This Week in Astrology – 29th April – 5th May 2013

Small picture of flowersA trine between Mercury and asteroid Angel on the 29th April seems to set a tone of ‘stop, look, listen’ this week. It feels as though every time you sense a wall in front of you, it’s a cue to go within and seek out that part of you that is connected to divine inspiration. If you believe in angelic beings or spirit guides, make time to talk to them – and also make time to listen to what they might have to say in reply. I once asked an Angel why they hadn’t answered me when I needed them. They replied that they were waiting for me to stop shouting! 😀

Black Moon Lilith dances back into Taurus on the 30th April, right on time to celebrate the Pagan festival of Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere.

Technically, astrological Beltane occurs when the Sun reaches 15° of Taurus as this is the midpoint between the Spring Equinox (0° Aries) and the Summer Solstice (0° Cancer). It is known as a cross-quarter day and is one of the four fire festivals.

But Beltane is traditionally celebrated on the night of the 30th April with May Day celebrations the following day. Our appalling weather in the UK has delayed much of the blossom this year (!) but normally, this is a time when the Earth is resplendent in flowers. This festival marks the beginning of Summer in the Pagan calender and brings together the horned God and the Goddess as a young couple. The Goddess in her maiden aspect is deflowered and impregnated. Cherry and apple blossom rains down like confetti, blessing all couples and every creative idea.

This is a time of fertility, both physically and metaphorically. Plant the creative seeds of intent. Light a candle to honour the Bel-fire. In the past, cattle were driven through the fires to cleanse them of disease. Traditionally this was also a time to dress wells and springs, honouring the source of all things. This is a time of fecundity and joy.

On the 1st May however, Mars opposes Saturn whilst Mercury jumps into Taurus. Mars then is pulled up short by Saturn. You may need to hit the brakes and let things move more slowly than you would like to get to where you want to be. It’s no use getting frustrated. Everything must grow in its own time. Heed Mercury and let your mind slow down, allow yourself a little bit of thinking time. Ponder the practicalities. With a trine between the Sun and Pluto on the same day, the go-slow approach may help you to feel stronger and more empowered for things to come.

The last quarter Moon occurs on the 2nd May at 12AQU12. We’re gearing up to a solar eclipse soon, so this is the time to consider the future and what you want to make of it. It’s also about your part in the wider community. The symbol for this degree is “A Barometer” so it’s wise to check the social atmosphere as to whether its receptive to your ideas. If someone is raining on your parade or putting you under pressure, simply put up a psychic umbrella and wait for a fairer day.

Lady luck, asteroid Fortuna arrives in Taurus on the 3rd May and she seems to echo the message of the last quarter Moon. In Taurus, Fortuna’s message is you make your own luck through hard work and careful planning. A sextile between the Sun and Chiron on the same day gives you a sense that you’re on track with your mission.

On the 4th May, Mercury creates a pretty sextile to Neptune which inspires you to formulate a plan. Alternatively you might use this energy to meditate and tune in to divine whispers. With Mercury in Taurus, meditation in a natural place or amongst trees may help you to draw up energy from the Earth bringing you in tune with the rhythm of the planet. Listen to your heart-beat.

On the 5th May, two strong transits create a push-pull effect. Mercury is facing Saturn in an opposition. Sometimes this may feel like a mental block or that someone out there isn’t listening and/or doesn’t want to understand. With Mars trine Pluto however, actions speak louder than words today. Instead of trying to force the point, go where the energy is moving. Stick with what’s working instead of trying to beat down obstacles in your path. Your efforts are best spent elsewhere.

There’s certainly an earthy feel to the aspects this week and despite the oppositions to Saturn from Mars and Mercury, on the whole it feels quite productive if you can be patient. In fact, those Saturnian oppositions may just give you some time to smell the roses.

Beltane Blessings to all.

Image is part of a painting by Nicolaes van Verendael

4 thoughts on “This Week in Astrology – 29th April – 5th May 2013”

  1. Hi Leah, random question! I have my one and only ultrasound for 20 weeks of pregnancy scheduled for 1:15pm Monday 6 May, Wellington, New Zealand, but I looked at the chart for that time and it has a lot of bad Saturn and Ascendant aspects. These seem unavoidable for the first few days of next week. The latest I can reschedule to is 1:15pm Wednesday 8 May (if that time is available) and to my beginner astrologer eyes this time appears somewhat better. Am I being paranoid or does one of these days/times jump out as being better to you? It has been a difficult pregnancy so far, not in terms of the baby itself but in terms of separating from my partner and a lot of grief around how I’m going to cope. He will be there, and my mother too. I just want to minimise the potential in the atmosphere for something to go not quite right. Sorry if this is a question you don’t want to answer. Arohanui, Anna.

  2. Hi Anna – I’ll be completely honest and say that medical astrology isn’t an area of expertise. It’s a whole discipline in itself 🙂 I also generally don’t answer questions regarding pregnancy simply because it is such a sensitive issue.
    That said, as far as dealing with the atmosphere is concerned, I would go with what feels right for you. If the first date doesn’t feel right to you then go with your gut instincts and change it. It sounds like you already have a huge amount to cope with so anything that reduces your concerns will help. I’m very sorry to hear about your separation with your partner. That must be very difficult and emotional with a baby on the way.
    The second date does seem a little more conducive to a better atmosphere but please try not to worry if you are unable to change the date. I know we all worry about Saturn sometimes (!) but he can also provide extraordinary cosmic support, especially whilst he’s in a sextile with Pluto. With a trine from Saturn to Neptune, it may also help to keep visualising the best outcome for the day – to put that message out there into the ether.

    I hope that helps.

  3. Thanks Leah, I changed the time and date to 1:45pm Wednesday 8th May. There’s not a massive difference in the balance of negative/positive aspects but some of the more provocative aspects have moved on. Wednesday will also be exactly 20 weeks, and is a more convenient day for my partner. If I can stick to my motto for the occasion – ‘no criticism; positive words for all’ – then everyone should be kept relatively happy, including my passenger 🙂

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