This Week in Astrology – 6th – 12th May 2013


It’s a big week in the astrological calendar as we have Venus changing signs, a solar eclipse in Taurus and conjunctions to the South Node.

My seedlings are now looking dangerously like plants. Tomatoes, spinach, beetroot and lettuce are perched on my windowsill where I croon over them daily. My sunflower seems to sprout leaves every time I look at her. I’m proud of my little plants but mindful that they are nowhere near fully grown. They are still tender and easily bruised. I could still over or under water them. I’m being as patient as I can whilst willing them to sprout more leaves, flowers and fruit! I’m trying to follow my own astrological advice whilst the Sun moves slowly through Taurus, mindful of time passing.

I’m so busy with work, I have little time to peek at the sunshine. Day turns to night as my fingers tap on the keyboard. There are blog posts, books and client’s readings to write and I’m aware of the clock ticking peacefully in the background. Things are shifting, growing, building…I was talking today to someone – about how it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important, how work can take over and one day you wake up and your children are 5 years older and soon will leave home. I have a feeling that the eclipse this week is going to catapult those of us that have a tendency to live in the future, right back into the present. It’s about the now.

On the 6th May, Venus makes a sesquiquadrate to Pluto and I sense something here about trying to fill the gap – with money, with things. But none of these things really matter and somehow having more isn’t going to change anything. On the flip side, you may be holding on for fear of losing it, losing control. The power of love will teach you what you really need if something feels like it’s missing.

Conjunctions to the South Node from the Sun on the 7th May and Mercury on the 9th May bring up a lot of questions about who you are and what you think. In between this, on the 8th May, Mercury and Mars are conjunct and both sextile Chiron. You may need to assert yourself in order to bring healing to a situation. It doesn’t need to be a war of words.

Meanwhile, Venus enters Gemini on the 9th May as well adding to the Mercurial vibe. I’m reminded of Thumper in Bambi “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all”.

In the Christian calendar, the 9th May marks Ascension day – the day that Jesus ascended to heaven after his resurrection on Easter day. In the Bible he says “Go forth to every part of the world, and proclaim the good news to the whole creation“. Mercury conjunct the South Node can bring up insecurities in regards to what you think – is it true? What ‘news’ are you spreading?  What are you creating? What are you afraid to say?

With the eclipse on the 10th May being a South Node eclipse, old ways of thinking need to be shaken off in order for you to be able to shine your true light. The South Node is generally about old karma. It can be the cause of our present day situation. The emphasis on the South Node this week reminds us that what we do now, affects the future. If you want to ‘ascend’ and reach your proverbial heaven on earth, then now is the time to resolve those issues that are holding you back. The South Node also represents your innate skills and what you do well. Dig deep to acknowledge those skills. Quietly remind yourself – “Yes, I’m good at that”.

Mercury and the Sun move into a conjunction on the 11th May so they get to have a discussion on what they learned from the South Node. Perhaps by this point, now the eclipse is over, you too have a glimmer of an idea of what it’s all about. There’s a lot to release – but so much to come!

The week ends on a strange note with the Sun square asteroid Iris on the 12th May along with Neptune sextile asteroid Fortuna. With the Sun’s square to Iris, you may need to work at keeping hope alive. It may feel like all the ‘lucky breaks’ are happening to someone else but that wheel keeps spinning. Hold onto unconditional love both for yourself and others. Your time will come.

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