Whitehorse Special Reading Offer and a Freebie!

Pic101So, last week the tower fell and in my own life and there was a moment of chaos. This week I am celebrating the beauty of life, the calm after the storm, Mercury direct, the Grand Water Trine. It’ll soon be Full Moon and the building Grand Sextile. There is so much happening in the heavens!

This morning, Marina from Darkstar Astrology posted a picture of the Uffington White Horse on Facebook. As I said to her, that place is the reason behind my surname. It has a deep spiritual significance to me so when I see it, I see a sign. The White Horse for me is about re-connection, the soul, dreams and messages from beyond. White horses are associated with the planet Neptune, ruler of dreams and connect to the collective unconscious represented by the sea. White horses are also linked with magic and mystery in many cultures.

Today as I write, Mars creates a trine to Neptune and to Saturn so it’s about taking action on your dreams.

Mercury is about to switch gear and station direct today too. Mercury is the go-between between humankind and the Gods, the unconscious and the conscious. He is the perfect translator of dreams. Your dreams are a gift from the Gods, a whisper from your spirit giving you a message to act upon.

In my own chart I have a perfect yod between Mercury, Uranus and Neptune with Mercury at the apex in the visionary 9th house – the house associated with symbolic language. As a result I have a curious gift for understanding dreams and I LOVE working with them!

So in honour of Mercury and all the beauty of the skies, in honour of Mars who is pushing towards charitable acts, in honour of faithful Vesta who is currently conjunct my Ascendant (!), and to say THANK YOU to all of you, I have a very special offer this week on my dream interpretation readings and astro-dream interpretation. Yes, my readings page is open again after a pause for the past couple of months.

Between the 22nd – 29th July (from the Full Moon to the Grand Sextile), I am offering Dream Interpretation at only $10 and Astro Dream Interpretation for $20. With each I’ll offer a full interpretation of your dream and let you know what the message may be. With the astro-dream interpretation, I’ll tie in a little of what’s happening with your transits. Dreams can often be amazing at channelling the cosmic energy of your chart and can help you pin-point which transits are most active. Sometimes the dream itself is a guide to how to handle the transits that are occurring.

Seven White Horses by Eyvind EarleWhether you want just a straight dream interpretation, or astro-dream work (for the latter you MUST know your time of birth), it works best if you can give me as much information as possible about your dream – Who said what? Are the people or places real (living or dead?) or imagined? What’s the landscape like? What happened? How did you feel? Did you wake up with a song in your head or a word/name on your lips? Everything matters so please offer as much as you remember because it’s all important. I may ask for further clarification whilst working on the dream.

Readings will be done by email and for those choosing astro-dream analysis, I will include a PDF copy of your chart. In all cases, make sure you check your junk mail folder in case my reply falls in there!

And in the spirit of the Grand Water Trine, I am offering one person a FREE ASTRO-DREAM INTERPRETATION so if Mercury has brought you a big dream recently and you’re still trying to figure it out, here’s your chance 🙂

Does the Grand Water Trine have a message in a bottle for you?

To enter, please comment below letting me know you want to enter the draw – don’t forget, you MUST know your time of birth to enter. If you are on my Facebook page and prefer to comment there, that’s fine – I will include those who register their interest on the thread I have set up there as well.


The draw closes at 4pm UK time on Monday 22nd July. The winner will be announced Monday evening so you need to be quick! The special price links will also go up on Monday on the *OFFERINGS* page (possibly late tomorrow night if I get my skates on!).

Good luck!

Painting – ‘Seven White Horses’ by Eyvind Earle

17 thoughts on “Whitehorse Special Reading Offer and a Freebie!”

  1. and wow — I don’t remember all my dreams but some are so vivid — one was years ago when I was trying to lucid dream, and I led my hand to pet a white stallion and we were standing at the sea — a place where it looked like two oceans met. One of my favorite dreams ever.

  2. Haven’t had a big dream in a while but am hoping one will come this weekend. Count me in!

  3. It would be an honer to have you interpret one of my dreams. Thank you for this great opportunity!

  4. Given UP on BIG dreams!!! do i stand in to be corrected… like to see you to try convince me otherwise!! 4/10/69 1:30 am

  5. Cressida Newbury

    Yes please! I’ve been having madder than usual mad dreams – one in particular would surely benefit from an astro-interpretation – count me in! Thank you!! X

  6. I would be GIDDY for you to interpret my dreams. Thanks for the generous offering and I will share this out promptly with others. Love you, girl!

  7. Oops how did I miss this one? Of course I’d like to enter the draw 😀
    Thank you so much for the reminder.

  8. i’m definitely a dream (pisces) person! Great offer! My birthdate is 14-03-1977, 18:50 gmt (Lisbon).

  9. Hello Leah:
    This is so delightful – your grace in offering this – potential opportunity!
    Yes Please! -( I record the exact time I wake up from a dream.) Have been wanting to write to you for this (and also for other readings) but it wasn’t available. (Am at a difficult turning point. I do have my exact birth info.)
    Many Blessings…Thank you

  10. Hi Lissa – Sorry you weren’t a winner this time but my readings are available now. It’s great you record the time of waking from your dreams as sometimes the dream chart can give some very interesting information!

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