This Week in Astrology – Week Beginning 15th April 2013

Hubble Picture 66It’s a party in Taurus this week as Venus, the Sun and Mars all land in the field of plenty. Oh, and talking of parties, well – this would be the time to mention that it’s my birthday this week too πŸ™‚

Not that I’m having a party. I’ve never been a party person. I just like to be with the people I love and that’s enough. But I don’t like this getting older thing, I really don’t. I don’t like my hair going grey or my arthritic limp. I don’t like that I haven’t done all the things that grown ups are supposed to have done. I’m going to be 45 and I’m still waiting to live but that’s natal Venus conjunct the Midheaven conjunct Saturn for you πŸ˜€ I’ve never been married, been to a wedding, had children, received or sent a Valentine’s card. Never woken up to a lover on my birthday or Christmas or kissed the one I love at midnight on New Year’s eve. These are the things I am waiting for and I will wait until the cows come home because these are the things that are worth waiting for.

Because Taurus knows that patience pays off: that spring follows endless winter.

It’s interesting that St. George’s day falls in the time of Taurus. Not that I’m particularly keen on Mr, George who killed my Pagan dragon but the symbolism is interesting. Dragon’s are often pictured sitting on a huge pile of treasure. One of the negative traits of Taurus is possessiveness. They like to hold on to what they have – things, people, places; all the things that give them a sense of constancy. Taurus fears change. It is the antithesis of opposite sign Scorpio, ruler of Death with a capital D – the ultimate ‘change’. Taurus lives to create, to fertilise, to secure, to hold. Scorpio kills it off and lets it go (or sometimes just digs a big hole, shoves it in and hopes no one will find it).

To flourish, we need to live with integrity – to live in a way that manifests what we truly value. When we hold onto what’s important at a soul level, we don’t need to hold on to anything else. We become secure in who we are.

These are the gifts of the dragon. When you look past her flaring smoky nostrils and red eyes, you might notice that she’s actually quite gentle and wise. In fact, before St. George came along, once a year, the people would honour her with gifts and it was these that she kept beneath her. The people honoured life in death and death in life.

Because the greatest gift (as Venus ruler of Taurus would tell you) is love. When you tend to love and keep it warm, it sustains you – even as it changes year by year. It is love that survives death, love that survives beyond death. Love is the ultimate creative act. “Love crosses all dimensions” as a spirit once said to me…

And so I live with love because that is all I can do. Love is my constant. Love is my gift. Love is what I have to give.

Happy Birthday Taurus

15th April Venus enters Taurus
19th April The Sun enters Taurus
20th April Mars enters Taurus

14 thoughts on “This Week in Astrology – Week Beginning 15th April 2013”

  1. Happy Birthday, beautiful Leah! I just had mine on the 12th and turned 43. YOU are an amazing, stunning, special lady and that special someone is out there waiting for YOU. You will have it all and experience it in the right time. I would so share some of my red velvet chocolate cake I made for my birthday with you right now if we were closer. I will share the recipe on the blog so that you can make if you want. I will think of you and send you much love and miracles in your direction for life. XO

  2. Happy Birthday lovely Leah! May all your beautiful wishes come true in ways that surpass your wildest imagination!

    Regarding the party in Taurus, enjoy it if you can. I wasn’t invited. On my birthday at the end of next week, Saturn reaches its maximum point of opposition to the Sun. My Sun. The natal and the transiting. And none of the other planets can overpower him. So Saturn says stay home alone. I wonder what that means, starting one’s new year crushed into a corner.

    Like you, I will be turning 45 too. Imagine, our birthdays are just days apart. It’s a miracle I found you.

  3. Hi Laura – Thank you! Transiting Saturn is square my Moon and also my Asc-Desc on my birthday so I can relate! I feel like sitting in a corner with a bag over my head haha! Looking on the bright side, Saturn does bring rewards in the end. Wishing you a beautiful birthday as well xx

  4. Happy Birthday, Leah! With the transiting Aries Sun conjunct my 8th house placements and opposing my 2nd house Sun (and other placements), some of the most significant people in my life have birthdays this week.

    I wish you love.:)

  5. Kathleen Stansfield

    Leah I am sure that One Find Day that lover will enter your lovely life
    Thank you for all you give


  6. So, I’m working out that transiting Uranus will be approaching your natal Saturn about now, and transiting Pluto squaring same natal Saturn. How’s that playing out for you Leah? And you all other just-turned-45yr olds? Nothing here so far, (turned 45 in Feb) but feel things brewing…
    Have some cake, and eat it, on, before, and after your special day! Birthdays are Big Things in our house, everybody knows who’s the special person that day! Banners, streamers, balloons, sumptuous breakfasts, treats, presents and their choice of all meals that day. Your turn to Shine! Enjoy, however you spend it. With lots of Love x x x

  7. Hi Cinthia – thank you. I am sure I shall find some cake somewhere haha πŸ™‚
    Uranus isn’t quite up to my Saturn yet. Natal Saturn is at 17 degrees Aries. The Uranus Pluto square will play out over my natal Venus-MC conjunction in the 9th and I can feel that building. Not quite in effect yet but next year might prove to be interesting!
    Birthdays sound like a lot of fun in your house!

  8. Dear Leah, I also would like to wish you a fantastic New Year!! and hope that you had a lovely time with your family and loving friends. My birthday is coming up (5th of May) and I am, like you, not at all a party girl and always leave the country to celebrate with my new partner (I am divorced after 30 years of marriage). Looking at your picture I cannot imagine you will stay unattached for the rest of your life! You really look very nice and from all your writings, you seem to me a very interesting and caring person. Like you said, it is worthwhile waiting for the right things in life. Thank God we are Taurians!!
    Wishing you loads of good luck for the year to come!

  9. Hi Caroline – Thank you for the lovely compliments! You have a wonderful birthday too! Ahhh – to go abroad with the one I love would be the best thing ever. Enjoy every moment πŸ™‚

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