Jupiter in Cancer 2013

Pic94Jupiter enters Cancer at 01:39 (UT) on the 26th June 2013. Jupiter’s function is personal growth which leads to a higher understanding of the world. Traditionally he rules the sign Sagittarius, a sign associated with movement, exploration, travel and enthusiasm for life. The 9th house is his traditional domain and covers the areas of life connected to foreign places, the law, higher education, publishing and philosophy. Jupiter wants us to see the bigger picture (he was after all the all-knowing God of the heavens!). He urges us to go beyond what we already know and  develop inner contentment as a result of worldly wisdom. Known for generosity, Jupiter doesn’t do things by halves so the watch word is moderation! Known as the Great Benefic, Jupiter offers us opportunities for growth and can often seem to afford us a little luck along the way. By keeping an open mind and a positive attitude, these new opportunities can help to instil faith in oneself as well as in the world.

Cancer is the first of the water signs and connected to the idea of Mother, nurturing, security and comfort. It is about family and your roots. Cancer as a sign experiences feelings fully in the moment and emotions can wax and wane depending upon the surroundings, just like its ruler the Moon. Cancer Chariot - Mythic Tarothas a deep need to nurture and as a cardinal sign it actively seeks ways to protect itself and those it loves. This is a shrewd sign that has the ability to act on instinct but whilst it can be defensive in manner, inside this sign is extremely sensitive.

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, meaning that he functions well in this sign. As a social planet, Jupiter is reminding us that we are all one big family and we certainly need reminding at the moment! The missing word is ‘happy’ and that’s what Jupiter can bring if we allow ourselves to think beyond what we already know. It is possible that during this transit, we will be considering more how to make the world a safer place to bring up our children.

As a water sign, Cancer is naturally reflective and this is one of the attributes necessary for personal growth. In order to grow, we need to understand ourselves better. We also need to feed ourselves with the right nutrients and vitamins to allow the body to grow and heal from wounds and sickness. On a psychological level, it’s important that we ‘nourish’ ourselves with enriching experiences. The house in which Jupiter is transiting shows where expansion is necessary. With Jupiter expanding your capacity to feel and bigging-up your intuitive functions, it’s a case of feeling your way forward using your gut instincts. In order to move forward, it may be necessary to reflect upon the beliefs you grew up with to better understand any issues you have now stemming from childhood. Jupiter may serve to remind you that ‘the past is another country’.

Jupiter likes big stories of heroes, dragons, maidens and happy endings. By embracing the opportunities that he offers you, you have a chance to write a new chapter of your life. Jupiter teaches you about what is possible and that there are more possibilities than you can dream of!

On a mundane level, this transit indicates a time to expand our understanding of the feminine principle/energy – Cancer rules the breasts and stomach. After reading this article ‘What Happened When I Started a Feminist Society at School‘, this feels like a necessary development! We still have a long way to go.

There are likely to be continuing issues with the distribution and manufacturing of food but with the growing movement against Monsanto and groups like ‘Grow Food Not Lawns‘ we certainly have the ability to safeguard our future. Home grown is likely to be on the increase. Taken literally, there may also be developments in the treatment of the disease cancer and much is likely to be said about the role food plays in health and healing. Jupiter also rules charity and benevolence so whilst we may care more about what’s happening in the world generally, there may be a shift towards ‘charity begins at home’ on a political level. Cancer can be over-vigilant at protecting its assets. Hopefully, with his eagle-eyed viewpoint, Jupiter will encourage some of those in power to see the world as one big ‘home’ to us all.

In the Tarot, Jupiter is represented by the card The Wheel of Fortune (number 10) and Cancer by The Chariot (number 7). With all this positive talk about Jupiter, it’s important to remember that he can be negatively expressed just like any other planet. Jupiter can have a tendency to go overboard so in relation to Cancer, this can indicate smothering rather than nurturing and over-the-top displays of emotion. The Chariot is a reminder to harness your emotions so that they effectively drive you forwards. The chariot is a card of emotional control. If you are in touch with your vast emotional capacity, this can be the motivating factor in jumping upon the opportunities that the Wheel of Fortune offers you because the wheel never stops turning. There is also a subtle suggestion that the more deeply you are in touch with your emotions, the less likely you are to feel that the results of the turning of the wheel are governed by fate and more inclined to sense that you have a part to play in the grand scheme of things. The beauty of this transit is that there is an ability to retain a sense of child-like wonder yet also to reach for higher understanding. If you add the numbers of these two Major Arcana cards, it results in number 17 – the card of The Star. Ultimately, Jupiter in Cancer says there is hope for us all because if we can learn to take care of ourselves better than we can be more generous and loving towards others.

4 thoughts on “Jupiter in Cancer 2013”

  1. Beautiful Leah! Thank you. Jupiter is now conjunct my natal North Node and transiting Sun conjunct MC 4 degrees Cancer. The ascending Sun is in my Sun sign Cancer in my 10th.

    Leah is this house primarily aspirations /career? Any additional insights here? I am feeling excited, optimistic and hopeful… appreciative and ready for new challenges and adventure now and the coming year.

    Thanks for correlating the tarot to astrology signs and their numerology. Number 7 is my life path. 7 is spirituality and 1 independence.

    The Star of Love is 17, i believe is finally equaling our power to embrace the unknown, our age of mature responsibility…Enlightenment!

    Reduced 17 becomes the single digit of 8 – the number of power, leadership, the teacher, the psychic and the healer.

    If you would not mind one final question. I noticed in several of your articles regarding Dane Ryhder’s Sabian Symbols you coorelate the symbol placements being one up from the actual planets degree as I read. For example my AC is at 4.05 and MC is at 4.41. Do you suggest I best interpret placements to 4 or 5 degrees?

    Thank you for sharing your gift, informing and leading us to greater awareness this BIG astrological age, and day!

  2. Hi Leanne – Thanks for your comments and questions. Glad you enjoyed the post.
    Yes, the 10th house is primarily career although it can also indicate the Father figure (and sometimes the Mother depending on your personal experience). If you’re looking to get ahead career wise, Jupiter travelling here should bring some nice opportunities to you and training/studying, if you are looking in that direction also.
    Yes, the Star can certainly have those meanings and reducing to 8 is Strength which brings it all together. The number 8 can also represent the concept of ‘as above, so below’.
    The Sabian symbols by Mark Edmund Jones originally began at 1 degrees and so on so some people read them one ahead. I personally have always read them at the number they are on so for example 4.41 Cancer would be “At A Railroad Crossing, An Automobile is Wrecked By A Train” (don’t worry that’s not as scary as it sounds!) because it is between 4 and 5 degrees.
    This list on Cafe Astrology lists them from 0 degrees – http://www.cafeastrology.com/sabiansymbols_degreemeanings.html

    I hope that helps and blessings on your cosmic journey 🙂

  3. Leah,

    Thank you. Regarding THE SABIAN SYMBOLS- Ok I think this is the confusion, Dane Rudhyer did a REFORMULATION IN DEPTH OF THE SABIAN SYMBOLS based on his astrological and Jungian philosophy an intrepretation of ipractical application of a cosmic, holistic and cyclic philosophy of existence. Perhaps this is why the degrees are off slightly.

  4. Ah I see. I confess, I haven’t read all of Rudyer’s work on the symbols. I just dip in and out of it. Some of his interpretations of the symbols are very enlightening.

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