Natal Aspects – Moon conjunct Saturn

Moon conjunct SaturnYou may have a cool, controlled exterior but inside you are sensitive to criticism and may fear rejection. The presence of Saturn gives you a tendency to instinctively protect yourself against others. Guarded in manner, you may be reserved in social settings, preferring work over play. There is emotional restraint, sometimes as a result of a strict up-bringing (for example with set political, religious or cultural beliefs) or a stern parent (often the Mother). You may have had to grow up fast when really you were still young and tender or felt that you were never quite good enough for your parents or guardians.

You may be cautious and conservative in your approach to life, preferring the safer option. Sometimes it may be difficult to shake off a pessimistic outlook, often as a result of taking life and yourself too seriously. It can be easy to fall into defeatist thinking or dark moods that you carry like a cloud.

The plus side to this aspect is that as you grow older, you can develop emotional maturity and provide rock solid support and commitment to those you love. By challenging negative experiences and childhood resentments, you are able to break the chains that bind you to feeling as though you ‘should’ behave in a certain way.

Once these emotional binds are broken, this frees you to express your emotions with depth and maturity. Having this aspect means that you take your responsibilities very seriously and can exhibit strong self-discipline which can help you to achieve your goals.

With the Moon representing habits and Saturn, structure, there is a need for routine and regularity which provides emotional comfort and support. You may be very conscious of time and find lateness unacceptable. Order extends to the home which you prefer clean and tidy and functional – a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Owning your own home will probably appeal so that you have a safe and solid base to work from.

Your capacity to endure hard times is exceptional but there may come a time when you simply laugh in the face of adversity – the hallmark of a well-functioning Moon-Saturn connection is a dry sense of humour.

Tips for making the best of this aspect
Write down happy memories; learn to ask for help; think positively; let the barriers down; allow yourself to love and be loved.

Celebrity Examples
Evelyn Waugh Moon-Saturn in Aquarius. Waugh was editor of a school magazine called ‘The Cynic”!

He was summed up by one biographer as “a dedicated artist and a man of earnest faith, struggling against the dryness of his soul”.

“I did not know it was possible to be so miserable and live but I am told that this is a common experience.”

Peter Sutcliffe Moon Saturn in Cancer in the 8th house – Murderer of 13 women, “The Yorkshire Ripper”.

“The women I killed were filth – bastard prostitutes who were littering the streets. I was just cleaning up the place a bit.”

Jane Austin Moon-Saturn in Libra – A prime example of the ‘stiff upper lip’ in her writings and in the gentry lifestyle she was born into. After returning from boarding school, she “never again lived anywhere beyond the bounds of her immediate family environment”

David Bowie Moon-Saturn in Leo ” The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

William Burroughs Moon-Saturn in Gemini square Chiron – “There is no intensity of love or feeling that does not involve the risk of crippling hurt. It is a duty to take this risk, to love and feel without defence or reserve.”

Fernando Pessoa Moon-Saturn in Leo conjunct the MC – “My past is everything I failed to be.”