This Week in Astrology – 8th – 14th July 2013

Pic97It seems the Mercury retrograde is making it’s presence known. With two serious transportation accidents occurring on Saturday (Saturn’s day) just gone, the edgy feel of last week culminated in a disastrous way. My prayers go to all those affected. Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith (true position) have been wrapped in a conjunction too and sometimes these two together can have an uncontrollable edge.

In my own life I’ve been witnessing the ‘anything that can go wrong, will go wrong’ in action! My mood has been low, my skin sensitive and I’ve been suffering with an abscess which is now finally healing! Around me, I’ve seen communications go disastrously wrong, forgetfulness causing problems and cars breaking down at very inopportune times!

On Saturday, I decided to dye a pair of faded jeans back to black. Unfortunately it turned out that one of my rubber gloves had a hole in it so I also managed to dye my left hand black at the same time. Despite my annoyance, it was the one thing that truly made me laugh with Mercury in watery Cancer currently travelling through my 12th house. In my own chart, Saturn is bearing down on me from all directions and my progressed Moon is currently conjunct Pluto. Both Saturn and Pluto are associated with the colour black. Mercury is associated with hands. The left hand indicates the past so certainly old issues are bubbling up and colouring the way I see things. The jeans however, are now a perfect shade, so all is not lost!

But this week, on the day of the New Moon in Cancer, Saturn finally stations direct which is likely to be a relief to everyone. Monday the 8th July, is a powerful day in the heavens. It feels like a significant shift but just like the crab who sheds its shell, there may be a period of feeling a little vulnerable before the new shell hardens and you can be on your way. There’s a strong message to look after yourself during this period. It’s a fine dance between being kind to yourself whilst not letting yourself off the hook entirely. Saturn after all requires that the work is done, even if you don’t feel like it.

On Tuesday 9th July we reach the final main aspect of the Mercury retrograde period. The conjunction to the Sun marks another turning point, a time of things coming to light. The muddy waters are beginning to clear a Magic Carpetlittle but it’s still best to wait before taking action as Mercury still has a way to go to clear the retrograde cycle completely.

Things go a little quiet midweek although an opposition between Venus and Juno on the 11th July and a sesquiquadrate between the Sun and Neptune on the 12th July may test your commitment levels. Venus and Juno are pulling against each other. Juno wants to follow the rules and do it the traditional way, Venus wants things her way! The difficulty is that when there’s tension in the air, it’s easy to lose your focus and jump to the nearest shiny thing that offers a distraction. If your willpower is at a low ebb, it may be time to bring some magic back into your life. Venus in Leo needs a little drama and sparkle. The Sun and Neptune need something beautiful to contemplate. All the magic you need is inside of you but it may need a little push to connect with it. Listen to what you dreams are saying, watch for messages floating in the ether. Read or watch an inspirational film. It will help to align you with your spiritual centre.

We end the week with Mars entering Cancer on the 13th July. It’s like trumpets sounding under water! Mars will be in the sign of his fall so it can be difficult to get motivated unless you really feel like it! If you are feeling disgruntled with issues at home, this can affect your energy levels in a way that saps attention from other things that are important to you. It’s therefore a priority to find a peaceful resolution which releases energy that is needed elsewhere. A secure home base gives you the strength you need to soldier on.

Painting – ‘Magic Carpet Ride‘ by Joyce Kozloff

4 thoughts on “This Week in Astrology – 8th – 14th July 2013”

  1. Leah thank you for the very useful illustration of the power potential of our coming week. With the new moon upon us i know it is the opportune time to set off anew. I have been trying to visualize those longtime cherished dreams, but for some reason the specifics for action have been feeling a bit more vague lately, and instead finding an openness there which intuitively feeling to be left to be filled. I know that my heart dreams are in there as you say, but are speaking differently to me now and I am hopeful that the intention is enough to be lifted out anyway. Still your words and suggestions definitely help.

    “All the magic you need is inside of you but it may need a little push to connect with it. Listen to what you dreams are saying, watch for messages floating in the ether. Read or watch an inspirational film. It will help to align you with your spiritual centre.”

    I love the picture of the magic carpet. All my feelings, the new moon and your writing here remained me of our Jupiter’s placement and Moon’s in the next day or so. It is in line with the Sabian Symbol: (CANCER 2°): A MAN ON A MAGIC CARPET HOVERS OVER A LARGE AREA OF LAND.

    KEYNOTE: The ability to expand one’s consciousness by stabilizing one’s point of view at a higher level.

    It speaks about in our constantly searching for new horizons it will cause confusion. Rather to change our observation point (i am feeling from the ego based will) the new perspective (wholeness) will come through. “Gaining elevation in the third dimension of consciousness.”

    Maybe we’ll see more of this kind of thinking soon. Or maybe not.

  2. Oooh – well spotted Leanne! I didn’t even notice that. Wow, that really fits in with how I’m feeling at the moment as well. Too many many options and possibilities that are distracting me from my own centre.

  3. Kathleen Stansfield

    So pleased that the jeans turned out OK.
    Hope the absess soon clears up. It is said that such things are a sign of a anxious and stressed person.
    Maybe you are working too hard?
    Time for a break?

    Kind Regards

  4. Hi Kathleen – all of the above *laughs*. I haven’t had a holiday since 2008 and it doesn’t look like I will until next year. Saturn is keeping me working hard for the time being. But it is healing slowly (fingers crossed). 🙂

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