Transiting Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in SagittariusWith the Moon in Sagittarius, there is an emotional need for freedom and space. Sagittarius is a naturally optimistic sign so after the intensity of the previous Scorpio Moon, this Moon brings some light relief. You may find yourself joking more, laughing at life’s absurdities. Laughter is healing medicine.

The Sagittarius Moon brings wanderlust and a yearning for adventures in far-flung places. It stimulates creativity and encourages us to get a feel of the big picture. You may feel the urge to go out and meet new people, talk about the important things in life and explore places you have never been both literally and metaphorically.

The Sagittarius Moon is restless. You may feel hemmed in at home. Alternatively you may travel from your armchair by becoming enthralled in a new book – or by writing one. Book a holiday or thumb through holiday brochures to stimulate your sense of adventure. Watch a natural history documentary or programmes about philosophy or religion to broaden you mind and challenge your beliefs.

The downside of this Moon is that details can be forgotten and appointments missed. Check your diary as your mind is liable to be elsewhere. The mood is to shy away from plans in favour of spontaneity

You may feel emotionally pulled towards a vision of the future. What we think and feel creates the future so now is the time to consider what you are really aiming towards.

Practical Things To Do Under A Sagittarius Moon
Book a holiday, take a road trip, be spontaneous, learn a new language, take an archery lesson, go horse-riding, go to a sporting event, create a vision board, go to a comedy club, be enthusiastic, socialize with different people, start that novel you’ve been wanting to write, attend a religious service, see a life coach.