This Week in Astrology 12th – 18th August 2013

Pic107I have a four-footed shadow following me around the house. He comes in the form of a beautiful black cat who is staying at my house for three weeks whilst his family are away in Portugal.

It’s been over a decade since I had a pet. My dog and cat both passed in 2002, one not wanting to be without the other. Not wanting to go through the pain again, I said ‘no more’ and there were no more.

But it is lovely to be with a furry friend again and he teaches me a lot. On his first day he checked every corner, every cupboard, and every surface and then crawled under the bed for several hours. After a sleep, his courage was fortified and he sought me out for cuddles (he is a Taurus like me after all!). A loud laugh from my neighbour next door sent him scurrying but now, three days later he’s found his lion heart. He wakes me in the morning for kitty hugs, demands breakfast, lunch and dinner (I did mention the Taurus didn’t I?), follows me purring from room to room and loves to play hunt the human’s feet when I retire to bed.

When things are new, they are naturally a bit scary. You have to get your bearings, check for potential hazards and sometimes you have to retreat to gather your strength for new challenges. When change happens, it can be a shock to the system and every fibre of your being is on red alert. And then, inevitably, you find your feet, grow comfortable and allow the real you out to play.

This week we have a couple of days where things seem to go bump in the night but the bumpy ride is smoothed out somewhat but some kinder aspects that are like kitty treats for scaredy cats.

The week begins with two quincunxes so there’s an edgy feel in the air. On the 12th August, Venus in Virgo quincunxes asteroid Iris in Aquarius. Venus would like people to see things her way and is not too receptive of having an alternative viewpoint. She might just get a little huffy that you didn’t see just what a little star she is. But Iris quietly reminds her that considering a different way of attracting what you want in life, doesn’t make her shine any less. It’s just another point of view. If Venus is feeling strong in herself, she’ll be in a better position to listen to what Iris has to say. The key for today is not to take offence just because someone sees it differently.

Mercury forms a quincunx to Pluto on the 13th August and it feels like more of the same, just coming from a different avenue! The trouble with Mercury in stressful aspect to Pluto is that it feels like everyone is suspicious of motives and no one is sure whether what’s being said is the truth. At some point you have to decide to trust but at the same time you have to consider what your gut instincts are telling you. It’s a fine line and the only way to really know how to be sure is to confront your own fears. You can’t let them lead you a merry dance. Ask if you don’t understand. Ask if it doesn’t make sense. Question yourself at the same time.

The Scorpio First Quarter Moon on the 14th August doesn’t help much. It’s on the Sabian Symbol ‘Hunters Shooting Wild Ducks’. Along with the quincunxes, it feels like raised fears have exposed some vulnerabilities and you may feel like hiding until the danger has passed. Honestly, sometimes this can be a good idea. Sometimes, you need to hide under the bed.

But mostly, this Sabian teaches you about awareness, how to move stealthily, how to be in tune with your surroundings, how to know when to run, when to hide and when to fight. Sometimes too, you have to stand up to the bullies of the world and stay strong even when someone tries to shoot you down.

Thanks God/Goddess and all the fairies for a trine between Mercury and Uranus on the 15th August. Hell yeah, I’ll take some of that. This really is a breeze of fresh air but more like the hot winds of the Algarve than the muggy, midgey breeze of the UK’s east coast. Mercury trine Uranus is a bit wired, a bit electric and maybe a little in your face in fire signs. But it doesn’t matter because it adds an element of surprise and chance opportunities that are worth grabbing with both hands. What I like about this fiery two-some is that it seems to ward off the vibe from earlier in the week, as if something is too exciting to turn down. As ever with Mercury and Uranus, watch for inspirational flashes of understanding. In visionary fire, they can light the way.

Venus purrs into Libra on the 16th August and brings with her the temptation to kiss and make up, let it go and just agree to keep the peace. Sometimes you just have to in order to move on and live to fight another day!  The art of compromise is strong now and should see you able to negotiate for what you want without bending over backwards. If you need to come to an agreement that suits both parties, today might be the day to hold that meeting. And yes, Venus in Libra does suggest flattery will get you everywhere…

And then we get to the 17th August and suddenly it feels like peace-maker Venus has got her work cut out for her again as the Sun is sesquiquadrate to Pluto and square Sedna, oh and Mars is square to Eris too. I get the image of Olive Oyl standing in between Popeye and Bluto, one hand on each head as they try to knock merry hell out of each other.  There’s something here about how force is used and to what end. Fears, possessiveness and jealously suddenly loom large in the corner of your eye. There’s a lot of ramming square pegs into round holes only to find that it would have taken a lot less energy to solve the puzzle by sitting back and doing a little strategic planning. Less lion, more cat is necessary – even if it is Grumpy Cat.

But then it all works out in the end as the Sun cozies up to Ceres in Leo on the 18th August. The King of the Jungle can roar all he wants now because he OWNS that forest. Well, actually no one owns it – we all borrow the earth, just for a while. The trick is to give Her back to the next generation in the same or preferably better condition than we received Her. That would be nice.

This is a day to celebrate the beauty and bounty of Mother Earth. Go out into nature if you can – notice the difference in the air if you normally live in a city. Breathe deep and inhale the heady fragrance of flowers and fruit. It’s beautiful and abundant, a miracle considering the punishing play we have afforded Her.

Walk softy on the Earth, like the silent paws of a cat and use the power and might of a lion to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

6 thoughts on “This Week in Astrology 12th – 18th August 2013”

  1. Theresa MacGirlver Sandow


    The 18th is my birthday!

    Leah, your work is treasured by us.

    Thank you infinitely


  2. Margaret Motheral

    Interesting. I have Iris conj. my Ascendant at 7 Aquarius. I’ve certainly been telling people a lot of stuff lately.

  3. Leah Whitehorse, Monday morning here, all dewy and lovely near the Appalachian mountains. Thanx for outlining this week’s energies.
    I discovered years ago (especially with people interactions)
    it’s not so much what happens good or bad that throws you, it’s
    having no idea what to expect and then getting blindsided!
    I have another tip for you: look on youtube and find SUNU,
    a song by a dynamic band called, funnily enough, Rising Appalachia.
    Hands across the water … Luke

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