This Week in Astrology – 15th – 21st July 2013

White RoseThis post is perhaps a little shorter than usual. In my weekly post a couple of weeks back I said “I’m sensing the slow down. Currently we have Mercury, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto all retrograde in the skies. It’s like I’m holding my breath, waiting for something to happen…”

And something did happen. Something awful happened. Those of you in the UK may have seen in the national news that a fire-fighter lost his life fighting a massive blaze in Manchester city centre on Saturday (yesterday as I write). When I’m not writing for this site and practising astrology, I work part-time. Unfortunately our office was located in that burning building and has been pretty much destroyed. The chart of the fire itself was a stinker but it doesn’t feel appropriate at this point to expand further. Suffice is to say, Mars was the leader of the pack.

And you know the strangest thing – a pigeon flew into the office last Wednesday. That’s never happened in the 7 years I have worked there. I wasn’t in at the time but my colleagues asked me what it might mean. Birds have always meant messages from Spirit to me…

So much of my weekend has been caught up in watching Twitter feeds waiting anxiously for news, talking with colleagues, texting colleagues, catching up with other friends I haven’t spoken to for months and generally feeling rather shell-shocked. It could have been much worse, but the loss of one life is one too many.

What I can tell you of the week to come is that this is a big week in the heavens with a quarter Moon, Uranus stationing retrograde and the Grand Water Trine perfecting.

On Tuesday 16th July we have a first quarter Moon on the Sabian symbol “A Butterfly With A Third Wing On Its Left Side“. This symbol is a strange one at first glance but speaks of unusual developments unfolding. It encapsulates those moments in life when a hidden road is revealed or you find yourself in a situation or place you just never expected to be. The trick with this symbol is to allow things to evolve.

Wednesday 17th July is the big day in the heavens as Uranus stations retrograde whilst Jupiter moves into position and creates a trine with Saturn. There may be a powerful urge to leap, to make a snap decision to get away from the pressure of conforming to rules. “I want to be myself” is the cry from Uranus in Aries! But Uranus retrograde advocates holding that thought. Don’t forget Uranus is the higher vibration of Mercury who is still currently retrograde. Instead of hitting delete, delete, delete, it’s about running defrag, reinstalling the software, and starting with a clean slate. By going within, you have the ability to tap into the bigger picture which is just what Jupiter trine Saturn is all about. There is some stability available here. Look at how your beliefs create the world around you.

On the 18th July the Grand Water trine continues with Jupiter perfecting a trine to Neptune. This imbues the trine with the compassion of Pisces as both the old and new rulers come into touch. If you have been seeking a teacher to help you along your path, now would be the time to advance that quest. On another level this is about forgiving yourself for all the wrong turns made. There were no wrong turns, only acting on what you knew at the time. Regrets must be laid to rest in order for you to move forward.

On the 19th July, Saturn forms the final trine with Neptune. You have your dreams – now, how are you going to make them manifest?

Mars joins the throng on the 20th July, creating trines to Saturn and Neptune all within orb of a conjunction to Jupiter (which perfects right at the beginning of next week). Now the urge is powerful – even more so as Mercury stations direct on the same day. Mars triggers the grand trine into action. It’s time for you too to move forwards again.

So this is an eventful week in the cosmos. There is so much promise here but also the warning I’ve mentioned before…Trines can cause things to go out of control, like the floods in Europe that occurred as this all began to build. I’ve seen it on a personal level now as the fire raged out of control and our office now lies flooded with water in an attempt to douse the flames.

It’s important to tune in to what you are really feeling. Thoughts can manifest fast with this trine. Be careful what you wish for!

Please say a prayer for Stephen Hunt, the 38 year old fire-fighter who lost his life yesterday. He leaves two children, family, friends and devastated colleagues of the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

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16 thoughts on “This Week in Astrology – 15th – 21st July 2013”

  1. Leah, so sorry to hear about the loss of a brave life and your office. I am most thankful that YOU are safe and sound. Thank you for this informative and indepth insight for the week. Thinking of you and sending you LOVE and LIGHT. XO

  2. kathleen stansfield

    Grateful you and all there except the firefighter were not harmed. Hunt was my maiden name so Stephen is one of the tribe perhaps. May they find strength in their grief and loss.

    You write of a bird with a message…what about a dream I had three nights ago dozens of white doves flying out of a wicker basket.

    I hope you soon get back on an even keel.

  3. Sakara Kemilla

    Leah, you have my heartfelt support for recovering from this unfortunate circumstance. I hold the intention for a beautiful outcome to emerge from this period despite all appearances.

    Thank you for all of your posts and guidance for each of is that follow your words of wisdom!


  4. Yes, I second all of the above posts! A prayer for Stephen Hunt, all those affected by this tragedy and for you, Leah for supporting all of us with your wonderful posts, full of hope, inspiration, sound knowledge and enthusiasm. Truly wishing you the best with the tragedy at the office, hoping things work out.
    Much love, Judy

  5. Hi! Hope your well – I was wondering whether you do consultations – or if you can answer a few questions by reading my chart? Do let me knw if u do and how do we go about the transaction

  6. I echo the sentiments voiced above and add only that there is a special place in this Virgo’s heart and soul for those who contribute to the common weal without thought of honour or reward. Firefighters embody this greatness of spirit and are truly heroes to be respected and emulated. Peace and blessings be with his loved ons.

  7. Leah, so sorry about the passing of the brave fire fighter, and what happened
    to your office. Echoing Kibby’s sentiment…I am very grateful you are safe. Reading this post by you – (a bit of strange synchronicity) – last night I viewed on TV here (in U.S.) – a replay of Memorial Service for the 19 Firefighters who died in the Arizona fire on June 30, 2013. It was deeply moving to say the least… so many different things including music…and so much information about fire fighters – and their work. I will pray for Stephen as you asked, and of course for you too. I love all your posts. Thank you more than I can say. XO

  8. Hi Lissa – Thank you 🙂 We laid some flowers for him yesterday for a bit of closure and to show our respects. It felt like the right thing to do. So sad – as you say, they are so very brave.

  9. Hi Nain
    Many thanks for your enquiry. I do do readings however they have been on hold whilst I have been writing a book. I was planning on putting them back on offer this week (!) but with everything that has happened, I need to hold off for a couple more weeks. I will announce when the readings are available again. In the meantime, you can check the type of readings I offer here

  10. Thanks Kathleen – things are gradually being sorted out 🙂 Wow, that sounds a very beautiful dream. I always associate white doves with peace. Perhaps it is sign of peace being released into the world.

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