Transiting Moon in Capricorn

Moon in CapricornWhen the Moon is in Capricorn, it is the perfect time to focus on your career and aspirations. What do you want to be known and/or respected for? Who do you respect and why? Capricorn rules the 10th house of the natural chart – the house at the top. Therefore like a goat climbing a mountain, here is where you strive to achieve. The Capricorn Moon gives you a cardinal energy boost to push yourself onward and upward. Like a goat checking its footing however, it is wise to have a cautious and pragmatic approach.

During this time, emotions may be more reserved, even cooled. The focus is shifted onto getting things done and the practicalities of life. Making serious plans together creates a more workable structure for your relationships. It can be a beneficial time to explore duties and obligations to ensure everyone is doing their fair share.

Your concentration is good and self-discipline is also likely to be high. You may find yourself more inclined to focus on large projects that require time and dedication. Emotional satisfaction comes from a job well done.

Practical Things To Do Under a Capricorn Moon
Finish a project, create a goal, ask for a raise, find ways to move up the ladder, complete structural work, lay the foundations for a better future, write a business plan, find a mentor.