Natal Aspects – Moon square Sun

Moon square Sun - Natal AspectsIf you were born with the lights in this tense aspect, what you want and what you need often seem to be at odds with one another. The Sun is your identity, your purpose, your conscious mind. The Moon is your emotions, habits, instincts and unconscious mind. When the Moon squares the Sun, your heart pulls you one way, your head pulls you another and the result can cause deep psychic stress.

For some, the Sun-Moon disharmony manifests in childhood as conflict with parental figures. There can be an all-pervading feeling of being unaccepted for who you are. You may have felt liked but never felt loved. You may have felt loved but never felt liked. It can feel as though some part of you doesn’t measure up to what others expect you to be. In some circumstances, you may feel like the black sheep of the family, wanting different things than was anticipated for you. Sometimes the square represents a struggle between the parental figures themselves – some all pervading conflict that the child with this natal aspect perceives yet cannot understand. These conflicts are then internalised, pitting the self against the self.

You may find yourself reacting on an emotional level yet this is at odds with how you wish to be seen. You may feel that your emotions get in the way of how you want to truly express yourself. There may be a lot of second-guessing, self doubt and extreme frustration at internal dead-locks. You may feel as though there is some internal block that holds you back in life and generally insecure about who you are. These internal blocks can manifest as obstacles in the outside world which you pit yourself again. Life can feel like a constant struggle.

Relationships are likely to be a learning curve both with partners and close friends. Whilst you have strong emotional needs, there is another equally strong part of you that wants to hold on to your autonomy. Emotional dramas including those from childhood, may play out internally which then can manifest in your relationships. Difficulties between your parents may become difficulties in your own
relationships without a conscious effort to change those learned histories. Whilst you may yearn for recognition, you don’t want to be smothered. Whilst you want to be in a loving and nurturing relationship, you don’t want it to take you away from fulfilling your own life-goals. It’s a delicate dance sometimes peppered with confrontational or bitter emotional outbursts until you have learned to be comfortable with who you are and express both sides of your nature. It may be necessary to recognise and then release your fear of disapproval (especially the fear of your family’s disapproval) in order to move towards self-acceptance.

Whilst there is often a good deal of trial with this aspect, the square also shows enormous potential. Individuals with this aspect are often extremely driven to achieve their goals. Initially this may stem from trying to prove oneself to others. Essentially however, there is a need to prove it to yourself. With each success, you gain in self belief. The trick is to become conscious of your emotional reactions and to grow in self awareness. By becoming aware of your life’s purpose whilst allowing emotional self expression you can become a force to be reckoned with. If you can learn to nurture yourself and channel this powerful aspect’s energy into what you truly want out of life, your relationships also blossom with potential. Having faced many emotional trials, as a partner or a friend, you can be strongly supportive, fiercely loyal and willing to work through any difficulties. Self-love helps you to unlock the promise of this square.

Celebrity Examples
Germaine Greer – Famous feminist. Perhaps the ultimate expression of this square in that she became a women’s activist. Her first book ‘The Female Eunuch’ was a revolutionary key text in the feminist movement . She argued that men (the Sun) hate women (the Moon) and as a consequence women have learned to hate themselves. Interestingly, her latest book is entitled The Whole Women.

Adam Ant – The wild and wacky Prince Charming of the 80’s has had a turbulent life. His parents split when he was 7. Later he developed anorexia (which was then considered a disorder more often affecting women) and also suffers from bipolar disorder. Yet through all of this he has a continued to have a very successful career in music.

Bill Clinton – The famous naughty president perhaps expressed his natal square through his dubious affairs. His real father died before he was born and his step-father was an alcoholic who beat Bill’s Mother.

Eleanor Roosevelt – This famous first lady had an unhappy childhood after the death of both her parents and suffered from depression as a consequence. Nevertheless, she became a powerful political force of her own . Privately her personal life was complicated with alleged affairs on both sides.

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  1. there is two typer of sun square moon,one is the first quarter moon when the moon is waxing and the second is last quarter moon when the moon is waning,they both manifest diffrently,you should read the moon phase I would help

  2. Thank u so much for this information. It helps me a lot to understand my T square. Sun aries 4 squaring neptune saggy 1 and moon/NN cancer 7. I don’t remember where I read that I have to act like a sun in Libra to balance this tsquare. Is that right? First time here, love this site. Gracias :*

  3. i recently discovered your website and just wanted to say thanks for this post. i relate to nearly everything, if not everything mentioned here. i’ve been wrestling with my sun square moon my whole life (aries/capricorn) (along with pluto and the nodes that contact this aspect) and it seems now that pluto and uranus have done their number on both, i am finally starting to shed some of the stuff/conditioning from the past. it feels amazing even if i know i’m not quite “there” yet. there is more of a sense of freedom and trust of the self and the inner voice.

  4. Thank you! This information and feed back can save lives when the sun is square moon. I have had it all. Parents that although abused each other( and raped me 11 years) exploited my work ethic and intellectual ability to create to make a living. Now after a lifetime of struggling with sun square moon.( sun Aries 24 and Cancer moon 16) I have information to understand .

  5. Hi Velma – I’m so sorry that you suffered from such terrible abuse. Having experienced a challenging childhood myself, I can appreciate how having an understanding of the astrology really helps. Blessings to you.

  6. Wow it’s crazy seeing that all the comments are sun in aries people. I myself have sun in aries square moon, (and ascendant/neptune) in capricorn. I find it manifests in like my aries ego wanting to kind of jump in and change situations or like be a bit silly to try and make situations more fun, but then that hard sturdy capricorn moon kind of picks at the idea and is more nervous in case it’s “the wrong decision” (which it usually is, but I act anyway just to stop being stuck haha) I meditate and try and do as much holistic shit like that to try and balance it, which helps a lot.

    Anyway great article was exiting seeing comments with such similar aspects as mine

  7. I have a gemini sun in the 11th house conjunct mercury square virgo moon in the 3rd house conjunct north node and mars. i can see how this relates to my parents.

  8. Um I don’t really know except somtimes I have this inner vioce and that inner vioce takes control and know what it need to do!!

  9. Actually mindblown at how many people in the comments also have Aries Sun square Capricorn Moon. Like omg, wow, how, why?? :0

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