Full Moon in Capricorn – June 2013 – Invisible Walls

Pic93The Full Moon occurs at 11:32 (UT) on the 23rd June 2013 at 02CAP09.

I’ve been reading a novel called Under the Dome by Stephen King. I’m a prolific reader and whilst much of my time is spent reading deep astrological books and related topics, I love nothing more than to immerse myself into escapism reading fantasy, sci-fi and (gentle) horror. The Dome is about a town cut off by a mysterious invisible force field that not even a nuclear bomb can crack. Under the dome, whilst the air grows rancid, order begins to break down fuelled by an aggressive, overbearing and distinctly crazy town governor who wants power at all costs. Goodies and baddies are clearly defined and it’s a page-turner of a story. But it’s a clever novel that touches on real life themes of ever-controlling governments, the poisoning of our planet and the tenuous hold we have on ‘civilisation’.

Perhaps as a consequence of reading the novel before sleep, I’ve had three dreams where I was looking through a glass wall at something I wanted but couldn’t touch. In one dream, a spirit who called herself Alana (which means ‘precious’ or ‘awakening’) showed me a screen behind a glass wall where I watched an ever unfolding spiral of energy creating pattern after pattern, weaving in upon itself and endlessly being made anew. It was breathtaking – and somehow I knew I was the pattern and everything was the pattern.

The pattern we astrologers have got our eye on at the moment is the grand water trine which is slowly building in the skies. Already we have Saturn trine Neptune in position and Jupiter is teetering at the end of Gemini technically already in orb but out of sign. For now though, this lunation triggers this pattern as the Sun steps into what will be Jupiter’s place in a couple of weeks time.

Full Moon in Capricorn - June 2013
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But what makes this lunation particularly interesting is the new pattern that is formed by combining a grand trine with an opposition – The Kite. A Kite formation looks very like a bow and arrow as you can see from the chart.

The Full Moon in Capricorn sits at the bow end of the configuration forming sextiles to both Saturn and Neptune and a wide conjunction to Pluto. Whilst the conjunction is slightly wider than the orb I normally use, it’s well within the orbs that other astrologers use. In this case I can’t ignore it. It’s like Pluto is humming in the chart like a plucked string, especially in the square to Uranus.

In mundane astrology, the Moon stands for the people. As I look at this chart, it’s as though the people have been wound so tight by crippling rules, 20th June - Chiron and Achillestaxation and economic disadvantage that something has to change. The taut string of the bow has let fly Lilith who now screams between the Sun (the head of a state) and Jupiter (“The justice system and prominent judges, barristers. National inquests. The nation’s wealth, banks and bankers.” (quote from Skyscript). Don’t forget, in mythology, Lilith screamed the secret name of God. This women knows stuff and she knows that knowledge can be a powerful weapon! The question is now whether she will be smothered into silence between the Sun and Jupiter, squashed by Jupiter’s vast stomach or burned by the rays of the Sun…

News headlines abound with whistleblowers, cover-ups exposed and uprisings as the people rage at power and corruption in the hands of those at the top of The Establishment. Edward Snowdon has bravely stood up and screamed the truth from the rooftops. In the UK, an NHS watch-dog covered up a scandal at a maternity unit; Lloyds bank admits ‘shortcomings’ in PPI claims – for those who don’t know, the banks here ‘mis-sold’ insurance to millions of people. When this came to light and people were told they could claim it back, Lloyds (no doubt amongst others) made it as difficult as possible, and the BBC have been found to have paid out £22 million making sure people keep quiet about sexism and harassment – and this amidst the huge paedophilia scandal featuring iconic BBC figures.

Weirdly, as I type – I have just seen a news headline that it will now be considered a crime to wear a mask at a protest in Canada. Those that are being un-masked, turning the tables perhaps…

The chart then is bring up issues connected to the outflow of information, of secrets kept ‘within these four walls’ for many years. It’s the secrets in government and company board rooms and the secrets within your own four walls that can seem to grow arms and legs and take on a life of their own.

But how does this all relate to your own life?

The Sabian symbol for this lunation is :-

A Human Soul, In Its Eagerness For New Experiences, Seeks Embodiment

A human soul before birth is ‘pure’ as yet untainted by sorrow, betrayal and pain. The untainted soul is transparent. You only have to look into the eyes of a newborn child to know that. All the soul desires is to experience LIFE and yet in choosing life it is limited in it’s expression by the body. And yet perhaps this expression is an illusion – another invisible wall. We exist beyond our bodies as well as within them.

There is an invisible force within you that stretches beyond your imagination. The grand trine shows you that you have the capability to create (the Sun), to build (Saturn) and to imagine (Neptune). Can you image what you will create? What will you build as a better future for yourself and for everyone else? Can you sense your connection to others? Can you open your awareness beyond the walls of your body? What to you sense – what do you FEEL?

Awareness is crucial because as water always takes the easiest route, so can this grand trine. Where there is potential to use all the planetary attributes to the best of their ability, there is also the potential to take the easy way out, accepting what is without trying to change it. With Jupiter in opposition to the Moon, this tendency towards inaction is doubled. Apathy only serves the Powers that Be.

This lunation is an opportunity for you to break through the invisible walls that hold you back. It’s about knowing and being at peace with your limitations – and not being limited by them. It’s about making a stand like ‘Standing Man‘ in Turkey and seeing how when you a certain of your own beliefs, when you believe in yourself, others will stand with you.

The sextiles from the Moon show you have an opportunity to use this knowledge as a force for good: to make constructive changes based on your vision of the future and all that it could hold. This Moon is a super moon, let it supercharge your vision!

Look to the house in which the Full Moon occurs in your chart. This shows where there may be tension. Are you happy with what you have built in this part of your life? What rules do you adhere to here? What do you need to change? What keeps you limited here? How can you be more transparent?

Look to the house where the Sun and Lilith are transiting. The issues of this house may be teasing and taunting you and may represent that invisible barrier that needs to be broken.

Where is Saturn? Here is where you are asked to accept responsibility and do the work. Again, Saturn in this house is trying to bring something into being, to teach you and stabilise you.

Look to the house Neptune is transiting. Here is where you imagination is sparked, where you can find unconditional love, where you are called to get a higher view.

It’s time to let fly the arrow. Shoot for the stars!


I close my eyes for a moment and I’m looking at the dome. I see Lilith tap, tap tapping her sharp fingernails on the glass. She’s on the outside looking in. In the distance she sees something flying towards her. The speck on the horizon becomes clearer and now Lilith can see her own face zooming towards her, hair flying, eyes ecstatic. Lilith is riding the wave, shrieking the name God with a pitch so perfect the glass of the dome shatters leaving only the light and a curious feeling of coming home.


Painting – Chiron and Achilles by John Singer Sargent [Public Domain]

16 thoughts on “Full Moon in Capricorn – June 2013 – Invisible Walls”

  1. How do I check to see where the full moon is in my chart? I know how to pull up my chart, but i’m a bit confused.

  2. Hi Rand – I have a video on YouTube about how to check your transits – here’s the post https://www.leahwhitehorse.com/2013/06/17/video-how-to-locate-your-transits-and-asteroids-using-astro-com/

    If you have a copy of your chart, you should be able to see where the sign Capricorn is. See if you can find 2 degrees of Capricorn in your chart – that is where the full Moon will occur. Each sign is 30 degrees so it will be right at the beginning of that sign.

  3. Hi Leah, Love visiting your website. I’m intrigued by your insights in this week’s post – my sun is at 5 Capricorn, the arrow’s tip! I’m in a ‘battle’ to stand my ground between two powerful males in a public role (wonder if this is me between jupiter and the sun?) Feeling this vibe strongly, I wonder if I can pull it off neatly over the next few weeks, hope this full moon propels me forward – I feel very determined but it’s all very tense…….

  4. Hi Leah,

    Checked planet positions as you suggested.

    Full Moon will be transiting my 10th house. My career is in great need of revamping
    Sun – tr. 4th house and Jupiter is hot on his heels. My house is undergoing a noisy and uncomfortable reconstruction that started in January and is driving me up a wall. Is that it?
    Saturn retrograde slipped about a couple of weeks ago from the very edge between the 8th and of my 7th house into the latter. So am I supposed to build partnerships now?
    Neptune is transiting my 12th house right now. I have no idea what that means. In fact, I can’t piece all this together.

  5. Susana Vitorino

    OMG! This last lunations and eclipses have been soooooooooooooo hard on me! Jesus Christ!

    This one is JUST on top of my North Node on the 6th House! Jupiter is transiting on my 12th and is going to cross my South Node and my Saturn. I’m feeling a big, huge cicle of my life (lives ?) is coming to closure. My chance is near, I feel it!

    Thank you so much*


    Susana Vitorino

  6. Hi Susana – I’m sorry to hear that. Sometimes the lessons are hard aren’t they! It does sound like you are going through a major shift. Jupiter in the 12th should help to bring some inner peace. I have that transit coming shortly soon too so praying to Jupiter, lol! Blessings to you xx

  7. Hi Laura – Ah I remember when my house was having major renovation, talk about challenging! I totally understand how difficult that is. Basically your 4th, 8th and 12th houses are being activated. These houses represent your deep emotional levels, your very private self so there’s a deep shift going on inside which is preparing you for the next cycle in your life. I know when I had my house done, it threw up a lot of emotional ‘stuff’ as well as dust! It sounds like the reconstruction work on your house could be a very literal symbol of what is happening in the inner self. It may feel noisy and uncomfortable at the moment but it should give you a much stronger base to work from. Plus once it’s done, you’ll be able to give your full attention to the career changes you want to make.

    When Saturn slips back into the previous house by retrograde motion, he’s revisiting that area of life, putting it in order before starting the next phase. So by slipping back into your 7th house, there may be a review of the commitments and responsibilities you have to a parter so yes, it can be restructuring a relationship or any contracts you have (both emotional and legal/financial).

    Neptune in your 12th is a very long transit which will go on for many years. Neptune is comfortable in this house and helps you to find a sense of inner peace within yourself through exploring dreams and your own spiritual path.

    Hope that helps x

  8. Hi Judy – Wow that sounds like a very literal manifestation of the cosmic energy at the moment. Lilith is powerful so you go girl! I can understand it must feel very tense but your determination comes through your words. I hope things resolve well for you. Do let us know how it goes.

  9. Dearest Leah your words always help – thank you so much!

    If you were in Prague you could attend the Midsummer’s Night Dream festival tomorrow, organised by Mysteria Pragensia. I’m sure you would enjoy it. A link can be found here http://www.muzeumpovesti.cz/en

  10. Leah: Please accept my thanks and appreciation for this very practical application of astrological study your article puts forth. I have just this week stumbled across your site here and your gifted offing and works. Although I have only recently taken up the actual astrological (both tripical and Sidereal) study in the last year I am plunging in intuitively, mentally and emotionally with encompassing interest.


    With my Natal North Node on my MC at 1 degree Cancer, and Sun in Cancer in 10th …I am feeling this current opposition and keeping the awareness of the great potential of expession and growth it holds front and center. The Grand Trine and Jupiter crossing to my home soon, I hope will bring good times and help with a grater flow, during what has been almost three years of much change, moving and transFormation for me. Building true security seems to be the direction and theme -Spiritually personally, and in social evolution through grasping contributing and projecting my life purpose anyway.

    Moon’s transit in Capricorn in 4th, isn’t this touching roots issues? “What keeps me limited here?” All of the, your not good enough talk and generational, family patters I continue to break free here. And I am visioning this opposition can reflect and finally break through this invisible walk to let my full heart bask in that full sunshine of home!

    Saturn in 2nd house, is finding accepting self worth …and being paid for it! This has been challenging in my new direction thus far, since I have turned away frim the corporate world and am devoted to nonprofit work and being of service here. It will come tho, we are tested in our path I believe and God wants to make sure our faith is strong and this calls for a great building of trust, inner security.

    So the culmination you say in this kite is expressed and importantly for me, in learning to receive – in Neptune’s current transit in Pisces in my 5th. One would think, of course pleasure, fun, creativity, imagination how blessed- easy, but with my natal Saturn there so close at 4 degrees this really is the point I need to completely blast through…finally!

    Leah, thank you for your writing it has been truly a good service offered and received in practice for me.

    Blessings and happy Solstice to you/all.

  11. Hi Leanne – Many thanks for your comment and your beautiful exploration of your chart. It sounds like you have learned a lot in the short time you’ve been studying! Solstice blessings to you too 🙂

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