Transiting Moon in Scorpio

Moon in ScorpioEmotional depths is the mark of the Moon in Scorpio and the emphasis is on the power of truth and lies. It is only when we are deeply honest with ourselves that we can profoundly connect to another. It’s true that the truth can hurt. Whilst we often dance the line of truth in order to protect another, Scorpio will transcend the convention, knowing that truth is necessary for change to happen.The Scorpio moon encourages us to get past the small talk and engage on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Scorpio wants to get to the bottom of things and is prepared to dig through the dirt in order to reach the jewels beneath. This is a fixed sign and it is therefore determined and relentless in its pursuits. Watch for jealously and obsessions – they teach us to see where our power has been lost (or where we have given it over to another). Maybe you are drawn to intense encounters in your relationships. If you sense a storm, let it come. The power needs to be released before it poisons the atmosphere.

It’s a perfect time to explore the darker aspects of yourself. What do you fear and why? What are your secrets? It may be time to unburden yourself. If you are suffering, allow time to get to the route cause and decide what needs to change. Explore what habits are holding you back. Dreams may be darker or you may experience nightmares. Write down your dreams; they are there to guide you.

Contemplate the mysteries of life, the strange and unusual. If you are studying an occult system such as tarot, astrology or runes, this Moon can help you unearth treasures you only sensed before. Writers may find this the perfect time to delve into the psychology of a character’s mind and finally understand their motivations. Allow yourself to be consumed with purpose. Be like the eagle whose razor sharp focus can spot it’s prey from high, high above. It does not falter, it does not question itself – it simply reacts on instinct and drops to claim it’s prize. Right now, you need to trust your instincts.

The Scorpio Moon each month essentially reminds us that we are in a cyclic and continuous process of change. We must shed what is unnecessary in order for us to move forward. The small and big crisis we experience in our day to day lives puts us in touch with our strength and make known to us our weaknesses. Release something today that you no longer need and make room for new growth.

Practical Things To Do Under a Scorpio Moon
Do your taxes, sort out joint finances, make a will, have a clear-out (check the dust bunnies under the bed!), see a psychotherapist, perform a shamanic journey, visit a medium, draw a spider’s web, have sex, go diving, go on a ghost hunt, weed the garden.

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