Solar Saros 138

Hubble pic 90We are gearing up to the solar eclipse so I thought I would take a look at Saros Cycle 138 as the eclipse on the 10th May will fall under this series. The Saros Cycle is rather like the main story arc of a television series, with each eclipse that falls within it an individual episode that has its own storyline. But these ‘episodes’ belong to a larger story indicated by the Saros.

Astronomical Name – Saros 138
Astrological Name – Saros 15 South

Solar Saros 138 - 1st Eclipse 6th June 1472

Solar Saros 138 began at the South Pole on the 6th June 1472. This series contains 70 eclipses and will culminate on the 11th July 2716. All eclipses in this Saros are connected to the South Node.

The first eclipse of this Saros Cycle was at 24GEM38.

The eclipse is trine Jupiter, trine Uranus and sextile Mars.

There is a breezy feel to this eclipse. I have a sense of freshness, wonder and excitement as I look at the chart. With the trines to Jupiter and Uranus, the emphasis is on expansion and focusing one’s attention on what the future might bring. These flowing angles seem to promise big things – work hard and it’ll all turn out right, they seem to promise.

Jupiter and Uranus are heading back towards a conjunction – the final in that cycle. Anne Whitaker in her book Jupiter Meets Uranus says :-

“To put it bluntly, the mythology shows that we are in the company of two archetypal figures who between them have a sweeping and bright vision of how humanity should conduct itself and what it can achieve. At the same time, however, they are prepared to be ideologues, hypocrites and thieves who can be motivated by greed and opportunism as well as idealism in the pursuit of their vision” p 7

Bernadette Brady noted that in this chart, Pluto is on the mid-point of Saturn and the North Node. Noel Tyl says of Pluto=Saturn/North Node that this connects to “sacrifice, loss through others, giving up a struggle”.

It’s interesting to note in the light of this that the world’s oldest surviving bank Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena was founded in 1472.

Mercury, ruler of this eclipse is trine Neptune adding to the sense of big dreams and idealism. At the same time, Mercury is also quincunx the North Node in Sagittarius, suggesting that whilst the initial vision feels very ‘right’, it may not be in the interests of everyone – adjustments are needed. A sextile from Mercury to Pluto however shows that there is an opportunity to become deeply involved with an idea. This aspect can see beyond the surface of things so the wild enthusiasm of the Uranus/Jupiter trines have the chance to be tempered by critical thinking.

The Sabian symbol for this eclipse is :-

A Gardener Trimming Large Palm Trees

In Gemini, this symbol suggests that it’s important to be willing to let go of some ideas or ways of thinking in order to let others grow. The trine from the eclipse to Jupiter and Uranus could trigger the feeling that everything is possible and with the Martian energy behind it, the confidence to try to achieve everything. But the Sabian quietly says it’s best to just focus on your best ideas.

This Saros series has a mixed message. Certainly on the surface of things it conveys a feeling of positivity and potential. Eclipses in this series could well be about developing your own vision of the future but the subtle undertone is that it is important to bear in mind the wider implications. What’s good for one, isn’t necessarily good for all and not all of your ideas are your best ideas.

Key Themes of Solar Saros 138
I’m alright Jack, Jack of all trades, master of none, living the dream, mindful of the future, the possibilities are endless! Work hard – play hard, inspirational ideas, head for the goal, the past is the past, keep your options open, the choice is yours.

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