This Week in Astrology – 24th June – 30th June 2013

Water - Erte SmallCan you feel it building? There’s a surge growing underneath, water spiralling around my feet. The waves are building and instead of struggling, I’m surrendering to them, letting them take me where they will. The Mercury retrograde is about to happen in my 12th house. It’s time to turn in, to dream and to let my unconscious be the voice that guides me.

This week it’s all about water, waves and Wednesday!

The beginning of the week starts quietly enough with an opposition between Pluto and asteroid Echo on the 24th June. Echo was punished by Hera after she found out that Echo’s entertaining stories were merely a way of distracting Hera from her husband’s philandering. Echo’s punishment was to be able to say nothing aside from repeating the words of others. Eventually she fell in love with Narcissus who only loved himself and she pined to death as she watched him deteriorate with his own grief after falling in love with his own reflection.

With Echo in Cancer, this aspect brings up issues connected with childhood and upbringing. It is necessary to reflect upon the words that echo in your own mind from times past: special things that were said that have helped you and other things said that still haunt you. Consider carefully any negative internal thoughts. Are they really words once spoken by someone else? Are you still repeating them, hoping that they will love you better for it? Let Pluto do his work and transform these old wives tales into truths you can work with.

Water - ErteOn the 25th June, beautiful rainbow Goddess Iris floats into Pisces. I imagine her like the stream that used to catch the Sun in late summer when I was a child, casting rainbow upon rainbow. With Pisces the sign that connects us all, it’s important to spread a message of hope. Sometimes it’s too easy to get caught up in talking about the woes of the world, angrily discussing the injustices of war and the horrors humans can commit. This week, Iris is asking you to remember the good and spread a positive message. It is more valuable than the fabled pot of gold.

And then we hit Wednesday and the cosmos showers us with a ton of aspects all at once. Jupiter moves into Cancer, Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer and the Sun in Cancer trines Saturn and Neptune once again highlighting the grand trine. As the first of the water signs, Cancer is about nurturing yourself. Under that hard shell of life experience is a tender soul. Whatever your experience of your own Mother, now it’s time to consider how you Mother yourself. By allowing yourself what you need you can in turn be more giving to others.

On Thursday 27th June, Venus dances out of Cancer and into Leo bringing a little welcome fire into the mix. Pour some of the grand trine emotional stuff into your creative ventures. Spend time with the kids, get out the colouring pens and start drawing. Venus in Leo helps you to express what is happening on a deep emotional level.

The end of the week is quiet but then we already have a lot to be going on with! The last quarter Moon on the 30th June brings the month to a close. The Moon sits on the Sabian symbol :-

A Crystal Gazer

One of the tricks with any form of divination is to get yourself out of the way in order to see what is there. With the Moon in Aries, the ego is strong but it’s clamouring must be hushed in order to tap into your intuitive abilities. This is the perfect day to get out your tarot cards, read your chart or spend a little time in meditation in order to get a sense of the path opening up ahead of you. In fact, there are many paths from this single moment, each potentiality dependant on the actions you take now. Be open to the possibilities and recognise your power lies in the present moment.

Painting – ‘Water’ by Erte [Public Domain]

7 thoughts on “This Week in Astrology – 24th June – 30th June 2013”

  1. As I type, there is a deluge of two feet high wildly swirling water rushing past, along the narrow minor road, directly outside my cottage, heading towards the cliffs. Never seen anything like this in my fifteen years of living here…

  2. Hi Jacintha – Oh no, that’s not good at all. There does seem to have been a lot of flooding with this grand trine. Stay safe and I hope the waters go down soon!

  3. Thanks Leah, sorry if I gave the impression of a problem. It wasnt, really, as the water was rushing PAST my house, not towards it! It was quite amazing to see; more so, having just read the first paragraph on this page! The reason I left the comment. Like I said, I’ve not seen anything like it here before. There must have been a burst pipe or something overflowed somewhere. Within 10-15 mins the water level had gone down and eventually drained away, leaving me with no more than a slightly soggy drive where the water had flowed onto by just a few feet, but well away from the house. Talk about syncronicity, reading your words! Grand water trines indeed!

  4. Water has been pouring from the sky all day.

    Tonight in my culture it’s the Night of The Faeries. These faeries are creatures of the forest, they dance and sing in clearings where the air seems to tremble. They are neither good nor bad, they are what you make of them. Villagers go and dance in the forest if they dare. Me, here in a concrete jungle, can not do that. Which is maybe for the best, for who knows what the faeries may tell me.

    In their honour I’ve lit a Japanese incense stick. The fragrance is called “Morikabe” – In the shadow of the Forest.

    Blessed be!

  5. The Night of the Faeries sounds fabulous! Over here the fairy folk are seen as a little mischievous but always kind to children πŸ™‚ Blessings to you too x

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