This Week in Astrology – 29th July – 4th August 2013

Hubble pic 87This is it folks – We’ve reached the last quarter Moon on the 29th July which triggers the Grand Sextile pattern. I wrote a big post about it already but to recap, this is about getting back to the source. The Grand Sextile does represent a proliferation of opportunities coming from all different directions but with tough oppositions between Mars-Jupiter and Pluto, Venus and Neptune and the Moon and Saturn, it isn’t all plain sailing in those Grand Water Trines. There are fears to be faced, beliefs to be challenged and some plain old hard work to come in order to take advantage of what is being offered. Blame games and power trips are out as is trying to check out to lala land to escape the heady mix. Somehow, it’s about returning to your centre which is your port in the storm.

On the 30th July, Venus perfects a trine to Pluto. Oh the power of pleasure! The thing is in Virgo; Venus may well find pleasure in cleaning out the closet and doing the dishes. In fact, this wouldn’t be a bad day to have a good clear out at home, especially if money has been tight. If you know something of Feng Shui, concentrate on the wealth areas of your home. Have you got bills scattered over the house or stuffed into a draw? Is your wallet tatty? Do you leave the toilet seat up (a drain on your resources)? Is you living room (how you make a living) messy or dusty? Are there broken objects lying around or clocks that have stopped (note to self – get a battery for the clock!). Check your plants too to see if they need re-potting, giving them (and you) room to grow. Fix it up and see how the energy changes.

Love itself takes work but today you can go with the process. There is power to be found in self-love.

We get a bit of a break on Wednesday which is a good job considering on Thursday 1st August, Mars squares up to Uranus which can have the effect of all hell breaking loose if you’re not careful. If you have wanted to change things, this is certainly the day when you can move forwards but ultra caution is needed. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water just because you feel pushed to the extreme. Wait until you get home so that you can tap into your psychic centre. Uranus is charged up, vibrating at a fast frequency and flashes of guidance from the universe come super quick. Open up to receiving the insight that is available to you. This aspect also has another side to it, the more you fight who you really are, the more frustrated you will feel. Use this powerful energy to propel yourself into the life you want to live. The future will happen anyway so don’t fight it.

Venus opposes Chiron on the 2nd August so now she is ultra sensitive about you putting that dirty cup on the table instead of washing it straight away. She’s a little on the sore side and any criticism is taken to heart. Sometimes with this aspect there is a danger of going over-board in trying to help someone else. Venus goes all out to visit her elderly neighbour, rescue a dog, sort out the children and deal with her partner’s latest disaster at work leaving her fatigued and oddly empty after having no time for a little self love. Build bridges with those who are important to you but don’t let them leave you dangling over the rushing water beneath. Rescuing someone is a last resort – if possible, give them the love they need to rescue themselves. They will respect you a whole lot more for taking care of yourself too.

There is some light though as later in the day Venus forms a sextile to Mars so all these complex feelings and odd vulnerabilities can be channelled into a force for good. Focus on building a strong sense of security.

Saturday 3rd August is another quiet day but there is a rather lovely conjunction between Venus and asteroid Angel in Leo. Even if you are feeling a little bruised from yesterday, chances are your heart has been opened. Let the love flood out to the world. Angels are with you. Talk to them, tell them your fears and they will show you a way to playfully shift fear into fun.

Finally we end the week with a sparkling trine between the Sun and Uranus on the 4th August. It’s an exciting vibe that could help to shake off the more difficult aspects of the week. Go somewhere different, change the pace, let yourself be who you are. You are an awakening soul, free to be whatever you want to be. Check where transiting Uranus is in your chart. The house of Uranus shows where change needs to happen. There’s a light, bright feeling that favours spontaneous action and nice surprises. Go with it. The future is bright.

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