Transiting Moon in Pisces

Moon in PiscesToday the Moon is a gentle Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. Ruled by ethereal Neptune, this sign blurs the boundaries between us and reminds us that we are all connected. We are all born of the stars.

When the Moon is in Pisces you may feel more compassionate and forgiving. Those who are naturally sensitive to emotional tides may feel a little overwhelmed or easily moved by the plight of others. Whilst peace can be found in helping another, it is important to maintain your boundaries so that others do not take advantage of your good will. It is easy to see the good in people and gloss over the faults which can be both a curse and a blessing.

Acts of goodwill and acts of faith are signalled  There is a strong sense that what you offer to the world ripples out, creating a wave of unconditional love.

If you rarely spend time alone, Moon in Pisces gives you the opportunity to take time out in favour of solitary pursuits. In order to fully connect with others, you need to connect to yourself first. Take time to daydream, to wander somewhere quiet, to visit the beach and listen to the hush and shy of the waves. In these moments of peace you can come back to yourself, remember yourself and connect with your soul. Moon in Pisces makes the invisible visible and the divine tangible.

The Pisces Moon can incline towards escapism with TV, drugs and alcohol being favoured methods of avoidance  If you find yourself ‘checking out’, it may be time to explore why. Pisces energy can bring a feeling of being ‘all at sea’ emotionally and tearful. It is easy to lose yourself in another. Sentimental feelings run high and nostalgia is in the air. Remember who you were and who you are. Pisces blurs the lines of reality.

The energy of a Pisces Moon is helpful if you are developing clairvoyance or healing abilities as you may find yourself being more receptive to subtle energies. Time spent pondering the mysteries of life or connecting with your spirit guides may bring great comfort. The divine is found within. Painting or journalling your insights now may help express what cannot be expressed in words.

Practical Things To Do Under a Pisces Moon
Volunteer your time to a charity, write a poem, watch your favourite movie, take a long bath, investigate new age music, take a trip down memory lane, go through your photographs, make a small act of kindness, join a choir, meditate, start a dream diary, visit an art gallery, help out in a hospital, write a letter of forgiveness, read a spiritual book, pray.


2 thoughts on “Transiting Moon in Pisces”

  1. Kathleen Stansfield

    This is very cogent .
    It is also an incoming message from the sender that there is a New Age ,one of underseanding,love and tolerance ,yet with the underlying message of reason and balance

    Let us hope that it prevails as world agressions mount in some areas

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