Transiting Moon in Libra

Moon in LibraWith the Moon in Libra, the focus is on relationships and relating. This gentleĀ combinationĀ is signified by kindness and creating a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere in the home.

It is ideal to spend some quality time with the one you love. Show them that you appreciate them by making their favourite meal or by creating a soft romantic atmosphere. If you are unattached, you can still participate in the Libra energy by inviting a good friend or business partner out to dinner.

Sometimes this is a lazy Moon and there can be a tendency to go along with things for the sake of argument. Whilst the spirit of cooperation may be well intentioned, make sure you aren’t storing up resentment on the inside. On the flip side of the coin, you may need to air your differences in order to regain some balance in life. The Libra energy helps to create a path of peace between you.

If you have to make a good impression, this Moon will help things along with charm and grace. People are inclined to be more diplomatic so it is much easier to work together. There may be a strong need to socialise and make an impression.

The Libra Moon also brings creative energy. Experiment with your wardrobe, wear different colours and be aware of how others react to you. Wander around an art gallery and absorb the textures and colours you see. Purchase something beautiful for your home.

It is also the perfect time to practice gratitude. Look around you and say thank you for what you have. The universe hears. Gratitude opens the way to love.

Practical Things to Do Under a Libra Moon
Dress up, attend a dinner party, go to the theatre, create something beautiful for your home, mediate, buy new clothes, come to an agreement, chill out, pamper your lover, pamper yourself!