Transiting Moon in Aquarius

Moon in AquariusToday, the Moon is in Aquarius ruled by quirky Uranus and solid Saturn. Saturn is the old ruler of Aquarius and connects to the fixed nature of this sign. It is both a strength and a weakness that Aquarius can adhere to its own point of view. It is unbending to the pressure of convention yet also can become so rigid in its ideas it perversely sticks to them just to be different. Uranus distinguishes the future-oriented aspect of Aquarius, the belief that the world can be a better place for everyone if changes are made. Uranus wants us to wake up and see how we all have a part to play in society.

It’s a good time to look at where how you fit in to the wider world. What is your place in society? Do you follow a conventional or alternative path? What do you believe will happen in the future – how can you create it or change it? Look at what is happening in your local community, watch the news, call your friends and arrange a get-together.

This Moon brings a friendly vibe with less emphasis on emotional attachment and more on bonding through common beliefs and discussion. Enjoy a meeting of minds. It’s a good time to explore how to move forward with plans and create a new mission statement. High on the agenda is fairness for all and a humanitarian outlook. Tolerance of those who don’t make this a priority may be sorely lacking. It’s the perfect time to present innovative ideas though guard against shocking for the sake of it.

This is the ideal time to be highly focused on the task at hand as emotions can be put to one side in favour of doing what needs to be done. In the natural chart, Aquarius is the 11th house opposite the 5th house ruled by the Sun. With the Moon in Aquarius we are encouraged to put our egos aside and attend to matters that affect us all rather than our personal concerns.

You may feel like being a little rebellious now and refuse to punch the clock for anyone. Sometimes this energy can evoke a sense of being scattered or ‘wired’. If you have been feeling in a rut, routine tasks may seem like torment and you may crave something new and different to spark your imagination. Flashes of insight may occur, new understandings of old problems. You may suddenly decide to break an old habit – or create a new one. Moon in Aquarius is a time of ideas and blesses taking a logical look at life. Dare to let your individuality shine.

As we grow as unique persons, we learn to respect the uniqueness of others. Robert H. Schuller

Practical Things To Do Under an Aquarian Moon
Get together with friends, plan your goals, brainstorm a project, have a coaching session, join a cause or choose a charity to support, investigate a new gadget, read New Scientist, find out what’s happening in your local community, join in, set up a web site or blog, attend an encounter group, create a vision board, make new friends, network network network!

10 thoughts on “Transiting Moon in Aquarius”

  1. Kathleen Stansfield

    Spot on.

    Let us hope the message is acted upon. We need some fellowship right now

  2. Hi Leah – My natal Aquarius Moon (plus Chiron) agrees with all this and more; I’m that annoying person who continues to try to encourage people to make the effort by becoming informed and involved, to speak out, to act with compassion and humility, to care. Ironically, I’m leaving this comment just past my Lunar Return, which looks interesting. You get my Aquarius Moon, that’s for sure!

  3. Hi LB – I certainly do get that Aquarius Moon 😀 We’re in it together! My lunar return is in a few hours. This one will be Sag Rising, Moon in the 3rd trine Jupiter in the 7th – writing, writing and a bit more writing for me then 🙂

  4. Adding, my Moon squares my Neptune-Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio, so unlike some Moon in Aquarius folks, I’m not always able to distance myself emotionally – I’m very empathic, so it’s quite the opposite sometimes. I do try to step back though, to look at things from a more objective perspective whenever I’m uncertain.

  5. I left my last comment before seeing your response – no wonder you get Moon in Aquarius! Happy Lunar Return, Leah.:) Moon in the 3rd trine Jupiter sounds great for what you do. Good for us too.

    Mine has Leo Rising, Moon in the 7th (exactly conjunct Juno), loosely trine Jupiter, but forming a close quintile aspect with the MC-Mars-Venus-Sun conjunction in Aries – which, happens to be conjunct my natal South Node and the upcoming New Moon. Good for advocating and speaking out, I’m thinking. And maybe for connecting with kindred spirits.

  6. Yes, happy lunar return to you too! Thank you.
    Oooh I’m liking that quintile aspect in your chart – a chance to do something special born of your innate talents. Advocacy and kindred connections are a great way to use it.

  7. Wow I’m Aquarius ? sun. Picran moon ever astrology I have water element in Chinese and a rat . Indian astrology says I’m a sea otter. Western signs connected to water. I wanna wright ever wrong. Injustice of all gets my goat. All that water. My life have been full of things I cant handle. I cry at cruelty I have no control . So I don’t have emotions under control. I blame all the water. My eliminate , water tells only one thing . If I don’t have wooden friends . I go crazy. Lol. Ever other element is more about needing to be near the things that help them most. Most are given three to four things to create to help their wealth, home, etc etc but I just get, lol I must have wooden friends lol. I have thought wooden people are not true. Lol but its true . I am a mess with out them .x very good article on the Aquarius moon x

  8. My friend has moon in aquarius and he is acting very emotionally and detached today. Usually he is very friendly talks to everyone and their dog. Today it is like he is somewhere else.

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