am withdrawn from many friends, obsessing over all the government corruption, child sex trafficking, santanism, etc. i have little to no patience with those sheeple who resist the truth of the dark forces at work, thereby allowing perpetuation of same. Im going a little nuts. On a good note, my transformation is actively taking form through healing modalities i use, a new exciting one being Aka Dua, reputed to come from Atlantis, very powerful…..i am also studying non-duality! Pretty weird combos. Thanks for your article, Leah!

  19. I too have this exact conjunction of natal Sun and transit Pluto. I ALSO have Saturn conjuncting my Mars/Mercury at 8 degrees and on April 4th this “bouquet” will also square transit Mercury in Aries (I’m a Capricorn so if I survive this transit, the Saturn is also coming to join my Sun next). These are SCARY aspects. I now have 2 weeks to live in fear. In addition all my aspects seem to go exact at this time : Jupiter opposes my Jupiter, Neptune squares my Neptune. I am in inner harmony right now but all these aspects are exact. I have met an elderly client that currently is bringing me great business. I don’t want to predict death and doom. I’m just saying that I wish I didn’t know of of all of this war happening in my chart since its not helpful at all and just makes you scratch your head ANYWAYS .

  20. My husband will be having this transit soon, and I have to admit I’m a little nervous. I’ve just finished with Saturn through my 12th and conjunct my ascendant and I experienced tremendous loss. I’m trying to maintain a positive attitude though.

  21. I was born in 8th February 1962, since my childhood and till now my life is a saga of painful experiences and failure. I wonder if this is due to all inner planets except the moon were in my sign during my birth. Is there any hope that this bad fortune will be replaced by good luck, I am 56 years old now, and still optimistic. In fact I believe that we are here in this planet to be tested, but it is a continuous testing in my case.
    Thank you for your kind enlightning.

  22. When i had pluto conjunct sun 11 years ago i was 13 years old and my dad committed suicide. Since than my personality turned 180 degree

  23. I have Pluto conjunct my Sun and Uranus conjunct my moon right now, square my natal Uranus in Leo and my Venus/ascendant in Aquarius. . Lost my dad, my uncle and other family members, my mum bedridden in a short 15 months. A friend I made out of dad’s funeral has exploded in anger at me, the ceiling of the flat started to leak which took 6 months to fix and now the projects we had are all on hold and I can’t travel. The grief is unbearable.

  24. I will never have this transit, but when my daughter is 40 and my husband 74, and Pluto is in Pisces they will. In fact, Pluto will hit their Pisces stelliums hard. I can’t begin to imagine what they might go through. She has Pisces Sun, Mercury (retrograde), Mars, Chiron (conjunct Sun), Venus and Neptune. He has Pisces Sun, Moon, Mars, Ceres, Vesta, Juno, South Node and Mercury.

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