Transiting Moon in Aries

Moon in AriesThe Moon is in feisty Aries bringing with it a rush of energy that propels you forwards. Emotions may run high with this Moon and sometimes tempers fray. Patience may not be forthcoming right now but any signs of hot-headedness disappears as quickly as it appears. Aries is not one to hold a grudge. You may feel driven to act on your feelings which can go both ways. Anger sometimes clears the way for healing.

The Moon in Aries gives you the courage to pursue your goals and a sense that no challenge is too big. It gives you the drive to push through obstacles, the speed to run round them, the strength to leap over them if necessary. It’s the perfect time to start a new project, riding high on the initial wave of enthusiasm. Alternatively it’s great for attacking something that you’ve been procrastinating over or feeling daunted by.

There is something of a spring in your step under this Moon. You may feel like running, working out or dancing. Physical movement helps to work off excess energy and gives you a feel-good release of endorphins. The competitive edge to this Moon means you might enjoy shouting for your team whether it be in a sporting event or in the boardroom. This is a Moon for leaders but make sure that you remain aware of the rest of the group. Be self-assured not selfish.

Rash decisions can be made under this Moon because it feels like everything has to move quickly. Resist the temptation to take action if you feel under pressure.

This is the Moon of beginnings. It adds sparkle and colour to life. It may feel like the world is speeding up, racing towards the finishing line. Take positive action and enjoy the ride.
Practical Things to Do Under an Aries Moon
Exercise, participate in a sporting event, support your team, start something new, take a leadership course, practice assertiveness, rely on yourself, explore your ambitions, throw a spontaneous party, defend yourself, act on your initiative.