Lunar Saros 112

Hubble pic 87Each eclipse, whether solar or lunar, belongs to series of related eclipses. These families of eclipses are called ‘Saros Cycles’. Some say that you can get a feel of how each eclipse in a series may play out by looking at the story of the first eclipse in that series.

On the 25th April there will be a lunar eclipse. This eclipse belongs to Lunar Saros 112. As a pre-empt to my post on the eclipse itself, I thought I would explore the first chart of this Saros series.

Lunar Saros 112 1st Eclipse 20th May 859
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Lunar Saros 112 began with an eclipse on the 20th May 859AD at 13:13 (UT). This series contains 72 eclipses and ends on 12th July 2139. All eclipses in this series occur connected to the North Node.

As the lunar eclipse is visible from everywhere on the dark side of the Earth, we don’t take into account the houses of the chart because these change according to where the chart is set. In this instance I have used Greenwich, the time-keeper of the world for ease. Arguably, we could remove the transpersonal planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto because they hadn’t yet been discovered. This is an experimental process however and I have chosen to retain them because we now do know these planets exist.

The first eclipse occurred at 2o 34 Sagittarius
The Sabian symbol is :-

Two Men Playing Chess

This chart seems to say ‘check mate’ to me. What leaps out straight away is the proliferation of squares and the rather ominous Mars-Saturn conjunction in Leo opposing Neptune in Aquarius. The eclipse itself is involved in a T-square with Jupiter in the early degrees of Pisces at the apex. Jupiter is in danger of ‘going off the deep end’ with everything being deeply felt. Jupiter treated right can be a mitigating factor however as he is also the eclipse ruler and comfortable in his old sign of rulership. There’s something here about the faith of humanity. This theme is then picked up by Neptune’s position. Neptune, planet of spirituality is facing the harsh reality of Saturn who has recently had a run in with Mars. Saturn and Mars aren’t happy bedfellows and Neptune’s oppositions to either (and both) are generally regarded as challenging – especially when it comes to health issues. The South Node is on the Saturn/Neptune midpoint emphasising issues between reality and illusion.

Mars and Saturn conjunct is equivalent to slamming your foot on the brake, maybe because you swear you saw something in the road that just disappeared (opposite Neptune, planet of illusions). This lunar eclipse series may pull you up short to check whether what you see is real. Fears and illusions, faith and belief are all brought into question. You may think you are in a check-mate position and there’s no where else to turn but it’s possible that you’re seeing the world through blinkers.

Key Themes of Lunar Saros 112
Check mate, seeing is believing, stopped in your tracks, out-manoeuvring the enemy, tactics, reassessing what is real and what isn’t, manifestation versus dreams, mind over matter, addressing health concerns, having to expand your view in order to pursue your dreams, finding faith.

Stay tuned for my post on the Lunar eclipse itself coming shortly!

7 thoughts on “Lunar Saros 112”

  1. This one is going to be up close and personal for me. Conjunct 4 planets in my first house. Just last week I thought to myself, I really need to find out what Saros cycle this eclipse is connected to. And then I find your post tonight. Cool. Even cooler…my birthday is 11/2. I feel like I’m graduating in some way this week!

  2. Hi Jill – wow, this sounds like a big one for you. Wishing you an enlightening eclipse!
    Not a lot of work has been done on the lunar saros cycles. Bernadette Brady has done some excellent work on the solar saros. I thought it would be interesting to check it out.

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