This Week in Astrology – 26th August – 1st September 2013

Pic112I just watched a fascinating documentary Daniel Tammat: The Boy with the Incredible Brain. I’m not sure how I missed this as I have a fascination with savants and the abilities of the mind.

What caught my attention most was the scientists scepticism that this young, brilliant man sees numbers as shapes, colours, textures, landscapes. Whilst science knows about synesthesia, the scientists examining and testing Daniel felt like closed doors denying that the human experience itself could be possible. It certainly reminds me of those same attitudes that vehemently discredit astrology, tarot and any psychic/intuitive abilities or the witnessing of angels and spirits. Why and how did science become so closed? When did our experience and the meaning it has for us become ‘not enough’? To me, people like Daniel and others with what appear to be extraordinary abilities, show us the potential of what we could be. In my dreams I seem to speak fluent Portuguese now but in the ‘real’ world I still struggle to remember my verb constructions! Yet I am convinced that some part of me has a much better grasp of the language than my conscious mind tells me. Daniel’s ability to learn conversational Icelandic in a week shows that there is so much more to the mind than we currently understand.

My musings on the programme lead me back to the Grand Square we have currently going on in the skies. I mentioned it last week – Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. There is something here about being open to what is possible, about being prepared to relinquish that which we hold as truth in order to embrace a higher truth. It’s about allowing ourselves to become uncomfortable in order to fulfil our unique potential. We’ve got to keep asking the big questions.

We begin the week with that sense of discomfort as Venus makes a quincunx to Chiron and opposition to Uranus on the 26th August. Something doesn’t feel right, that’s for sure. I get an image of Venus being given a rose only to prick her finger on it!  The difficulty is that with Venus in Libra, it’s important for everything to feel harmonious so the impetus is to run away and find a comfier place.

But running away just doesn’t cut it because if you keep being brought back to the same sore point, then something needs to shift. Maybe a loved one needs some space and this jabs at your fear of rejection. Maybe you’re the one who needs space but you feel guilty taking it. It’s all about getting a different perspective so healing can take place.

A plethora of aspects continue on the 27th August. The Sun moves into an opposition with Neptune and now everyone’s confused! What am I here for? What’s the point? Nobody likes me 🙁 Venus is all for a little retail therapy in a square to Jupiter but pouring cash on it won’t help. Thankfully Mercury is the sensible one of the bunch creating a sextile to Saturn so the trick is to screw your head on straight and stay in touch with reality. The Sun and Neptune can certainly open the flood gates if you let it. Sometimes this can manifest as feeling over-whelmed with the difficulties in life, the impossible suffering in the world. But nothing can be fixed by waving a magic wand no matter how much you want it. It’s about taking small steps to resolve just one thing at a time and let the rest come naturally. Nothing is perfect but it’s perfect in its imperfection if you choose to see it that way.

The 28th August is another busy day as Mars moves into Leo. This is likely to be accompanied by a release of energy. Mars is much more at home in a Fire sign and he’s stirring up your creative potential. Even better is that he offers a boost to your confidence which may have floundered yesterday with the Sun opposition to Neptune. Go on, show them what you can do!

The last quarter Moon also occurs on the 28th on the Sabian symbol ‘Workmen Drilling for Oil’. In Gemini, this symbol is about valuing what you have learned so far but not allowing your old thinking to pollute what you know now. Stay aware of what is useful but keep questioning and remain open to possible new sources of information. A trine from Mercury (ruler of the quarter Moon) to Pluto strongly emphasises the point. Pluto itself rules crude oil and so subtly suggests that some of what we know is basic at best. But this is a helpful aspect that gives you the perception to know what you don’t know!

The push to examine your thoughts continues into the 29th August as Mercury forms an opposition to Chiron. It’s a game of mental hide and seek. Search out holes in your thinking. If you are feeling mentally stuck or unable to think your way out of a situation, it may be that you are holding two conflicting opinions. Whatever it is, something doesn’t sit right and Mercury is all for rooting out the problem. Listen to where your language is all or nothing. That Mercurial aspect to Pluto is still active. Guard against catastrophic thinking and worst case scenarios. Words can heal or words can be used as a sword (note the anagram!).

Mercury is still anxty on the 30th August with a wired quincunx to Uranus. But as disturbing as this energy might be, it gives a glimpse of what is possible. In fact now the impossible starts to reveal itself as possible! You might not believe it, you might not know how but the how doesn’t always matter. Sometimes it’s just about focusing on what is possible and let the rest reveal itself. A sextile between the Sun and Saturn also today offers an element of calm. It makes me think of a lightning rod grounding the energy from a bolt from the blue. If your head is reeling, ground yourself the best way you can and pay attention to what is happening. Make an effort to turn negative to positive.

The end of the month sees Mercury sextile Jupiter on the 31st August. It feels as though after all the pushing and pulling of the week, after al the mental exploration, questioning and doubt  – suddenly you begin to believe that it might really be possible! The mind has the option of expanding to a new place of understanding. Just like Damien Tammat shows us, there are many ways to think, understand, comprehend and calculate. Our experience creates a unique perspective and if we let it – a breadth of vision that pushes us to the edge and the faith to leap across the divide.

The 1st September sees a trine from the Sun to Pluto. Whilst Venus has moved on now, dissolving the Grand Cross, the T-Square between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto remains, feeding into the Sun which brightens the way. It’s a moment of transformation and regeneration. Meanwhile asteroid Orpheus moves into Taurus and it’s as though every moment is singing your soul back home. Let your demons be lulled by the song of the cosmos. There is much more to life than any of us can comprehend. Stay open to the possibilities.

Painting – detail from ‘Noble Numbers’ by Alice Baber

2 thoughts on “This Week in Astrology – 26th August – 1st September 2013”

  1. Hey Leah,
    Tam-ta-ra-raaaam! The penny may have finally dropped! About Saturn I mean. And I wanted to check that I understood right, and in the process share that thought with other poor souls going through a Saturn opposition, just in case it helps them too.

    So … is it true that Saturn, the planet of restrictions, says: you have too few restrictions in the areas of [whatever planet and house it’s opposing]. Restrict yourself or I’ll do it for you!”

    Then, if you restrict yourself the right way so no external restrictions are necessary, Saturn goes away and leaves you in peace?

    That was my brain wave, hope it makes sense.
    Kisses everybody

  2. Hi Laura
    Saturn can certainly show where you need better boundaries (like the rings that surround the planet) so yes it that sense I agree that Saturn requests ‘restriction’. At the same time he also explores where you are too restricted and asks that those are loosened so that you can grow. And yes, I think once you have learned the particular lesson that Saturn is trying to teach you, he leaves you in peace – until the next lesson anyway 😀

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