The Astrology of the Boston Bombings

CandleI heard about the bombings yesterday via Facebook when an astrologer asked what time they had occurred. I quickly skipped to the news and then spent the next hour glued to the reports of horrific injuries and loss of life.

Nothing can justify or truly explain what has happened but it is in my nature to want to understand. My way of trying to understand is through astrology.

In the last New Moon chart I noted “The problem is that Mars is conjunct Eris shortly before the New Moon which brings a compulsive, competitive edge to this lunation. It’s every man for himself if this position.” Now we are just over a week away to the beginning of eclipse season where light becomes dark and the unexpected happens. Sometimes events occur before eclipses.

Boston Bombings Astrology Chart

The Boston Bombings chart is set for 2:50pm local time. Straight away I notice the packed 8th house with the tight Sun-Mars conjunction taking centre stage. The Sun is also the ruler of the 12th house which represents ‘hidden enemies’. Not only is the 8th house associated with death and criminality, it is also connected to taxes. The 15th April is the deadline for tax returns in the US. Eris (who has a disruptive quality) and Uranus (shocks) are nearby. Mercury, ruler of the chart is conjunct Uranus although just outside of the 8th house border.

I notice that asteroid Orcus (a trans Neptunian object) is directly conjunct the Ascendant. Orcus is named after a God of the Underworld who was ‘the punisher of broken oaths’. With Neptune lying on the Descendant opposite, it makes me think that the person or group who committed this terrible act feel justified in their actions – like they are meeting out punishment. Neptune in itself could be said to represent the deception that took place in order to lay the bombs and at the same time, the delusions of those responsible. Chiron laying close could quite literally be read as wounded by the delusions of another.

Neptune also warns that nothing is as it seems right now. There is a great deal of confusion and this can be used rightly or wrongly to play on the imagination of the collective. Jupiter, co-ruler of Pisces is also conjunct asteroid Chaos (and in Gemini this could even be seen as media chaos). I see Mercury square to the Moon and wonder if there’s some misdirection going on. Perhaps it is necessary in order to give the FBI time to get to the bottom of it, or perhaps it is something more sinister…Mercury is so close to the 8th house and tied to the Ascendant by a quincunx, it makes me think that this maybe a native/domestic issue. Mars as ruler of Aries is the big ‘I Am’. The Ascendant represents the self. It makes me think of that phrase ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face’.

The Ascendant is on the Sabian Symbol :-
Black And White Children Play Together Happily.

Is this attack motivated by racial difference, racial inequalities, racial wars?

The Sun is on – A Man Possessed Of More Gifts Than He Can Hold
Mars is on – Through Imagination A Lost Opportunity Is Regained

With both in the 8th house, these symbols immediately make me think that there is also an issue of the sharing of wealth. And a little piece of me wonders about conspiracy theories and whether someone, somewhere has made this happen precisely to put the blame on someone else to keep the ‘wealth’ where it ‘should’ be, to deflect attention.

I don’t know…

I’m back looking at Neptune who is conjunct asteroid Medusa. Her cold eyes turn people to stone – desensitised, de-humanised.

It reminds me of how we have become desensitised to the shock of death until it comes calling at our own doorstep. Perhaps Neptune is reminding us to never stop feeling, never stop empathising with those who are harmed at the hands of madmen. Because we are all connected – yes, even to the people that did this, whether we like it or not.

I can remember the shock of sitting bolt upright in my bed when the Manchester bombings occurred in 1996. I live a mile away but the bomb blasted me awake. For some, they deal with this every day.

Last Sunday I wrote the Cosmic Tides for today. Both Mars and the Sun trine Pandora. I wrote that we need to have hope. This morning, just after posting the Cosmic Tides I walked out on the balcony to be greeted by a rainbow.

We have to keep hoping that we, the human race, can be better than this.

Looking back to the chart, I notice that the Moon is conjunct Vesta – Goddess of devotion. How can we hold a candle to each other? How can we offer the hand of friendship to an enemy? How can we keep that inner light alive when so much darkness threatens to engulf us?

These are the questions I find myself asking because like anyone, I also initially reacted with horror and a string of expletives and a violent overwhelming feeling of just wanting to destroy whoever did this. Yes, I feel that and more. I felt it whilst I watched the scenes unfold. I felt rage that a child died.

But when I felt rage, I switched the news off. I turned within and said a prayer because darkness cannot combat darkness. You just get more darkness.

Vesta holds her flickering candle. It’s wavering in the wind but the light is still there. After the grief, after the rage, after the horror, after the healing – it is up to us to light each other’s candles so that we may all become light.




6 thoughts on “The Astrology of the Boston Bombings”

  1. Kathleen Stansfield

    So beautiful and so true. Do not ever fight darkness with the dark. How very true.
    Again Leah your compassion helps to ease the pain of those terribly affected by this atrocity

  2. Hello Leah! Very well written again, as usual. Your use of all the extra’s in Astrology like Vesta, Eris, Orca and others is quite extraordinary. Personally I don’t use these, except for Chiron, but when I read the above, they really seem to make sense!
    Mercury, being within 5Β° of the 8th house cusp I would count as being in the 8th house as well. I noticed another interesting thing: did you notice the mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto? Saturn being in the 3rd house and trine that Neptune, ruler of “the other party”, you would indeed think that this is a very powerful message they seem to convey, a very dark message.
    I also looked up the Sabian Symbols for Pluto, Saturn and Neptune as these three seem to work together here. I looked at the caution part of these symbols (in LInda Hills book). With Pluto there is mention of Radical nonhumanistic views (12 Capricorn), Saturn: 10 Scorpio, under the Keywords: Fated meetings and the symbol is ” A fellowship supper reunites old comrades”. Sounds to me like a group, being responsible for this attack and Neptune, Symbol at 5 Pisces, “A church Bazaar” which sounds to me like a religious thing (religious fanatics?) and under the Caution it says a.o. Issues of territory, Social boundaries that exclude some, Deception on the ground of faith, feeling socially excluded.
    I also wonder what these people want to get out of this, but they do want to get attention big time. Absolutely dreadful thing to do. We are in a time of great transition and I believe that after chaos eventually, order will come into this world.

  3. Hi Caroline – I am just more and more fascinated by the asteroids. They seem to offer such a richness to the chart. The main planets of course are always the big players but some asteroids just stand out in the mix!

    Re. Mercury, normally I’m a real stickler for reading the planet in the house even if it’s right at the very end of a house. BUT, if that planet makes a conjunction to a planet beyond the personal planets, I do think it’s influence can be kind of ‘sucked in’ to the next house. In this case, I really did feel like Mercury was being sucked in!

    I hadn’t looked at the outer Sabians but yes you are right – they do tell a story. Funnily enough when I read “A Church Bazaar”, my mind automatically read it as “A Church Bizarre!”

    I did notice Saturn and Pluto mutual reception but hadn’t thought about the ‘dark message’ – absolutely spot on analysis Caroline for that Saturn in the 3rd πŸ™‚

    Like you, I’m hoping for order after the chaos. It certainly feels quite chaotic at the moment!

  4. Hi Leah Whitehorse,

    I’m new to reading your posts but somewhat read in astrology. I wanted to write to you in thanks for this post particularly because I really needed to talk to someone about the Boston Bombing, but I have who understood how “emotional” I was about it. Just reading what you said (especially about combating darkness) helped me so much.

    When it happened, my friends and my significant other were insensitive towards it and said it was “just like all the other bombings”, but it really wasn’t. This was symbolic for so many things about our society, and it saddened me so very greatly.

    I am just very grateful for your compassionate words towards this and in general as well. They strike a true chord in me. I will be reading you a lot more in the future.

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