This Week in Astrology – Week Beginning 22nd April 2013

Hubble pic 88So last week was an explosive week with the Boston Bombings, the violent explosion of a fertiliser plant in Texas and then a powerful earthquake in China. With Mars conjunct the Sun in Aries, it almost felt like the warrior became the release point for the stress from the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square. These shocking events however have also arrived just before the beginning of eclipse season which starts this week. Sometimes, with the unpredictable nature of eclipses, events can happen beforehand.

The week starts off with an uneasy opposition between Venus and Saturn on the 22nd April and ends with a Sun opposition to Saturn on the 28th April. There’s an air of pessimism present with these aspects. On the world stage we have some very difficult situations playing out from the disasters of last week to ongoing political decision making that leaves the rest of us wondering what on earth is going on.. On a personal level you might find yourself banging your head against a brick wall with bureaucracy or against others who won’t budge for whatever reason but the trick with these aspects is to stay loving in the face of adversity

Whilst Saturn is demanding we keep it real, a trine from Venus to Pluto on the 24th April at least gives you a chance to consolidate your resources. It may be about finding strength you never knew you had – the power of love for someone or something which is important to you, can prove to be a force to be reckoned with. Not only that but asteroid Vesta moves into Cancer on the 25th April giving you added dedication. The motto of the week seems to be “do it for love”.

Vesta in Cancer also brings your attention back to your own four walls. It’s a gentle way to suggest sorting out issues on your own doorstep before trying to change the world. Problems at home are likely to be viewed in a new light with the benefit of Vesta travelling here. Creating a safe and nurturing environment becomes a priority. Vesta in Cancer is very nurturing but if her efforts go unappreciated, her light fades. It’s the epitome of the magic fairy who cleans the toilet, washes the dishes and puts food on the table who is taken for granted by everyone else. Check which house in your natal chart has Cancer on the cusp. If you find yourself seething with resentment, it may be time to check whether you’ve been burning the candle at both ends to do more than your fair share. True devotion comes from a loving place. With Venus and Saturn in opposition this week, inequalities in shared responsibilities may tip the balance. If things get ugly, take the time to cleanse and then bless your home. You may be surprised by how much it helps.

The Lunar Eclipse also occurs on the 25th April. The full scoop is coming shortly but suffice is to say to that the lights are conjunct the malefics Mars and Saturn. If you find yourself between a rock and a hard place, stay true to yourself to find the way through. A helping hand comes from Venus with a sextile to Chiron. Don’t let the difficulties of the outside world knock your self-esteem. If you’ve learned a lesson the hard way, return to your safe space, light a candle and lick your wounds. A sextile between Mars and Neptune on the 27th April shows that you need to keep the passion for your dream alive. Don’t give up.

5 thoughts on “This Week in Astrology – Week Beginning 22nd April 2013”

  1. Thank you Lea, and Happy Birthday again! I am not giving up, hanging on by the skin of my teeth though.

    Is Venus Opp Saturn different than Saturn opp Venus? Saturn only just finished an opposition to my natal Venus … And over the past few days I had a couple of grumpy old people grumbling at me on the street, no less … was that Saturn I wonder.

    So 28th of April should be day of horrors then …

  2. Hi Laura – thank you. I had a lovely day. Mercury conjunct Uranus on my birthday manifested as a surprise meal out 🙂
    The Venus-Saturn opposition in the skies right now is a little different to a transiting Saturn opposition to your natal Venus. BUT, the transit that’s going on on the 28th is like an echo of what’s happening in your chart.

    Basically, if transiting Venus opposes your natal Saturn, that transit only lasts a day or two. But if Saturn has been transiting opposite your natal Venus that can last for a good few months.

    Grumpy people are very Saturnian! Saturn transits are about getting real, taking on responsibilities, maturing. Saturn tends to test you in order to make you stronger. Typically Saturn to Venus transits tend to affect either your love life or your money as Venus rules both of them. On a deeper level, Venus rules self-esteem.

    Hopefully we won’t have a day of horrors on the 28th (!) – but it might be necessary to paint on a smile 😀

  3. Wow Leah great to hear you had a good birthday – you deserve the best!

    Saturn opposed my natal Venus last year and the transit lasted pretty much the entire year because it went over the point three times. It’s doing the same right now with my Sun conjunct Mercury.

    The 28th happens to be my B-Day so I am pretty much expected to paint a smile on. The only thing I feel doing is treating myself to a ghost tour. But Saturn does not rule ghosts does he – that’s Pluto’s domain…

  4. Thank you! Happy Birthday for Sunday Laura! Wow, a ghost tour sounds very cool 🙂 Yes, I think Pluto is more the ruler of ghosts but Saturn rules bones so maybe they both have a hand in somewhere.

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