Full Moon in Libra – March 2013 – Collide-O-Scope

Pic86The Full Moon occurs at 09:27 (UT) on the 27th March at 6LIB52.

Can you feel it? The cosmos feels charged. I feel like the hairs on my arms are trying to reach out to something indefinable yet tangible. It’s like the hour before a thunderstorm or earthquake when I feel oddly excited, slightly anxious and like every fibre of my being is on red-alert. I’m noticing my psychic senses seem super-tuned, my dreams extra-vivid. There’s a shift happening – whether we like it or not.

There’s a new Pope with a renegade edge to his chart, Cyprus is the focus of attention of the crippled banks in Europe and in the UK, a heavy-handed government is cracking down on every scapegoat possible with fists of steel. Feelings about the biggest changes to the benefits system in 50 years range from despair to rage and there is a very real fear that this will have dreadful repercussions.

Something. Must. Change.

This Moon is about balance and right now the scales are sorely tipped. Don’t get me wrong, I see people doing incredible things both individually and in groups. Charities and organisations desperately trying to put right huge mistakes made by others. People going out of their way to help others – sometimes having to smash through bureaucracy and put themselves on the line to do so.

When people are oppressed, inevitably they will rise up but these clashes can cause a great deal of pain. In my heart I hope for peaceful resolutions.

Libra is about peace, balance, listening to the other person. Libra is fairness for all, justice and truth. This Moon is pushing for balance yet it is intricately woven within a kaleidoscope of aspects that seem to push and pull in different directions every time I look at it.

In truth, my first thought was ‘duck and cover’ when I first looked at the chart, and that was before I saw the Sabian symbol! But astrology teaches us to work with what we have, to use the energies available to make the best of them. Sticking my head in the sand and wishing it all away is not going to make a difference.

And perhaps that’s the point, the Libra Moon reminds us that we can make a difference by working together. It’s a cardinal sign full of vigour. It tells us to check back in with ourselves to create a balanced approach in our own lives in order to bring balance to the wider community.

Full Moon in Libra - March 2013

The Aspect Picture
So – here we go. The aspect patterns in the chart are quite extraordinary. The Full Moon herself is opposite Venus, Uranus and Mars who are nestling close to the Sun. This gathering of planets in Aries brings a war-like energy to the chart. A battle for peace ensues. Venus, ruler of the Full Moon is already upset by being in the sign of her detriment so isn’t looking her best and she’s combust the Sun.

Venus is trying to do her job to make everyone feel good about themselves but she’s being outshone. With the antagonised male energy planets nearby, this may bring up issues of equality between men and women.

The Aries stellium says ‘every man for himself’ but we can try to make it work for us by using the energy of Mars and Uranus to push for change. This can be a courageous aspect pattern, fuelled by love if we let it.The Moon also makes a square to Pluto which in turn is bound up in yod with Jupiter and Saturn. The Moon square Pluto needs to take action. Feelings can become obsessions. Everything felt is intensified. On a mundane level this is a crisis for the people who are hungry for change.

On a personal level, it’s about dealing with the demands of the wider world, emotional extremes and powerful needs. If you can relinquish what you don’t need, you can use this energy as a conduit for transformation. Mars however makes a square to Pluto just before the Full Moon is exact and this just adds fuel to the fire. The air is heated.

As I mentioned above, Pluto is involved in a yod pattern. This chart contains not one but two yods – fingers of God pointing in different directions and somehow we must take note of both.

Firstly Pluto sits at the base of one yod along with Saturn in mutual reception. At the apex we have Jupiter. Yods are about adjustment, fate and sometimes sickness. Jupiter is connected to morality, higher learning, the Church, growth and optimism. Jupiter in Gemini is expanding the mind. On the one hand, Jupiter is well placed for the gathering of information. In the age of the internet we are primed for connection which can help us to act as a group and change the moral climate. In another way however, this yod can point to a dangerous preoccupation with wealth with the media intent on distracting us from the real issues. Jupiter also perfects to a square with Chiron on the same day as this lunation so we have further concerns regarding how healthy is our world view? Those who are wounded, hurt or damaged are pushing us to ask bigger questions with wider implications.

On a personal level, this Moon asks you to question what you believe. What is being pointed out to you? What information have you recently discovered that has changed the way you view things? What fundamental structures (Saturn) must you retain and what must change? Jupiter square Chiron asks – what hurt you so much that you stopped believing?

The Tower - HallowquestSaturn himself is at the apex of the other yod with Uranus-Mars and Jupiter at it’s base. This yod feels distinctly unstable compared to the other with this Mars-Uranus connection. It could manifest as new discoveries or ways of thinking that push the establishment (Saturn) to shift it’s position. Every time I look at Saturn though, I see the Tower in the Tarot – something is crumbling, foundations are moving. Like the beautiful Tower from the Hallowquest Tarot, perhaps something must fall in order for the spirit to be energised. I note also that Jupiter is still in orb of a square to Neptune. It’s important to stay grounded in reality even when the ground is shaking.

Oddly as I write, I’ve just heard the news that a large library and museum in London is on fire. Libraries are ruled by Jupiter, Museums could be said to fall under both Jupiter (culture) and Saturn (preservation).

On a personal level, there’s the potential of flashes of inspiration that can bring reformation. Your strength lies in your individuality – there’s no one like you in the world! You’re the only one who can…The test is to finish that sentence πŸ™‚

The Asteroid Picture
Asteroid Hygeia is caught up with the Sun so lies opposite the Full Moon. Her name is at the root of the word ‘hygiene’. The health of the people (the Moon) lays firmly in the hands of those with power (the Sun), or so it seems. We may be given a sanitised version of the truth yet there is dirt underneath their fingernails. The task for each of us is to cleanse our own environment, mentally, emotionally and physically in order to clear the way.

The Sabian Picture

A Woman Feeding Chickens And Protecting Them From The Hawks

The Sabian symbol says that whatever happens, we need to care for those around us. The children still need to be fed, the sick cared for, the food prepared. When all hell is breaking loose around us, we can find our way through by simply doing what needs to be done and caring for those who cannot care for themselves. With the Moon square to Pluto and Pluto square Mars, this is fierce protection, like that of she-bear defending her cubs to the death.

On a more subtle level, this Sabian urges you to protect the things you want to do with your life – your personal projects are your chicks. All of us have a reason for being here and it is vital to stick with your responsibilities when the going gets tough. Nourish your life rather than feeding your fears.

There is another sneakier side to this Sabian however. It could represent those who insist they have ‘our best interests at heart’ yet the over-protective edge keeps those ‘under their wing’ in their place. This image gives us food for thought and tips us back to the scales of Libra. Pluto is a little suspicious that perhaps not everything is as it seems.

There’s no doubt that there are some volatile aspects in this lunation but as always it’s about how we use the energy available. We can either blindly accept what we are told or investigate further. We can choose the truth or live a lie. The Moon’s trine to Jupiter asks that we have a little more faith in each other. We can make the best of what we have or kick it down and start again. We can be at war with each other or we can work towards peace. These are the choices that must be weighed against the lightness of our souls. These are the decisions that will govern the future of our children. Seek out truth in the roar of the battle for this will be your sanctuary.

Images courtesy of
Nebula M1-67 around Star WR124 –Β Hubble.net
The Tower – From The Arthurian Tarot by Caitlin and John Matthews

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  1. I love to read your page and always receive it with big joy I am a libran hope everything is OK with this new moon!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Leah! Thank you for sharing the fruit of your wonderful spirit with us!

    Am looking for more info on Saturn oppositions – and compounded oppositions, meaning Saturn opposing two planets in conjunction (Sun and Mercury for me). Can’t find any info. Is there any?

  3. Hi Laura – Thanks for your comment. If two planets are conjunct in the natal chart, their energies are combined. They function together automatically and sometimes those of us who have conjunctions don’t notice this. With the Sun and Mercury conjunct, this tends to suggest that you identify (the Sun) with what you think (Mercury).

    With Saturn opposing both, he is challenging you (often through other people or situations outside of yourself with an opposition) to consider whether what you think is who you really are. He might be breaking down your self image, making you re-consider what you learned so far and how that has served you. Saturn opposing both the Sun and Mercury can help you to become more objective in your thinking. Check which houses in the chart the Sun and Mercury rule because the end result of this transit may manifest in those areas of life.

    I personally have Saturn and Mercury in a wide conjunction and also had Saturn opposing about 18 months ago – first Mercury and then the Sun. For me, I had to fight not to let my thoughts become depressed/despondent which then affected how I ‘shine’ in the world. It was about changing my thinking to really allow myself to be who I am.

    I hope that helps.

  4. Thank you Leah! I bookmarked your website and I am sure one day it will all make sense to me. Right now I am soo sick of it all. I am a Taurus with Pisces ascendant and I have a sign, Aries, trapped in my 1st in house. So I look like a Pisces, act like an Aries but am a Taurus. Whatever that means. Anyway Aries is trapped in my 1st house and trapped within Aries, in a passionate embrace, are Mother Nature and Father Time, Venus conjunct Saturn. What does that make me? Timeless beauty? Ageless Beauty? A vampire? I settled for Ageless Beauty (huh) and Saturn has opposed that conjunction since 2011 going over the conjunction point three times: direct, retrograde and direct again. So now that part is suitably ironed, it’s moved on to my second house of Taurus where I have Sun, Moon and Mercury in conjunction. Sun and Mercury are closer and now retro Saturn is going over them a second time. Last time it did that, I was failing exams at school. In the fall it will go over the Moon quickly, direct motion only, and for most of next year it will be fighting my Mars also in my second house. So it won’t be until October 2014 that I shall be free of all those Saturn oppositions. I won’t be the same again, if I survive. Thank you for reading.

  5. You’re welcome. I LOVE your analogy of Saturn ‘ironing out’ as he passes by – brilliant! And as I also have Venus conjunct Saturn in my natal chart you bet I’m going to agree with ‘ageless beauty’!
    You will survive! That second house triple conjunction you have in your second house suggests you are very resourceful and have a gift for surviving. It’s like having a magicians hat that you can always pull a trick out of to make it through. Saturn transits can be hard but they teach you a lot during the time they are active – even if we have a good grumble at Saturn as he goes πŸ˜€

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