This Week in Astrology – 27th May – 2nd June 2013

Hubble pic 91I’m happily exhausted as I type. In the UK it’s bank holiday weekend and we have sunshine! I’ve had time to work on my book, enjoy a camp fire with loved ones under the huge Full Moon and time to re-pot all my plants which are furiously delighting in the warmth. My skin is freckled and happy and I have that contented ache of a job well done in my body. Tomorrow I plan to pick up my artists pad and colouring pencils to see if I can still draw after all these years. I am craving colour and pretty patterns. My usual pattern is work, work and a bit more work and whilst I love what I do, sometimes it’s important to reconnect with simple pleasures. I notice that by allowing myself to stop and smell the roses (or apple blossom in my case today), I feel recharged. My mind feels freer and clearer and I feel more connected to me.

The pleasure principle is certainly at work as we start the week with a stellium formation as Mercury joins Jupiter on the 27th May and Venus joins them both on the 28th May. This is the feel good factor at work and it’s about taking time out to do the things you love. With all three in Gemini, it doesn’t matter if you dip in and out of different things or even if you change your mind. Go out, stay in, be with friends, be alone. It’s about doing what you enjoy doing. This planetary gathering is great for sketching out a plan for an idea you’ve had. It’s OK to dream big and Jupiter will help you find the right support along the way. Travel plans too are starred. It’s the perfect time to book a holiday or, if money is tight, to research places you would like to go in the future. There’s a big wide world out there!

The stellium carries you through the week until Friday 31st May when we have a change of pace with two planetary ingresses on the same day. Mercury enters Cancer and Mars enters Gemini.

Steps__Halton_Castle__Runcorn__Cheshire_1984Mercury in Cancer switches your mind set and engages you on an emotional level. It is easier now to speak more honestly about how you feel. Spend some quality time with your loved ones and reminisce about days gone by. Cancer has an excellent memory and it’s these memories that keep the links between those we love strong. Sometimes, when life is busy, it’s easy to forget how much time has passed and how many experiences you have experienced together. Take a trip down memory lane.

Mars moving into to Gemini however adds a twist in the tail. Mars can function well in Gemini – especially when it comes to initiating communication. The act of expression become all important. The combination of Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Cancer, may make you brave enough to open a discussion that you have been putting off for some time. The difficulty with Mars however is that in Gemini, he doesn’t always want to listen and touchy Mercury may be overly sensitive right now. Take care that miscommunication doesn’t lead to arguments over nothing.

Positively speaking however, this is the time if you need to catch up on paperwork, finish a project and just clear up the debris of life that hides in your drawers. Bills, paperwork and notes to self all can be tackled with gusto. After the ease of the beginning of the week, Mars steps it up a notch. If something or someone does set a light to your temper, staying busy will help to work off the excess energy and in the meantime, your mind can brainstorm a different approach.

And if this just wasn’t enough all in one day, we also have the last quarter Moon on the 31st May as well! The Moon is on the Sabian :-

Men Travelling a Narrow Path, Seeking Illumination.

Much like the aspects to Jupiter earlier in the week, this message reminds you that life is a journey. Finding your true path cannot be rushed (Mars in Gemini!). The path unfolds when you focus on your steps, when your heart is in each step. Faith is found in delighting in the moment, in accepting both the pleasure and the pain and knowing that neither define you.