Solar Eclipse in Taurus – May 2013 – Signs of Life

Hubble pic 91The solar eclipse takes place at 00:28 on the 10th May 2013 (UT) at 19TAU31.

This is the second of a series of 5 solar eclipses in Fixed signs as the nodes move through Taurus and Scorpio. We are in a period which is exploring our relationship with money, the concept of wealth, personal security, survival, death, personal and shared resources, taxes, banks and other financial institutions and ongoing themes related to sexuality, self-esteem and personal values.

Taurus – Grows
Scorpio – Decays
Taurus – Feeds
Scorpio – Withholds
Taurus – Acquires
Scorpio – Releases

Solar Eclipse in Taurus IllustrationThis Taurus eclipse is an amped up New Moon. Generally, when the New Moon is in Taurus, it’s a time to reflect upon what you are growing in your life. In the Northern Hemisphere, this sign relates to the blossoming spring, days growing warmer, buds opening. It is a time of fertility and fecundity. Taurus energy is about patience, determination and the strength to carry on. Like the powerful bull that symbolises the sign, we need to work hard for the results we require. Taurus is a builder, the ultimate manifester. To use his energy best, we must become grounded and conscious of the earth beneath our feet.

The Aspect Picture
The solar eclipse is semi-sextile Jupiter, conjunct Mercury and conjunct Mars in order of orb.

The semi-sextile to Jupiter may feel like an opportunity is there but it’s easy to miss. It’s like weeding the garden when you don’t know a lot about plants and pulling up viable seedlings thinking they are weeds. Semi-sextiles indicate that something somewhere needs clarification.

The conjunctions to Mercury and Mars feel argumentative. With both wrapped around the South Node, old ways of thinking and doing things may need to be re-assessed. There’s also impatience which is no good in a sign like Taurus! There’s a danger of sweeping everything under the carpet just to get the house looking clean. But Taurus requires that things are done properly if they are done at all. Whilst Taurus does like to sit with his feet up, when he eventually does get to work, he doesn’t stop until it’s done. There are no half measures with this eclipse.

Solar Eclipse in Taurus - Chart 10th May 2013

The Sabian Picture
The Sabian Symbol for the eclipse is :-

Wisps Of Winglike Clouds Streaming Across The Sky

This Sabian is all about how you interpret things. With the eclipse emphasis on Taurus, there’s a tendency to only believe it if you can taste it, touch it, hear it, feel it or see it. But there is a hint that there is more to life than meets the eye. An empty field is full of life under the surface. With the ruling planet of the eclipse (Venus) tottering on the edge of Gemini, you may need to check in with someone else to see if you have the full picture.

The beauty in this degree is that Mother Nature herself may offer you a clue or a blessing along the way. Those clouds may well be angels in disguise. If you are feeling stuck, impatient or just unable to put a finger on what you’re missing, ask for a sign.

The Asteroid Picture
The eclipse is directly conjunct Pallas. Pallas seems to distinctly suggest that planning is required if you want to see your projects and goals manifest. Her presence along with Mars and Mercury feels rather like a meeting after losing a battle, figuring out where you went wrong and where possibly you can implement a different tactic to win the war. Whilst those two bicker about whose fault it was, Pallas insists upon being constructive instead of destructive.

Maybe the lunar eclipse took a swipe at you sideways. Maybe you just didn’t see it coming. Whatever has been laid bare is now just waiting for you to fill the void.

With the emphasis on the South Node, you may need to chuck out the junk. Get rid of what isn’t working. The difficulty here is that with Taurus, change is hard – almost impossible!

“I can’t throw it away, I might need it sometime!”

The questions is, do your really value it or are you just afraid of not having it? You need to make room for new life.

I see echoes of the Saros Cycle 138 chart. Mercury and Mars are raring to go and there is some excitement here but it’s too easy to miss what’s really important. It’s like the moment the light goes out, you catch sight of something out of the corner of your eye but then when the Sun returns, you can’t see it any more – not unless perhaps you are ready to see it. The subtle message of the Sabian symbol is a reminder that the universe will offer you confirmation of what you are growing. What do you see? If you don’t like the signs, then maybe you need to weed out the messages you are giving out. The art of manifestation is all in the intention behind it. Pallas is a wise counsellor and she urges that you resolve any internal arguments in order to transform the shape of things to come. All good things come to those who wait.

Questions and Reflections for the Solar Eclipse
If you’re going to do it, do it right
Think before you act.
Get rid of what you don’t need to make room for new growth
What messages for the universe have you noticed?
What do the signs say about the path ahead?
How can you resolve your internal arguments?
How can you do it differently?
What might you be missing that’s important?
What do you consider to be important that maybe isn’t?
Are you motivated by scarcity or abundance?

Birthday’s Affected
9th – 11th May (Taurus) – Conjunction
11th  13th August (Leo) – Square
11th – 13th November (Scorpio) – Opposition
7th – 9th February (Aquarius) – Square

Any planets or angles falling within 18 – 20 degrees in your chart will be affected but the strongest will be in the signs indicated above due to the nature of the aspect.

Illustration image is from The Hierophant card in the Celestial Tarot

3 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse in Taurus – May 2013 – Signs of Life”

  1. Hi Leah, great to read your plants are growing and blooming and bearing fruit …

    The eclipse … hmmm … I have a monthly evaluation at work the day before …. and my washing machine which broke down on Monday the 6th will see the repairman on the same day. I don’t know whether it broke down on the 6th because of the energies on the 6th or because I bought it on March 11th in the midst of Mercury retrograde – yes, I know, I know… wonder whether the repair man will fix it once and for all, or whether it will keep giving me trouble.

    Quite worried about both issues, especially the work 🙁

  2. Hi Laura – I think this solar eclipse is playing games with me already. I’ve had no end of problems with my internet connection this evening and now one of my bulbs in the kitchen has just died, grrr! It’s like static in the air!
    Ahh yes, the washing machine might be a manifestation of Mercury retro. I know it can’t always be avoided. I will keep my fingers crossed that your washing machine is fixed and the evaluation goes really well x

  3. Update Leah:
    A most amazing day …

    First, when I called the service company they wrote down the wrong issues regarding my mercurial washer.
    Then, the repairman was given the wrong serial number of the washing machine, not that they asked me what it was.
    He did not call half an hour in advance to announce his visit as agreed – because he was given the wrong telephone number – or rather they omitted one digit.
    All his equipment – camera, laptop, portable printer etc. – ran out of batteries as soon as he turned them on.
    And the main light bulb in the bathroom burned out with a pop as soon as I turned the light on …

    If that’s not an echo of Mercury retrograde replayed by the Saturn opposition, then I don’t know what is.

    On the other hand …

    I called the service again on Tuesday to make sure they had the right info and corrected at least the issues they wrote down, so the repair man had the right part with him. It never occurred me to check the rest, but …
    I had a feeling I must arrive as early as possible and therefore made it home literally two minutes before he did.
    On my way home I felt like buying a couple of spare light bulbs which came in handy.
    The machine seems to be working fine now.

    And this, I believe, is Jupiter sextile Saturn 😀 😀 😀

    PS Did you get my last e-mail, the one with the music?

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